Beta's Bride [ShadowPack #2]

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Chapter 15: The Decision

Stella was nervous as she was standing in front of her mother right now. They were about to discuss her life matter and all that she was telling her through the email. Her mother was looking at the cottage behind her and her man.

Please let me be with him. Please let me be with him, Stella prayed before her mother cleared her throat and regarded her. Her blue eyes, the one that Stella inherited, were staring at her face.

"Do you love him?" her mother asked her in Italian, knowing that their eavesdroppers would not understand a thing. She was thankful for the language barrier for once.

"Well, you should know that I have slept—"

"I know. That's why I asked you, my child. Do you love him when you slept with him, giving your virtue to him?" her mother asked before Stella was biting her lower lips. She let Xavier did more than that. He claimed her as him and she will do the same if she was to be a werewolf after all. Then, she nodded. Her mother sighed.

"Well, your father would love to hear this. If he could be with us right now," her mother said before she was caressing Stella's blonde hair, the trait that she inherited from her father, who was always busy when she was little and had a little time to spend with her. she smiled to her mother.

"I'm sure you guys can visit later. I am sure that Cyprus is a part of the EU so that would not be a problem at all," She said, trying to lighten up the situation. Then, her mother smiled.

"Oh, count on it. We will be pestering you every time we can and we will be expecting our grandchildren very soon," her mother said before Stella's face heated up.


"Okay, okay. Maybe a couple of years but I will be waiting for it," her mother said before she was kissing Stella's cheeks to say goodbye.

"Tell Papa I said hi," she said as Mrs. Canali was going inside the car before the window was rolling down.

"You know he would go ballistic. Do not do anything harsh," her mother said before Stella was rolling her eyes at her.

"And my dear," her mother added as Stella turned to look at her.

"Be kind and perhaps you might want to continue your study here in Cyprus. I heard they have a great university and might get a permanent job there as well for English Language lecturer," her mother said before she winked and the car was moving. Stella smiled before she sensed that her man was behind her. She smiled.

"Why don't you go home with your mother?" he asked as he was hugging her from behind. Stella glanced at him over her shoulder before she was watching at the retreating car.

"I am," she said before Xavier was looking at her, confused. "But I have someone to take them with me to meet my parents," she said before Xavier was smirking at her.

'You sneaky,' someone said before Stella was blinking her eyes. It sounded like Xavier before she was looking at him.

"Did you just say something?" she asked him before Xavier was blinking his eyes at her.


"But I heard..." Stella said before Xavier's mother was calling after them for lunch. Her man smiled.

"Come on. I think you're hungry when you start to hallucinate about something," Xavier said before he pulled her toward the cottage and they went inside the house.


They were standing in front of a huge building as Stella was talking to a stranger about their documents. Xavier never felt anything like this. he wanted to run. He wanted to hide but he was not going to leave Stella alone. Not at all in his life.

And of course, he was accompanied by his friends that Xavier knew better than to take them with him here, to the international airport to send them off.

"Well, I have to say that I will be missing you, you big dummy," Caleb said as his wife was helping Stella to conduct the talking as well. He smiled at their mates. Xavier believed they will be fast friends after Stella decided to move here. Permanently.

But that was for another day. Right now, he has to face her parents and married first.

"And I have to say, where is Arthur when you are about to leave this island? He will terribly miss you when you're gone," Damien Laskaris, the Delta of the pack, stated before he was checking chicks out. Xavier rolled his eyes at the Delta. He was the fourth-strongest in the pack but he worked as a tour guide and storyteller. Xavier wondered when he would change and show his strength.

When the moon was red, he mused before Xavier was looking at Zack, who was standing behind Caleb. He looked calm and collected which was why Xavier has told him that he will be in charge of the pack's lumber delivery and acting in his place until he came back.

If he came back, that was.

"Well, everything is settled and I think it is time for us to get on the flight. There is some misunderstanding that needs some clearing but it was fine now," his woman said as her shiny blue eyes were looking at him. He smiled before Luna Marina was sighing.

"I don't think I would hate the public transportation this much but I think I just found out I prefer to do my own transportation, thank you very much," she said before Caleb consoled her. she smiled before she leaned into his touch and they were hugging. Xavier turned to Stella and she was staring at them as well. Then, she blushed when she was caught red-handed.

"Ugh, stop. You made us, singles, wanted to have someone by our sides as well," Damien said before Caleb smirked at the Delta.

"Then, perhaps, you should find one of your own," he said before Damien rolled his eyes and mumbled, "over my dead body first,"

Zack did not react at all for Xavier did not know what the young wolf pup was thinking. Maybe he was thinking the same as Damien but his gut told him that Zack was thinking otherwise. Maybe he was waiting for someone to be his own.

Maybe he did find one.

There was an announcement that was stating their flight was boarding. Stella smiled at Marina before they hugged. Xavier did the same thing with his friends before they were moving to get into the security check and moved straight to the gate and boarded the plane. Once inside, Stella asked Xavier one last time.

"Are you sure you wanted to do this? For your own reason, and not for my sake?" Stella asked before Xavier was smiling at her. then, he kissed her.

"Yes and I want you to wear my ring when that happens so I will talk with your father for your hands in marriage as soon as I can," he said. Happy with the answer, Stella kissed him again and they were off to Italy.


Xavier was looking at the grand palace, no house, as Stella was getting off from the cab that they took back in Roma International Airport. She paid for the cab before they were taking their backpacks and went to the front door. Xavier was nervous.

"Are you okay? You look a little pale," Stella asked before he smiled and then proceed to the front door. The huge oak doors opened before them and an old, handsome man with blonde hair and brown eyes were staring at them. Next to him was Stella's mother.

