The girl with the dark blue hair

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Chapter 3: The Truth

"I'm a what?" I say, starting to get more scared than I've ever been.

"You have gold in your eyes," he says like that sentence explains everything.

He sits on the bed next to me and tries to see my face through the hood still over my hair, covering my identity. I'm still confused about why he didn't get all weird when I said my name. Wouldn't he immediately know who I was and return me back like some package or something?

"Take the hood off," he says a little more gently because he knows that I'm starting to freak out.

"I can't," I say. I look at him again and see that his face softened from the mad stern look he had before.

"Trust me. It's okay. You can take it off."

"Okay," I said, still unsure. I bring the hood off slowly and watch his face closely. When it's all the way off, he touches my hair and looks at me in shock.

"You have dark blue hair," he says. "Do you know what that means?"

"Um, no I do not know what that means. My parents said that I was born this way and they expected it to fall out and turn blonde like theirs but it never happened. It just got bluer and bluer. It used to have lighter shades of blue in it and even some silver, but the silver fell out and new dark blue strands grew in. I never understood it. My parents said that I was the only one in the world with hair like this."

"Oh," he says. "Well, your parents are liars then."

"What do you mean? They wouldn't lie to me, I'm sure of it."

"Well, you're going to learn about a lot of new stuff that you never knew about."

"What about my blue hair? Will you explain that, please?" I ask because I'm really curious.

"I can't talk about that unless I'm sure that no one is around. You will learn the truth, but it will have to be later."

I am a little bit confused, but it's the werewolf stuff that's got me the most. How am I a werewolf? I have had no signs of my entire life of being one. He can't just come into my life and tell me what I am. Especially because I know myself. I think I know who I am and there's no way he can tell me differently when he's only known me for two hours.

"I want to know about werewolves," I say to him. If I really am a werewolf, I need to know about them. So he tells me as much as he can in the time we have. He then told me that I needed to get some sleep. At least seven to eight hours because we were going to meet someone super famous and super dangerous. He didn't say why we were meeting him, only that it was important. He said that he was a man who will bring me down to my knees and force me to be submissive. I was scared for sure and I didn't know how this meeting would turn out, but I hoped this man would like me.

Rylan was talking about this man like he knew him well. He was using big arms to explain to him and sometimes almost smiling when he was talking about how big he was and muscular.

Rylan also said that the journey was going to be long since this man lived across the border and over a small sea. I was dreading the journey and I knew that I was going to be a long way from the castle and my parents, but that's how I wanted it.

"You should start sleeping soon," he said.

"What about you?" I asked, curious.

"I'm going to take watch and make sure nobody is going to follow us."

"Why would someone be following us?" I tried to look into his eyes, but his face was angled in just the right way. "I don't understand," I said, my voice cracking. The werewolf stuff and now this? What was going on?

Finally he looked at me and he sighed after a minute. He seemed super tense from this conversation. "Just sleep. Don't worry about it. I'm going to wake you up early tomorrow so please try to sleep." You would think that his voice would sound soft like some way to get me to sleep faster, but no, his voice was sharp and cold as a stone. He seemed like he didn't care about me and I was determined to change that.

But for now, I should get my sleep. Because there was a long day ahead of me and I was going to meet someone strong and important. I hoped I was ready for it.

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