Beta's Bride [ShadowPack #2]

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Chapter 5: The Courage

Stella got back to her room as soon as the sunlight was dying on the horizon, leaving the streaks of red, yellow, and gold on it as she was looking through her window. She smiled before she was looking at the brunch that was hardly been eaten by Xavier. Then, she remembered the number that she received from Sam.

Stella bit her lips as she was tapping the piece of paper right now. She wanted to call and maybe talk to him but she did not feel right about it. She was tipping the scales of being a good person that would have to ask for the number to its owner by herself, not by people that she knew was his friend.

Stella moaned before she dropped her head on the table.

What am I even doing here? She mused before she was looking at the number again. It was only the second day that she was in Cyprus and already, she was having all these messy feelings that she wanted to get out.

To push it on someone that might likely she would never see him again.

Stella straightened up before she was taking the paper and looked at it. Would she dare? Would she be able to talk to him even after that disaster date when Xavier just suddenly went away from her?

"What am I truly doing here? I thought I was supposed to be having a good moment here," she mumbled before she went to get some of the brunches that Sam insisted that she has to eat before it went cold. and it has been 30 minutes sitting at room temperature.

Stella bet it was already cold.

But she ate it anyway, not wanting to waste such good food that she wanted to think about her date with the man that was all mysterious, the brunette hair and grey eyes that seemed to get to know her deeply.

Through her soul.

Stella sighed before she was scooping some of the meat and ate it while watching the sun was setting on the horizon, thinking of a man that would likely meet her again.


Xavier has just finished with his house that he was trying to finish it off before he met his true mate. But he already met her today and what's worse, he was nowhere finished with the house that was supposed to be theirs later on.

"You seem tensed," Arthur said as Xavier was hauling the log before dumping it in the front yard. The house was standing on the pillars before the logs that made up the walls were installed. He turned around to look at the Gamma before he was arching his eyebrow.

"And I don't see that you have been busy enough to train our warriors," Xavier said before he went to take the water bottle and drank it in seconds. Arthur shrugged at him before he was dipping his hands into the pockets of his pants.

"Well, I have...another engagement to be thinking about," he said as he was looking out far into the forest. Xavier can see that he was troubled but Arthur rarely showed anyone his emotions. So, why tonight and why him?

"Do you want to tell me something, Gamma?" he asked like the Beta that he was. Arthur turned to look at him, weighing the question before he shook his head and sighed.

"No, nothing is about the pack. Maybe, I wanted to talk to you like a man to another man," he said before Xavier was blinking his eyes at him.

Was he trying to ask for advice?

"What's troubling you?" Xavier asked before Arthur turned to look at him. He did not know what the Gamma wanted to tell him or maybe asking something from him. But all Xavier knew was that he knows the look of a man who was lost in his own thoughts.

Much like his own.

"Well, I don't know if I should be telling you to think but how do you make someone likes you?" Arthur said before he was taking a deep breath and turned to look at the night sky.

"From what I have any experience in that department, it was as the same as you, Gamma. I never thought about it before," but then Stella showed up, and right now, she was the only thing that Xavier was thinking about.

"But you are the Beta. Surely there is someone that was showing an interest in you and they would have—"

"I would have turned them down if they were not my true mate, Arthur. You know that. I wanted what our Alpha has with his wife and even though it has been a few years since our 18 birthday, I think we can still find her in this world. If not today, maybe tomorrow. If not this month, maybe the other months and years. I just know that she was out there and once I found her, I will do anything to make sure that she will be happy to have me," Xavier said with a lump in his throat.

Even when she was a human? His mind asked him but he did not answer it.

Instead, Arthur looked deep in thoughts before he smiled at him. "Well, I think this surely answered my doubt. Thank you, Beta," he said before he was smiling at Xavier. He nodded before he was hauling the last log of today as he was dusting his hands.

"Well, this is me for tonight. I need to get some decent sleep now to be able to function tomorrow," Xavier said before Arthur smiled.

"I see you tomorrow then, Beta," he replied before Xavier arched his eyebrow at him.

"You know you can just call my name,"

"Yeah, and you can just call me Arthur," the trainer said before Xavier smirked.

"Fair point, Arthur,"

"Now you just making an insult on my name," he said before he laughed. Xavier shook his head.

"Anyway, I have to meet with Caleb just to inform you about our lumber delivery today," he said as he was hauling his shirt and put it on. Then, he went on his way to meet his Alpha who was happy with his wife now.


Xavier never expected that his vengeful best friend from a month ago would be happy right now. He can see the house was warm with love, if not for anything else. It has been a month since they moved here and Xavier can feel the magic of love in the air.

As in right now when he was about to knock on the door of their house.

The Beta took a deep breath before he knocked. His super-sensitive hearing was catching some of the laughter inside the house, coming from one of the bedrooms that they have in the house. He cleared his throat, trying not to imagine what was going on inside the house. Then, the door opened and Caleb was looking fresh and sated at the same time.

"Well, if it was my best friend. Please, do come in," Caleb said before he stepped aside and Xavier was nodding at him before he stepped into their house. It was cozy and warm as he can feel the love that was surrounding the area.

His heart ached to this.

"What are you doing here so late? I thought you might be heading to have dinner with your mum?" Caleb asked before he was ushered to the sitting area in the living room. He can hear the clattering of the pots and pans in the kitchen, nothing that Luna Marina was in there.

"I wanted to tell you that our lumber delivery was a success and that old man was trying to snitch more of the profits far more than he should," Xavier said before his Luna was taking the teacups and some biscuits for them as they were discussing business.

"Thank you," he said before Luna Marina went back to the kitchen. Xavier took a sip and he was happy to drink the cold tea right now.

"That old geezer is always taking the advantage of our lumbers. I just hope one day he will not be doing it," Caleb said before he was resting his arms on the armrests. Xavier nodded at him. Then, there was a pregnant silence and Xavier was waiting for the Alpha to break the ice.

Maybe he should do it as he was clearing his throat.

"And there is one more thing I would like to discuss with you," Xavier said before Caleb's amber eyes were staring at him.


"Do you know where my sister is? My mum told me that she ran away from our home. I just hope that she did not run away from our pack and become a rogue. I really hate it when she wandered around by herself," he said before Caleb was looking at him.

Calculating and trying to read him.

"Well, as far as I'm concerned, our territory has not been breached by the rogues except that one time 2 weeks ago and Arthur has been restless ever since. Maybe Diana was sleeping at one of her friends' house?" Caleb said before Xavier was thinking about Sam of all of a sudden.

Why would he did not think about that before?

He nodded, relieved to think straight again but Caleb caught something else as well.

"You're troubled. Is there something in your mind you would like to tell me?" his best friend asked before Xavier turned to look at him

How can he do that? He wondered before the Beta was turning to look at his teacup. Maybe, I should ask him to deal with this. After all, he was married to his true mate.

But she was not a human, Stella is, his mind mused before Xavier turned to look at him. Caleb arched his eyebrow before Xavier shook his head.

"No, there was nothing else. I think I should take my leave now. You're obviously preoccupied before I came here," he said with a smirk that made Caleb cleared his throat.

"Well, you can never be too early to have your own pups," he mumbled before Xavier laughed out loud and said his goodbyes before he went home.

But one question still remained, how will he get Stella to be accepted in his community if he was not sure with himself about her being human?

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