Beta's Bride [ShadowPack #2]

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Chapter 13: The Mother

Xavier stopped and stilled inside Stella after hearing her scream. Shit, fuck! He did not know that she might be a virgin when he first took her. His wolf was purring with pride that no one ever touches her.

'Mine,' it purred before Xavier was looking at her. there was a single tear that ran down her cheek before he kissed it away.

"I am so sorry, love. I did not know. If I have known..." he said before Stella opened her eyes and she gasped as she was staring at him. She was the most beautiful woman Xavier ever saw and he was happy that she was his.


"It's okay, it's fine. I'm just...I need a moment," she said shyly before she was trying to adjust her core with his girth. Xavier was groaning before he was nuzzling her throat, inhaling her sweet scent. His wolf purred at their close contact.

"God, you're a torture and paradise for me, love," Xavier said before he was trying to make her feel comfortable with their position. Stella gasped before she was gripping his hair even more Xavier turned to look at her as her eyes were hooded. The blue orbs were concealed with her long lashes.

"Well, I think I can handle much more than this," she said before she was turning to look at him. She smirked wickedly before she was using her muscles to grip his cock. Xavier gasped before he was turning his glare on her face. Stella laughed.

He liked her laughter.

"I swear you are trying to test my control right now," he said before Stella was batting her eyelashes at him. How does his woman know how to seduce him right now? I thought she was innocent but clearly, I am mistaken, Xavier mused before she was gripping his nape and pulled him closer to her body.

"I think you are making me waiting for your excellent skill in this department, love," she whispered to him before Xavier groaned with delight, then he moved a little and it was Stella's turn to gasp. He smirked before he was whispering huskily in her ear.

"I will show you what it was like to be my wife, Stella Canali," he said before he was showing the move that he knew. Xavier had never bed some chicks before Stella since it was not honorable for him to be with someone that was not his true mate.

But then, he wished he had for he hoped that Stella would not complain about his inexperience.

However, looking at the things they were right now, Xavier was more than happy to be the first and the last man that would ever bed Stella. He will show all his love to her and nothing will ever come between them.

Not even an arranged marriage to his late father's acquaintance and the agreement that they had.

She was clawing his back with her nails and she was panting his name. Xavier was groaning as he was sliding in and out of her tight sheath before he was building up the tension that was coming from his toes up to his balls.

"Come for me, love. I want you to come for me and suck my seeds inside you," he said as he was biting her neck. Stella gasped before she was moving with sync in their movement as Xavier was thrusting in and out of her core. She moaned with delight.

" love...yes!" she said as they were moving and the bed creaked. He did not give a damn about the furniture for Xavier can do more if they were to be broken after their vigorous activity.

But Stella? There would not be other of her for him out there. Only her, at this moment, trying to ride the wave of pleasure with him.

"Xavier, I'm...I'm..." she said before he can feel his canine was coming out of his gums. His wolf was trying to claim his mate and it was frustrating for Xavier as he did not want Stella to feel any pain for their first lovemaking.

"Yes, my love?"

"I'm...argh!" she shouted at the top of her lungs before her unused muscles were clenching and they were gripping like a vice around his cock. Xavier could not hold his pleasure any longer as he was buried to the hilt and he was spewing his hot load into her tight core. Stella bit on his throat before Xavier was panting. Then, he cannot control it any longer.

He must claim her. and so, he did.

His canine was coming out his gums and he was nuzzling Stella's neck, breathing in the scent as well as licking the spot that would be his mark. She moaned before she was arching her back, offering her throat to him before he was brushing his canine against her skin. Stella stilled before Xavier was gulping, knowing that she will ask him to stop.

But he can't for his wolf would go insane if he did not claim her now.

"Are those..." he knows what she was asking and Xavier was sighing at her.

"Yes," was the only word that he can come out from his mouth as Stella gulped the lump that was forming inside her throat.

"Are of the descendants from the Special Greeks?" she asked timidly before Xavier was able to nod at her. he was speechless and cannot form any word to tell her anything about it. Stella breathed out before she was angling her neck even more to his mouth. Xavier was not expecting this reaction.

"Will I be forever yours then?" she asked before Xavier was gripping her waist, even more, thrusting a little bit to give her the pleasure to her clit that was still vibrating from their intense orgasm just now.

He was only able to nod.

"Then, it will be my pleasure to be yours forever, Xavier," she whispered and with that, Xavier sunk his canine into her neck and Stella gasped before another wave of orgasm was coming through their bodies.

Xavier groaned before he was thrusting three times and then spewed even more of his hot seeds into Stella's womb and wanted to make sure that his pups will be there. He was breathing heavily before he was licking the mark of his claim. He smirked at the sight before he was kissing it Stella moaned.

"I love you, Xavier," she whispered before she was pulling him to kiss his lips and he was staring into the most beautiful eyes in the world.

"And I love you, Stella Canali," he said before he was showing her the possession of his love over and over again until the dawn was near before they both hit the sack and dreamt of each other in their arms.


Stella did not know that sex would be such a bliss. Especially if it was with the man that she wanted to give her heart to. And Xavier has told her that he loved her too. It was the best night that could ever happen to her and it was in a foreign land that it happened. She woke up later when the sunlight was coming into the window.

Or was it the teasing from her lover that woke her up to show him more of their love? Stella cannot distinguish.

But after that, Xavier told her that he would love Stella to meet his mother in their village. Stella arched her eyebrow at that but she was too eager to meet his mother, which would also mean her future mother-in-law if Stella was reading the lines correctly. And so, she agreed to meet her even when she just spent the night with her son.

"Are you nervous?" Xavier asked her when they were walking into the porch of his mother's house. Stella arched her eyebrow at him but her man just smirked at her. He knew that she was nervous but too proud to tell him.

"No, I was looking forward to it actually," she said before Xavier was shaking his head.

"Well, if you think—" he cannot finish the sentence when the front door flew opened and Stella was looking at a lean woman with brown hair and grey eyes.

Is everyone in this town has the same features? Are they related to one another?

"Oh, thank heavens it was you. I thought—' his mother said before she turned to acknowledge Stella that was standing beside him.

"Oh, I did not realize that you were bringing company," she said before Stella smiled at her.

"Hi, my name is—" before she could even finish the sentence, his mother was hugging Stella and kissed her cheeks. She was smiling down on her face before she was hugging her close to her bosoms like Stella was not a stranger but her own daughter.

"Oh, you finally brought her home. I was wondering when it will be the right time for you to meet me with her," his mother spoke in French, in which Stella was fluent but Xavier did not know that.

Her man only chuckled before replying in the same tongue as her. Was it only her that when Xavier spoke French, her knees were getting weaker, turning to jelly?

"Maman, please do not squeeze my mate too tight. She might not breathe,"

"Oh goodness me. I am so sorry," his mother said, still speaking in French before Stella was smiling at her.

"No problem. I can still breathe normally," she replied in French which made Xavier arched his eyebrow before his mother smiled wider.

"Well, don't just stand there. Come on in," she invited them into the house before Stella was smirking at Xavier as he followed from behind.
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