So, this is her father then, Xavier mused before the old man was staring at him. He wanted to flinch but he toughened up when Stella was taking his hand and walked to her father.

"Papa, I want you to meet my fiancé, Xavier Marchand," she said as his ring was glistering on her left hand. He had proposed to her on the flight and she said yes. Xavier knew she said yes but it was nervous enough when he knew her answer mattered to him.

The old man regarded Xavier with an intensity that he cannot think but wondered what the old man saw in him. Her father turned to look at his wife before she was mumbling something in Italian for Xavier did not understand a word of it. Then, he turned back to Xavier as his brown orbs were looking at him. Then, he smiled.

"Well, I should have known my old friend would keep his word and look at you, you have grown since I last saw you," the old man spoke French before Xavier was blinking his eyes at him. Stella beamed.

"Yes, papa. I hope you would invite him inside. We were tired and we would like to rest after such a journey," Stella said before her father was smiling at her. he kissed her cheeks before they were walking inside as Stella's father was patting his shoulder. Xavier relaxed but did not put his guard down entirely.

"Now, what do you plan with my daughter?" he asked before the huge oak doors closed as they were talking about the future.


Stella just got a call from her husband who was waiting at home. She did not think that Xavier would be staying in Italy for the last month and they have been married since then. She was nervous to meet him right now as she agreed to get off from meeting with her best friend, Laura, and her potential suitor, Lucca Giovanni, her childhood friend that was gatecrashing their party for Laura's return from Albania.

Stella smiled and hoped that Laura would just tell her feelings to her childhood friend and get on with the next part of the process. The courtship, marriage, and honeymoon, hopefully, stay in that last phase as long as they can.

She knew she was.

Stella was walking up the stairs before she was unlocking the door of her apartment as she was looking around for her husband. Xavier was nowhere to be found in their tiny apartment.

"Honey?" she called for him before he replied and it came from the kitchen. Stella went there and she was surprised to see another person that was talking with her husband.

"Hey, honey. How's work?" Xavier asked her before he was kissing her. she smiled before she was looking at her mother in law. She had come to witness the small gathering of their union and went back to Cyprus after that. Stella wondered why she was here right now.

"I did not know that you are coming. If you are, Maman, we would have prepared something special," Stella said before she was looking at the messy sink with unwashed dishes because Xavier and her were busy last night on the countertop. Xavier was getting restless these days and Stella did not have any complaints about it.

She fucking loved it when he was showing his dominance on her anyway.

"No worries, my dear. I am here to tell you some news. Good and bad, I am afraid," Maman said before she was smiling at Stella. She was looking at the countertop and was trying so hard to get the last night's image out of her head. Stella smiled at her mother in law.

"Oh no, what is it? I hope it was nothing serious," Stella said before Xavier sighed.

"It's Diana. She has run away from home and they cannot locate them," her husband said before Stella was looking at him. His sister was missing? No wonder Maman was looking tired as if she did not sleep for a couple of days. She was worried about her daughter.

"What should we do?" she asked her husband before he was looking at her. she knew the answer to that and Stella nodded at him.

"We will be departing for Cyprus in the morning then," her mother-in-law said as she was explaining that she had bought extra plane tickets for them. She excused herself to the guest room that Xavier has settled her in before Stella was looking at her husband with an arched eyebrow.

"You know I cannot just go and never come back right? I have a job at my old university and I cannot just leave yet. I barely started my Ph.D. what will people think?" She argued before Xavier was smirking at her.

Oh no, this is not good.

"Well, we may have a solution for that, love," he said as they were inside their bedroom before Xavier was locking the door and Stella was arching her eyebrow.

"And what is that, Mr. Smarty pants?" she asked before Xavier was pushing her onto the mattress, coming on top of her as he was kissing her body up to her face. She sighed for the burden of the day was relieved from her shoulders now.

"Well, your mother has proposed that you continue your study in Cyprus and I have Caleb to use his connection to get you in so that we can go back to the island where it all began," Xavier whispered to her before Stella was biting her lower lips. Then, her husband kissed her.

"And if I refused?" she taunted before Xavier's smirk widened as she felt his calloused hands on her thighs, pulling them up and bare herself to him.

"I have ways to convince you then," he said as he was moving down, kissing every inch of her before his hot breaths were on her wet panties. It has been days since they were making love to each other. Stella has been busy with her assignments.

"I am waiting then, husband," she said before Xavier was ripping her panties and licked her slit. Stella gasped before she was gripping his brown hair as Xavier was licking and sucking on her clit before his fingers joined his assault. Stella was trying to control her moans for she knew that her mother-in-law would hear them.

The rush was coming and she felt it in her belly before it was stretching to her toes. Then, with one final suck and a bite on her clitoris, everything was peaking.

"Argh!" she moaned before Xavier was lapping her juice and sucked on her core. She was breathing hard before Stella wanted to feel his skin on hers. She ripped their clothes and they were naked in record time before Xavier was plunging inside her. She gasped.

"Does this mean you will say yes?" her husband asked, his stormy orbs were looking at her. she smiled before he was thrusting in and out as they were moving together.

"You know I will follow you anywhere right?" she said before he was gripping the bedsheets as he was building their wave of pleasure.

"And I will go wherever you go, my love. So we have a deal?" he asked before Xavier was increasing his tempo and Stella was matching his move with hers.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she shouted before her walls clenched around his cock as she was gripping his hair and kissed the shit out of her husband on that intense orgasm they both felt.

"I love you, Xavier Marchand," she said before Xavier smirked.

"And I to you, my love," he replied knowing that tomorrow, adventure awaited them both.
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