Beta's Bride [ShadowPack #2]

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Xavier has been serving his Alpha for a very long time. Now he must take his own bride but what can he does when his mate was not on the island? Stella has been dying to go to Cyprus for a very long time. And now she's graduate, she can. What will she does when she meet a devilish stranger that managed to claim her heart? A new novelette for your personal enjoyment!

Fantasy / Romance
Nikki Larousse
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Chapter 1: The Vacation

Stella Canali’s POV

I was officially done with school! I cannot believe that I have graduated with honors now that I was done with everything. All I have to think about right now was how to survive the world before I have to get a job and get married.

All of that was not important right now.

I need to getaway. I have to center myself and I have to make sure that I will be centered, or I might as well go to hell.

I sighed as I was looking out the window with such a magnificent view. It all shiny and shimmery. The beach looked nice and I was so happy that I can feel my feet in that water right now.

“We will begin our descend now. Please return to your seat and put on the seatbelt,” the captain said as we were descending, my heart beats faster. I was so excited and terrified that I wanted to puke. But I hold it in.

I tell you why. You see, my mother never believed that I can travel alone and I was sick of people telling me what to do. I don’t expect women to be so shallow and submissive but right now, I’m mad.

I’m mad because all they think that I can do was sit at home and be a pretty little princess. I have to smile and waved and maybe send a few kisses to the boys that were coming in and out of my house as my lawyer was trying to play matchmaker.

Well, not in this world.

I will choose my husband and I will be damned if anything that lawyer gave me will be one. I have vowed to myself that I will not sell myself short and right now, I will make sure that it stands.

Until I met him.

It was hilarious really to think that I could be a spinster but right after that eventful night, I will never forget about him.

“Thank you for flying with us. I hope that you will have a joyful stay in Cyprus,” the captain said as I was tracing out from my distant memory. I have to make sure that I will forget about that person. And to do that, I have to find another person that will top him off.

Yup, talking about rebound.

It was nothing really, I have a few dates with him but turned out he was a cheater and a conniving thief. He wanted me because he only wanted the money that I will inherit if I get married.

Talking about priority!

I sighed before I went out of the airplane and I was out in Cyprus. The airport was nice and all I can think about was how I was about to be on my own on this island. This was an exciting adventure for me.

“Well, let the adventure begins,” I said as I went to the customs and immigration to stay the reason why I was in Cyprus. I told the officer that I wanted to get away and gave him all the necessary details about my stay.

“Enjoy your vacation, ma’am,” he said as he smiled at me. I smiled back before he stamped my passport and I went out of the airport. I was looking for a cab but it was hard to look like I was in the wrong place all of sudden.

“Need a ride, ma’am?” A driver asked me as I was looking at him. He seems decent and I think my instinct told me to trust him. He was not a conniving thief like someone that I knew.

“How much to get to Kato?” I asked him as he looked at me.

“About 30 euro, give or take with the traffic,” he said as I was trying to find another way. There was no other. I have to take him to take me to Kato.

“Okay, I’ll go with you,” I said.

“Cool. Is that all your belongings?” He asked as he saw that I was only carrying my backpack. I shrugged at him before I got into the car and we were off to Kato.

The scenery when we were passing through Paphos city was amazing. They have a lot of archeological sites that surely excited my best friend, Laura if she knows about this. Maybe I will tell her after my trip.

“So, where you’re from?” The driver asked me as he was looking through the rearview mirror.

“Italy,” I said as I was still looking at the pedestrians in the streets. Some couples enjoyed their morning routine as well as people that we’re busy trying to set up their stores and businesses.

“That’s cool. I never went there but I heard it was great. Which district are you from?” He asked again as I looked at his reflection. I smiled.


“I never heard of that before.”

“It was closed to Milan,” I said as I know Verona was not that popular district. But they have great educations there.

“Ah, Milan. Now that I know. It was the fashion world of Italy. Have you been to Milan Fashion Week once in your life?” He asked me as he did not leave any stone unturned. I don’t like him to pry on my interest so I gave the honest answer of them all.

“Well, the crowded place was not my style,” I said as I was looking out the window again, hoping that he would get the message. He did. And we were silent until he dropped me off at the resort that I have reserved in Kato.

“Thank you,” I said as I handed him 40 euros.

“But this was not the total,” he argued.

“I know you said 30 but I want you to have it. Maybe I will need your assistance later on,” I said before he shrugged.

“Well, I know to find you,” he said as he smiled at me before he was out of my sight. I went into the lobby and went to the receptionist to get my reserved room. He gave me the keys after checking my ID and I thanked him before I went to the elevator.

There were not many people in this hotel as it was the only morning. I punched the button before it dinged. I went inside as the other two people. I think they were a couple on their honeymoon and they were talking in German. Italian, French, and English were my cup of tea but German, no thank you.

I waited until they get off on their floor before I was. I was on the 5th floor while they were on the 2nd floor. I looked at their intimacy and I think I sighed inwardly as I wanted that as well.

Until that bastard took that hope from me.

Well, I guess I can’t depend on others but myself. I have to work to get what I wanted, such as this vacation, and I will make sure that I will not be naive anymore to be cheated on. The elevator dinged before I stepped out and went to room 514.

I unlocked the door and went inside as I set my backpack on the floor. The room was cozy and neat so I can get by with it.

“Let’s have some fun,” I said as I went to the bathroom and soaked in the bathtub until my fingers were all pruned.

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