Kasun's Kisses [ShadowPack #1]

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Chapter 4: The Stranger

Marina Kasun’s POV

“Bloody hell! Fuck!” I screamed as I was trying to get the traps for the rabbits working. But of course, my voice has scurrying away all the preys that I can catch. The rabbits and hares that my grandfather last caught were still able to feed me for the next couple of days but I have to find a way to get the sustainable food source so I will not be hungry later.

It was high noon now and I don’t have anything or any traps that set up. It was useless. I don’t want to do this anymore. I sighed as I was sitting on the ground as I looked up onto the sky. My grandpa would be laughing at me or maybe he shook his head at me for being useless in the woods.

“I bet you were laughing right now,” I said as I was closing my eyes before I was taking a deep breath.

“Fucking useless. If anything it’s your fault for not teaching me those skills,” I mumbled before I got up and I was looking at the sky again.

“You hear that this was all your fault!” I said as I was walking backward before I tripped over the stones. Even in walking, I failed.

“Woah!” A deep voice interrupted me as I was falling backward. I took a whiff of his masculine scent and instantly, my core was wet. What was happening?!

“Are you okay?” The deep voice returned and it vibrated through my spine. I shivered at that sound before I looked up and I saw the most beautiful amber eyes I ever encountered my life.

“Can you stand or do you need a minute to compose yourself?” He asked me as I was just got out of a trace. I was leaning against him and I don’t even know this guy!

“Sorry, that was not my intention at all,” I said as I was tumbled over the ground before he held me by the arms, steadied me.

“Thank you,” I said as I felt like I was blushing like a virgin right now. What the heck was happening to me? I never had to be self-conscious before when a male approached me but something about him was different. I felt like I was being criticized under his gaze.

“So, what are you doing in this part of the woods?” He asked me as I was looking at him. I was trying to form a sentence in my head but all I can focus on was his lips, his pink, kissable lips.

I sighed as I heard him chuckled at me. I cleared my throat before I turned to look at him again. And this time, I was crossing my arms to look more intimidating.

“Well, I must say it was none of your business, sir, as what I was doing in these parts of the woods,” I said as he looked at me, amusement in his eyes.

“Is that so?” He said as he went to check on my trap. It was embarrassing that he was checking my poor trial of setting up traps.

“Are you trying to catch the rabbit?” He asked as he stood up from inspecting my trap. I was being stubborn which usually made people angry with me but he just merely chuckled at my gesture.

What a weirdo!

“Well, if you wanted to catch one, you need to pull the string way over here until the branches bend. So it might be easier for it to catch on if they ever went through the loop of the rope,” he said as he was helping me to set up the catch. I was watching him from behind as I was trying to learn without getting distracted by the muscles under his thin shirt.

Damn him and his muscles.

“Why are you helping me?” I asked him as he turned to look at me, flashing me that endearing smiles.

“Well, I cannot let a beautiful woman like you to stay here after dark. It’s dangerous. You don’t know what will happen in these woods,” he said as he tied the rope securely before he stood up next to me, dusting the dirt off his hands.

“And why should I not be aware of you? You might be lurking here to lure someone like me to your lair and maybe do some wicked things to me,” I said as he looked at me amused by my bold statement.

“If I was the one that was like the one that you describe, you might not see the daylight right now and having this conversation,” he said before he held out his hand to me.

“Caleb Andino, nice to meet you. And you are?” He asked me as I stared at his hand before I looked at his face. I shrugged before I shook his hand and electricity came out into my blood and went to my whole body.

“Marina Kasun, a pleasure to make you acquaintance,” I said before he released my hand and I instantly missed the warmth of his hand.

“So, Mrs. Kasun—”

“It’s Ms. Kasun actually,” I said as I was correcting him.

“You’re not married? I thought you were the one that lived in the 2 story house a few miles away from here?”

“Yes, but I think you must be mistaken for my mother. But she’s gone now. So here I am. Trying to catch a rabbit for dinner,” I said as I was forcing a smile. Caleb was looking at me as if I was being weird right now.

Maybe I was.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I can show you how to trap the rabbit tomorrow,” he said as he was looking at the clouds. It was getting darker now.

“Do you know how to get to your house?” He asked me as he looked at me. I don’t know how to get there but I did not trust him as well.

“How can I tell you that if we just met?” I asked him, still wary of him. He smirked at me before he shook his head.

“You can trust me, I just told you if you think I was a bad guy, I will drag you into the nearest cave and fuck the shit out of you,” he said as his amber eyes were darkened. I blinked and it was back to normal again.

Maybe it was my imagination only. I looked at the clouds before I decided to trust this stranger who came out of nowhere.

“Do you know your way around the woods?” I asked him. He smirked and God, I loved it so much that I wanted to slap it out of his face. He looked like a male model with that smirk on him.

“Well, I have been living in the woods since I was a baby. This is my playground,” he said as he offered to carry my stuff. I let him because I was selfish and he was more than happy to do it, so I let him.

“Do you live with anyone?” He asked me as we were walking through the woods. I was looking up to him even though I was like 5 ft 7 in, still, his height was impressive.

“No, my parents already passed away when I was little and my grandpa just passed away recently,”

“I’m sorry, I should have not asked that,” he said as we were walking in the clear trail. I wondered if my grandpa used this trail as well.

“What about you, Caleb? Do you live near here?” I asked as I was trying to lighten the mood of the previous question. Caleb laughed and I found that I was smiling at him.

“Well, I live with my parents and the villagers. We’re pretty a tight community,” he replied.

“Well, that’s nice. At least you always around people,” I said as I was longing for some comfort of other companies.

“Do you wish to?” Caleb asked me as his amber eyes were twinkling.

“Well, it’s been mundane just me around the house. If I can have people over that would be great,” I said and Caleb was beaming right now.

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