Kasun's Kisses [ShadowPack #1]

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Chapter 6: The Mating

Marina Kasun’s POV

I was kissing and licking his mouth and lips as we were fucking each other mouth like there was no tomorrow. I was so happy that I will be getting some hunk tonight but I wondered if he will be gone tomorrow.

I was dying for some company and I think he will be gone after tonight. In this wonderland that I dared to have tonight, reality will be a real bitch tomorrow.

“What are you thinking about?” Caleb asked me as he was looking at me with those amber eyes. In this dim lighting, he looked so gorgeous and I think I might be sinking in those deep eyes.

“Nothing, I just…I just wonder if you will be gone tomorrow and never came back,” I whispered to him as I was playing with his nape. He was on top of me on the sofa as he was caressing my sides.

“Well, if you wish me to stay—”

“Can you?” I asked him as I was holding onto that hope that he will stay and we will be together.

“I have to make some arrangements,” he said as he was playing with my hair. I felt like something was restraining him from being honest with me.

“What arrangements?” I asked him and if I can help him, I will do anything in my power to be with him.

“I was promised to someone else,” he whispered to me before my eyes were big as a saucer. Well, good thing I asked him. I pushed him away before I went to stand in front of the sofa. I was moving back and forth as I was rubbing my face.

“You’re engaged and you dare to have sex with me?! God, I felt cheap. I think I might throw up,” I said as I was rubbing my temples. I was trying to have sex with an engaged man. I cannot do this. I have to shove him out of here.

“Marina, listen—”

“Stop. This is a mistake. I should have not done that,” I said as I was about to run but Caleb was fast enough to grab my wrist.

“Let me go, you brute,” I shouted at him before I turned to slap him, he was looking at me murderously.

“It was arranged. I don’t even like my fiancée. I think I might not be finding the one until I met you, Marina. You’re the one for me. I just know it. I know you can’t feel it in your blood. If not, you would have not kissed me in the first place,” he said as I was blinking at him.

I was breathing hard before my chest was falling and rising closely to his chest. He was focusing on them instead as he turned to look at me in the eyes.

“Don’t you feel the connection between us? The attraction, the insane thoughts that were going through your mind to take what was yours right now,” he said as he was drawing me closer. I was aware of his body heat and I think my core just dripped even more into my panties. He inhaled deeply before smirking at me.

“Now, I know you have the same effect from me as I was from you,” he said as he was looking into my eyes. I can see that his amber eyes were dark. Darkened with desire for me but I don’t dare to go there because he was promised to someone else.

Since when you play nice, Marina. You were the bitch so be that right now. Take what was rightfully yours, my dark thought came at me before I shoved it away.

I stepped forward to him as I was putting my hand on his chest. He was still staring at me as if we were delicate and I might be running away from him again.

“No regrets?” I asked him as I was looking up to his beautiful face. No one should be like him.

“Never with you,” he whispered huskily before I closed my eyes, taking in all the things that he was portraying to me right now.

“Then, make me yours,” I whispered as I was opening my eyes to him. He was staring at me before he smirked widely.

“Gladly,” he said before he hauled me up that I wrapped my legs around his torso. We were still in our hunting gear before he went to the sofa and put me down slowly.

“Strip for me,” he said as he was unbuttoning his shirt at me. I did the same thing as I was removing my shirt and my pants. I was now left in my undergarments. Caleb groaned when he saw me in that.

“Now, pull my belt,” he commanded and I took his belt as I was on my knees in front of him. He was staring at me all the time as I was fumbling with his zipper before I dragged his pants down. He was not wearing any underwear which was a bonus for me.

His dick was so well-endowed and thick that I have to run my hands on it. He shivered before he pulled me up and kissed me. He unhooked the bra and he tore my panties off me.

“Hey, I don’t have much of those,” I whined at his brute behavior.

“Don’t worry, I buy you a thousand more. On second thought, you don’t need to wear any panties when I’m around,” he said as he was pushing me onto the sofa and he was on top of me. He put his fingers at my core and I moaned. His finger slid in and he pulled it out before he looked at it.

“So wet, so ready. So moist for me,” he said as he was licking his finger clean of my juice.

“Open for me,” he said as I was spreading like an eagle in front of him. He aligned his cock in front of my core before he looked at me one last time. He was pleading for me to confirm that I wanted him as much as he wanted me.

“Take me, my love,” I said as I was moving closer to him, he groaned before he thrust into me. I gasped as we were both moaned at the contact. It was nice and I think I need him to move right now.

“Move, my love,”

“In a moment,” he replied before he moved and I was moaning and gasping at the friction that we both built. It was nice and strong and noisy with our flesh slapped against each other.



I barely contained my pleasure when he pinched my clit and I moaned. My walls clenched around his cock and he was nuzzling my neck.

“God, I want to mark you as mine so bad,” he whispered to my ear.

“Then do it, my love. Claim me as yours,” I said and with that, he bit me on the neck. It was very intense and pleasurable that I was on the second wave of orgasm. It was much intense than the last and Caleb was groaning before his body jerked against mine.

He spewed his hot load into mine and I think I have been claimed as his.

My heart bloomed at that thought as I was playing with his nape. He was breathing heavily because we both came under 10 minutes. Now that was a new record.

“Did I hurt you, love?” He asked me as he looked at me. I smiled at him before I kissed his mouth tenderly.

“No but I’m happy,” I said before he tilted his head at me.

“I’m finally yours,” I whispered at him.

“And I’m yours,” he said huskily before kissing me on the lips tenderly.

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