Beta's Bride [ShadowPack #2]

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Chapter 12: The Room

Stella was following Xavier to a neighborhood that she did not know about. She was staring at the dark streets that were away from the festival as they were walking in the dark. Stella stuck close to her man as she was clutching his hand.

"Do not worry. There was nothing to be afraid of in here. It is safe for us," her man mumbled Stella was nodding slowly at him. They were walking a bit by bit before Xavier stopped in front of a house. It was like a cottage but bigger.

Stella gulped when she realized that they were not in the dark streets anymore but in the forest. How come she did not notice that they have entered the forest before?

"Who lives here?" she asked before she was looking around. The forest was murky and dark but Xavier just chuckled when she was gripping his hand even more.

"Come, I think you will like it here," he said before he unlocked the door and went inside. Stella followed him before the lights were turned on. She was blinded for a moment until she had adjusted to the lighting. She gasped.

The cottage was fully furnished and it was beyond her imagination. She cannot believe that it was the best thing she ever saw in her lifetime. Now, she wished to live here.

"Who's the owner?" Stella said as she was tracing her fingers on the furniture. It was handmade and the craftsmanship was something she never saw before. But, it was familiar.

" handmade and the craftsmanship was something she never saw before. But, it was familiar.

"You're standing next to him," Xavier mumbled before Stella turned to look at him. She arched her eyebrow at him before she was looking around.

"Is there anyone else that lives here?" or you bring here before? But Stella kept the last piece to herself as she had no authority for the people that might have come and—she gulped—slept here. But Xavier's answer was something that she never expected.

"I have built this since last month when my best friend got married. I thought that when I find my wife, I will give her a house that was truly hers. To be filled with memories of our marriage together," Xavier said as she turned to look at him. He was staring at him. She gulped.

"She must be lucky then," she whispered before Xavier was making his way toward her. Stella backed up before her backside was hitting the walls.

"Yes, she was. But I don't have the chance to tell her that just yet. You see, she was really stubborn and really hard to control," he said before their hot breaths mingled. Stella was staring at his lips before she went to gaze into his eyes. The stormy orbs were darkened like a typhoon was about to hit.

And his target was her.

"Xavier," she said huskily before she licked her lower lips. His gaze was fixed on her lips now.

"Yes?" he said before Stella was inching closer to him.

"Who is your bride to be then, if you never bring anyone here?" Stella asked as her heart was beating so fast right now. She was breathing hard before Xavier was chuckling huskily that made her hair tingled and her nipples hardened.

Damn it.

"Who do you think it was?" he asked before she was turning to look at his face. And there, she saw the answer to all the questions that she was trying to get from him. She sucked her breaths before she was gripping his shirt.

"Please," she whispered as Xavier was coming closer to her.

"Please what, love?" he said with a heavy accent whenever Xavier was aroused. She just noticed that when he spoke clearly just before they were here.

"I want you," she started before she was locking her eyes with him.


"I want you to make me yours," Stella said before she was pulling him closer by the shirt that she was gripping. Xavier was putting his hands on her hips before he was smiling charmingly at her.

"And what would happen after I make you mine? Will you always be mine then?" Xavier asked her before she was nodding at him. Yes, please make me yours, forever, her mind said before Xavier was caressing her thighs.

"Fair warning, love. I am a very possessive man and I am intended to make you yours no matter what others say," Xavier said as he was locking his stormy orbs with hers.

"Will you be content with that?" he asked before he was inching closer as Stella was leaning up to him.

"Absolutely," was the only answer that Xavier needed when he suddenly claimed her mouth like he had been dying to do so. She moaned in their kiss before Stella was gripping his nape and pulled him closer. Her hardened nipples were grazing his hard chest.

"Bloody hell," Xavier said before she was hauled into his arms and her back was hitting the wall. She arched before she was gripping his hair as they were kissing again.

Stella did not know what was coming over her body. The first time she was kissing a boy she did not feel like this. With Xavier, it was like the fire will consume her if she did not kiss him back and grind herself to his hard body. It was too much, all too much for her to ignore this building sensation in her body.

"I have been waiting for you for so long, Stella, my love," Xavier said before she was kissing his throat and sucking on the heated skin. Xavier was angling his throat for more access as Stella was kissing and licking his skin.

"That's it, love. Kiss me until I can no longer think," he said before he was moving away from the walls. Stella did not know where they were moving but Xavier was walking up the stairs as if he knows where a safe place for their action to continue.
Stella was right for Xavier kicked open a door and there was a massive bed with drapes at the center of the room. He dumped her on the bed as her back was hitting the mattress without breaking their kiss.

Then, he broke it after Stella needed some air to breathe. He was kissing her throat and she was arching her back for she wanted his mouth on something else. The twin peaks that stood at his attention before Xavier chuckled.

"So demanding," he said before he was ripping her dress as it was design-flawed with easy access to her chest. Stella did not wear a bra for it would make this dress looked hideous with a bra on. So, she was braless and Xavier was groaning at the sight.

"So pink and plush. It fit to my hand as if you're made for me, love," Xavier said before he was squeezing her breast in his hand and he sucked the other in his mouth. Stella moaned before she was arching her back and gripping his hair even more.

"Xavier," she moaned his name before Xavier released her right breast with a pop and he was sucking the other, giving the same attention as before. She gripped his hair before she was pulling his hand to put it at the center of her core.

Xavier was grunting as he was sucking on the nipple before his hand was brushing against her clitoris. Stella gasped before Xavier was releasing her nipple with pop again.

"You're so wet for me. I think I might have a taste for this," he said before he was pulling her dress along as he was kissing her bare skin. Stella did not think that the sex that she was denying herself for 24 years would be something like this.

Explosive and intense.

She moaned before the dress was off her body as Xavier was tossing it behind his head. He then took off his shirt and Stella was roaming her eyes on his hard chest. She reached out of it and she was roaming her hands on it after that.

Xavier moaned before she was locking her eyes with him as he was going down and down on her. she was breathing hard before Xavier was spreading her thighs wide and he grinned before he sniffed her core.

"So pink, so plush. So wet and moist for me. Have you been thinking when I will take you, Stella?" he asked and the only answer that Stella can muster was a nod. And her face was heated, noting that she was blushing. Xavier chuckled lowly.

"I like it when you always think of me, love," he said before Xavier dove between her thighs. She gasped before Stella was arching her back, gripping his hair with her hands when she was moving in sync with his devilish tongue.

Xavier licked her slit before he was sucking and licking on her clitoris. She moaned before she was pushing his face deeper into her core as his hot breaths left a tingling feeling inside her.

"Patient, love. We have all night to explore each other," he said before he was sucking on her clit and pushed his fingers inside. One, and then two. She was tight for she never let anyone touched her here. She did not even touch herself here.

"Xavier," she moaned his name before Xavier was pulling in and out of his fingers while sucking on her clit. Stella moaned before she was feeling the odd sensation that was building inside her abdomen before she was gasping for air. She did not know what was coming over her, starting from her toes until it was making her insides clenched around his fingers and she was screaming his name.


She saw stars and she was feeling the tension in front of her core. Xavier was facing his face leveled with her before she was gripping his broad shoulders. His eyes were haunting before he was leaning down to kiss her.

"Now, you're mine forever, Stella Canali," he said before he impaled Stella's unused muscles. And then, she screamed.
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