Kasun's Kisses [ShadowPack #1]

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Chapter 9: The Change

Caleb Andino’s POV

After I told Marina to run, I shifted and I was staring down on the Beta of my father. He was the one that urged the union of our families and I know that it was fishy and he had an ulterior motive.

And now, I know.

He did not know that Diana has been mating with someone else, her mate as well as mine. We found them around the same time. Maybe the Moon Goddess wanted to tell us that the union cannot be happening.

‘Stand down now, Beta, or you will be charged with treason,’ I said in the mind link and everyone around us can hear it as well. I snarled at him as he merely smirked at me.

‘You and what army? You have no one, Caleb and your lousy father cannot save you now,’ he said before I launched myself at him. I was being caught but the soldiers and they were angling my neck so that Beta can snap it and I will be dead.

Well, at least I have my fun in life.

“No!” Marina shouted as I caught her sight. She was on the ground as the werewolves were on her. She was trying to get away from them as she wanted to come to me.

My sweet Marina, why were you so stubborn?

I was whining at her as she looked at my wolf. My wolf was calling for her but there was no response. Maybe she was a human after all and I was trying to prove something different inside her.

A howl distracted us all as I heard it coming from Marina’s side. I looked it again and there it was, a beautiful blonde fur wolf that was tumbling the other werewolves that were holding her down. Her eyes were bright blue as they were focusing on me.

‘Mate,’ my wolf purred at her as she was walking toward the group. Beta was on alert as Marina was strutting his way.

‘You all will be going down and that’s death,’ Marina said in her mind as I was connected to her. Even though I did yet claim her wolf, she was already in my mind link, like a fucking Luna.

‘Now, shall I kill you or will you turn away from this and pretend this never happen?’ She asked as she was eyeing everyone here, lingered much longer on me before she looked away. When no one moves, she snarled at them.

‘So be it,’ she said before she went to attack everyone. She was not agile or fast or trained for that matter but something about her movements told me everything. She was aggressive yet controlled and knows how to retaliate if anyone was coming at her. She snarled and went to bite their necks off until every rogue was down until Beta was all alone and I joined Marina at her side.

‘So, what it will be, Beta? You don’t want to upset your Luna now, do you?’ I asked him as he was whimpering at me before he shifted back.

“Please, just let me go,” he said as I shifted back. Marina did not know yet how to do it as she was pacing back and forth in her wolf.

“I will never trust you again. You betrayed my father, you betrayed me, you betrayed the pack. I hereby sentence you to death,” I said before I turned to look at Marina. She looked at me as I nodded, she snarled again.

“No, please, No!” Beta screamed before he ran for the woods. But Marina was quicker as she went to snap his head off from his body. She spits it out before she was coming at me in her glory.

‘Well, I like it better when you were naked in front of me, love,’ she purred as she was nuzzling my neck. I smiled at her before I shifted again and I went to the forest running, leaving her behind as she was shocked by my sudden change.

‘Well, if you wanted it, come and get it, love,’ I taunted her before she growled and we were running into the woods. I was carefree and Marina was trying to catch me. She did not have any difficulties in running with four paws.

Maybe she was trying to surpass her animal instincts but she never could.

We were coming to the end of the creek as I was pacing back and forth waiting for her to catch me. When Marina arrived, she was panting. She was not used to that amount of running.

‘Well, if this means that I will get some from you, then it was worth it,’ she said as she went to the water and drank some. I was nuzzling her neck as I was rubbing our furs together. She purred before I was mounting her backside. We went at it doggy style and I bit her to claim her wolf as mine.

My wolf howled as well as hers.

Then, I shifted back as I was trying to teach her to change back. She was having some difficulties that I have to use my command as Alpha to force shift her back.

“Change,” I said and her fur started to disappear. She was on the ground with her bareback to be my view as well as her breasts were hanging in front of me. I licked my lips before Marina was looking at me with her naked glory.

“Well, that wasn’t so bad,” she said as she was standing in front of me as she was putting her hands on her hips. I smirked at her as I was crossing my arms at her before walking toward her.

“How are you feeling?” I asked her as I was touching her mark. She shivered before her eyes turned dark with desire as she was looking at me.

“It could get any worse,” she purred as she was playing with my chest. I smirked at her before I pulled her waist closer to me. I can sense that my erection was hitting her stomach.

“Now, you have something for me?” She asked as she was pulling my neck closer to her face. I laughed as I was squeezing her waist.

“I believe I am,” I said before she licked her lips as she smirked at me.

“Then, what are you waiting for?” She asked as she was looking at me.

“You’re a tough bargain, you know that,” I said as I was lowering my head towards her.

“Always,” and before we could get it on, someone was clearing their throat at us. We jerked back as I can see that my parents were standing there with my Beta. I have to stand in front of Marina so that they will never see her naked body.

“I believe you own us an explanation son,” my father said as he arched his eyebrow at Marina behind me.

“Yes, umm, this is awkward actually but do not worry, I think we might be getting along just fine,” Xavier said as he was winking at me. I growled at him as I felt Marina was leaning against my body.

“Hi, my name is Marina. I was hoping to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Andino. I was not like this in the beginning but something happened,” Marina said as she was waving at my parents before Xavier snickered at me.

Wait till he got his mate and we’ll see what happened.

“Well, uh, we let you to it. The Folk Festival is wrapping up, so we might as well get going, honey,” my mother said before she pulled my father away as well as Xavier. I was releasing the breath that I don’t even know I was holding inside.

“Are they gone?” Marina asked.


“Can we go too? I think I might want you in the privacy of the house,” she said and I could not agree on it better.

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