Kasun's Kisses [ShadowPack #1]

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Chapter 8: Folk Festival

Marina Kasun’s POV

I have been dying for tonight. I heard that the Folk Festival was a place for people to mingle and maybe find someone that they will marry. It was a tradition that has been going on in Cyprus for a very long time.

I was trying to choose which one that will make me look better tonight. The redshirt with leggings or maybe a red short dress. I was hoping that I will meet Caleb’s parents and families so maybe I should go with something formal.

“Red dress it is,” I said before I took the dress and I went to hang it on the wardrobe. I have a few more hours to settle in and looked great for tonight. I might start on the bubble bath right now if I wanted to make it on time.

“I’m tired of waiting, wondering if you ever coming around, my faith in you was fading until I met you on the outskirts of the town~” I sang as I was brushing the soap onto my body as well as my hair. I was shampooing before I submerged my body inside the tub.

“Well, that’s that,” I said as I was rinsing the soap and shampoo from my body as I was draining the water. I was looking around for residue of them on my body before I wrapped myself inside the towels.

I went out of the bathroom and stood in front of my vanity. I went to put some lotions and body mist on my body as I wanted to smell good. I chose VS Aqua kiss and it smelled divine.

“Romeo, save me, I’m been feeling so alone, I keep waiting but boy, you never come, if this in my head I don’t want to think, he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and say~” I sang as I was drying my hair before I humming. I put on my undergarments and I remembered the moment where we first made love on that sofa. I giggled as I looked at myself in the mirror before I put the dress on.

“Now, this is more like it,” I said as I was looking around. The dress was hugging my figure nicely as I went to put on some light makeup but with a bold red lipstick. They will be in for a surprise. I was putting some mascara and perfume before the doorbell rang. It’s time before I took my coat and handbag as I went to the front door and saw Caleb in his rugged clothes.

“You’re beautiful tonight,” he said as he was drawing me closer into his hands. I laughed at him before he smiled at me.

“Well, I am meeting your family so I wanted to look good,” I purred as I was caressing his chests.

“We should get going before I ravish you and no one will ever see you again,” he said huskily.

“Calm down, you brute, we will get there, later tonight,” I whispered into his ear before he took my hand and we were walking in the direction of the Folk Festival.

It was marvelous. Everyone was there as I don’t know how many people were on the island. It was magical as I can see so many stalls and stuff as well as people that were mingling with each other.

There was a group of men that were eyeing me up and down but looked away when Caleb came to my side as he brought me some water. I thanked him before I slung my hand around his arms.

“So, where’s your parents?” I asked him as he was looking around for something.

“They should be here any time soon. My father was a busy man so maybe they will take time to get here,” Caleb said as he smiled at me. I smiled back at him before we were walking around the festival again. I was looking at the group of men just now but they were gone. I wondered where they have been to.

Then all hell broke loose.

Some wolves were coming into the festival as people were screaming around us. I was clinging to Caleb as he was focusing on the wolves. They were not ordinary wolves but merely bigger wolves than ordinary.

“What are those?” I asked Caleb as he was protecting me from the wolves.

“Rogues,” he growled and it was an animalistic one. I never heard him like that before. What was happening right now?!

“Stay back,” Caleb warned me as the wolves were circling us until a fellow man was walking from the wolves.

“Well, if it wasn’t the Alpha, Caleb Andino,” the man said as he was eyeing him before he looked at me up and down. I was holding tighter to Caleb as this man was giving me some creepy vibes.

Oh, how much I wanted to kill him.

“Leave her alone. She was not a part of this,” Caleb said as the man was focusing on Caleb back.

“Well, it’s a pity then because Diana wished her to be dead. You see, I have plans, child and with her existence, my plan is ruined,” he snarled at Caleb but he just growled back in response.

“Diana was not a part of this. This is your own doing. I know it because I told her the truth,” Caleb said as the man was smirking at us.

“Pity, I thought she was a clever girl to be on the wrong side of history,” the man said before he launched himself and he shifted into something else.


He was a werewolf and the others were his followers. Caleb was looking at the danger as he cursed at them.

“Marina, when I said run, you have to run as fast as you can and never looked back okay?” Caleb said as he was taking my hand. I looked at him but I nodded.

“I love you and I will always be. If I did not survive this, just now that—” I stopped him as I touched my finger to his mouth.

“You have to come back. We will be getting married, remember?” I said before he slipped something into my hands. It was a sapphire engagement ring.

“Don’t die,”

“I won’t,” he replied before he turned to look at the werewolves. I always believed in them but never encountered one.

“Run,” Caleb said and I started to run. I run and run but the first mistake I did was I turned to look back. I saw Caleb changed into one of them as his fur was brown. It suited him and his eyes were glowing amber.

My wolf, my Caleb.

Then, it hit me. I was falling on the ground as two giant werewolves were standing in front of me as I was getting up from the ground. I was looking at them as their eyes were glowing silvers.

“Good doggie,” I said as I was trying to put some space between us. It snaps at me before my butt hit the ground. I was breathing hard and I heard another howl as I felt pain in my heart. I looked at Caleb and he was down as the man that changed into the wolf was coming at him.

“No!” I shouted but I was being held down by the werewolves. I cannot move nor I can do anything at all.

Then, something snapped inside me.

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