Kasun's Kisses [ShadowPack #1]

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Chapter 3: The Name

Caleb Andino’s POV

“Marina,” my wolf purred as I was looking at the figure who was retreating into the house. Her grandpa was looking directly at me as I was shifting in the woods before he took her hand and dragged him inside the house.

At least he knows when he should be afraid.

The moon was not full but it was half-way there. I think I got plenty of times to convince that little naive girl to come out and play. I just have to plan my invasion right.

“Yeah, you know we cannot do that right? With humans nonetheless?” Xavier was talking to me through my mind. I snap at him before he whimpered again.

“Do not speak about her like that. There’s more than meets the eye, you know,” I said as we were retreating from the neutral ground and headed back to the packhouse. We shifted outside as I was standing there under the half-full moon. Xavier was behind me.

“You know, with that energy of yours, you could just kill that old man and take his granddaughter,” Xavier said as we were slipping into the sweatpants that were set in the change room. I scoffed at him as it was the dumbest idea that I ever heard.

“And took her by force? I would never like it. Besides, I wanted the old geezer to be in a paranoia so the revenge will be much sweeter,” I said before we were outside the room.

“What kind of revenge, Caleb?” My mother was asking me as I was startled in my walk. Xavier was surprised to see my mum there before he excused himself.

So much for my Beta to defend me.

“Nothing, mum. We were just talking about the tv series that Diana likes to watch. You know, common stuff,” I said as I was trying to look like I did not just lie to her. She arched her eyebrow at me before shaking her head.

“The Alpha wants to meet you, my boy. Go,” she said as she was walking away from me when there was a pup was bullying another pup. She went to control the situation. My heart ached as my mother was the perfect Luna. Sure, my parents were pureblood of the werewolves royalty and I cannot help but think about Marina being a human.

“Do not worry, Cal. We have the way to change that little bump on the road to get her,” my wolf purred at me as he likes it whenever we thought about Marina, our mate. Maybe I should tell my mum I have found her but I have to convince Marina to go out to the town during Folk Festival and introduced her to my pack.

All I need was a plan and a bulletproof one at that.

I jogged to the packhouse before I went to the top story of the house. It was not much but the packhouse has 100 rooms to include any pups or mutts that need a home.

My father’s vision was to unite the packs between werewolves in Cyprus as we were on the same island. And if this succeeds, then we will be happy one big pack. I knocked on the door as I was waiting for him to call me.

“Come in,” my father said from the inside and I turned the knob to see that Xavier’s dad, my father’s Beta was discussing some plans with him.

“Oh, sorry. I thought you wanted to see me. I don’t know you guys were having a meeting,” I said before I wanted to get out. My father called after me.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You’re a part of the meeting,” he said before I went to the table to look at the schematics of the Paphos forest. It was our ancestors’ land before the human came here. We have been here since ancient Greece.

“What are you guys talking about?” I asked him as they were looking at me.

“Caleb, do you know that man who had limped me?” My father asked me as he turned in his chair to look at me.

“I will never forget his face, father,” I said as I was trying to hold my tongue to speak more ill of him.

“He was one of the Alphas of the Old World. He has been here longer than us,” my father started but I interrupted him.

“if you think I will respect him as my elder—”

“I did not say that. The fact that he had lived longer than us, it will be difficult for us to defeat him,” my father said as he looked at his Beta.

“So, we thought that you will be the spy to scout his house from now on. No more hiding. I wanted him gone,” my father said as he was gripping his chair. I can feel the anger that was threatening to come out and show it on his yellow eyes.

“Father,” I warned him as his Beta was here. As soon as I said that, he calmed down almost immediately.

“Sorry, I let my emotions get the best of me. My wolf has been relentless to get the old man to settle the score,” he said as his Beta was patting his shoulder.

“I see what I can do about it, Alpha,” I said as I excused myself. I smiled because finally, I will have my plan be in motion and no one knows the wiser of it.

“So, what does your father wants?” My mother asked me as I was leaving the house, needed to get the plan into motion as quickly as possible.

“He wants that old geezer gone,” I said honestly. I can see that my mother was against the plan but did not say anything. I excused myself as I shifted into my wolf and ran toward the house that I will be spying alone from now on.

“Caleb, where are you going?” Xavier asked me through mind link before I answered him.

“To the house. Alpha’s order,”

“What?! Are you insane? That old man will kill you,” he shouted in my mind. I smirked as I was running through the woods before I stopped outside the neutral grounds, lurking in the shadows as I saw my mate was getting ready for her sleep.

“You cannot be serious to go inside there,” Xavier said as he was anxious to know what I will be doing after this.

“You just wait and see, now off you go,” I said before I built walls around my mind link and I shifted back and I stood naked, trying to plan how to get inside the house but I know everything that was needed to know about it as I went to carry my plan.

Marina Kasun’s POV

I woke up with a start as I heard something crashed downstairs. I was in my room on the second floor before I took the robe to cover the lingerie that I wore. I went out of the room as I was looking for my grandpa.

“Gran?” I called for him as he was sleeping downstairs. I was descending the stairs slowly as I was walking to the telly that was on. I walked slowly before I saw the most gruesome scene that I can ever see in real life and I just realized it was my grandfather. I shouted and screamed before I went to call the police and I think I might need to stay alert after all.

The police came and they took my statement before they were checking around the house. I could never know that the police know this place, it was deep in the woods! I was sobbing as I saw my grandpa’s body was in the black baggage before they took it away.

“Please, can I at least have a funeral for him?” I asked the police in charge as they nodded at me.

“We will contact you after the autopsy,” one of them said before they went out of the house. After they covered everything, they sent me their condolences before I was sitting at the edge of the stairs. Now, I was truly alone in this world and this unknown woods.

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