The girl with the dark blue hair

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Chapter 5: New home

Soren was huge and I made myself seem as little as possible. He was making me submissive like I had no choice but to follow him. But also, there was a little feeling tight in my stomach that made me want to rule over him. I shut down the feeling right away knowing that it was wrong. This wasn’t my pack and I wasn’t an alpha.

I followed Soren and Rylan to a small building and saw a few muscular men inside, sitting and waiting as I walked up to them. Rylan shut the door behind me and I took a sit in a chair farthest away from everyone, trying to get away. That totally worked though *sarcastically* because Rylan sat right next to me.

“Alright,” came Soren’s booming voice. “Let’s get this meeting started.”

Thankfully, my hair was covered so the men could barely see my blushing face as the talked about me. They didn’t know that my hair was a dark blue; only Rylan did. He didn’t say anything though.

“How about you uncover your face, girl,” said one of the men. I believe they called him Jadin.

I didn’t have to speak, thankfully, because Rylan spoke for me. “She’s just shy. Leave her alone.”

“So... Where did you come from and how did you grab my sons attention?” Soren asked.

“I’m a princess. I come from the castle. I’ve lived there my whole life.”

“That’s not the only reason why she caught my attention,” Rylan said quietly. “I need to speak to you, father. It’s urgent.”

The two of them left the room at once and I was left with four men staring at me. I couldn’t read their blank faces, but I was sure they didn’t want me here.

“So...” started another man, Hades. “I wonder how you got his attention because it’s very hard to make him speak to anyone unless he has to and I know that you two were chatting the whole way over here. What did you do to him?”

“Well, I don’t know,” I said. They stared at me with unblinking eyes and I added, “honestly.”

Soren and his father came back inside a bit later and I could tell that Soren had his eyes on me as he sat back down. When I looked at him, he was looking at me with pure adoration. I looked at Rylan, but he was his own self, staring at the table with a neutral face and not smiling.

“Rylan will show you to your new home,” Soren said. “There’s something important that he has to tell you, but he will need to tell you in his own time. In the meantime, you will live among us. Rylan told me everything that happened since he met you and everything he knows about you. I know about your secret, but it will have to stay secret until I’m no longer alpha of this pack. I’m old so that time will be soon. When Rylan turns eighteen, he will take over and you with him.”

Everyone in the room auditory gasped and stared at me putting pieces together. I had no idea what was happening and nobody stopped Rylan from pulling me to the door so that someone could tell me.

Once I was outside and following Rylan, I asked him my question. “What just happened in there?” I almost screamed at him and he turned around only to grab my hand and take me to my new home faster.

When we got to the door, he took a key out of his pocket and opened it, watching my expression as I walked inside. It looked like someone was already living in here. The bed was a mess and shirts from a boy were scattered over the soft carpet. A few wrappers from McDonald’s were on the kitchen counters and spills from drinks were staining the floor.

“Who else lives here?” I asked, confused about why they would put me in a room with a complete stranger.

“I do,” he said, walking further into the house.

I couldn’t stop the gasp from coming out of my mouth. “They want me to live with you? But why? I want my own house.”

“We can’t build another house just for you to sleep in when there are other options. You either live with me or you live in a house with someone you don’t know. I thought that you would want to be with me since we kind of know each other. If you don’t want to, let me know and I’ll have you stay with the Beta’s wife. She has seven kids though so it’s hard to sleep at night.”

I gave this actual thought, but came to the conclusion that I’d rather stay with him. I didn’t know why I wanted it so bad. My body just seemed drawn to him.

I sat on the bed and stared at his unsmiling face as he poured spoiled milk down the drain. I realized that his golden hair had streaks of light brown in it, but it also had lighter blonde streaks. The more I stared at him, the more I realized that he was drop-dead gorgeous. He had the kind of face that would stop you in your tracks. His face was strong and defined, his features molded from granite. He had darker eyebrows, which sloped downwards in a serious expression. His perfect lips were ripe for kissing and his strong hands looked slightly rough from working. His eyes were the green of fresh dew glinting in the sunlight off a leaf of green emerald, the gold sparkles dancing like ballets. I forced my gaze away from him before I got caught. Although I'm sure he already knew. He seemed to know everything.

He came near me and a musky-forest scent grabbed my attention. I tried not to be obvious as I sniffed the air, trying to get more of him. Wait... what was I thinking? He doesn't even like me so why get attached to him? And I'm not supposed to like him. I hate him. I started to repeat that in my head.

I hate Rylan. I hate Rylan. I hate Rylan.

His voice startled me out of my thoughts. "Do you want me to sleep in the bed with you or do you want me on the floor?"

In the bed with me? Why would he ask that? I wanted him with me so badly, but I didn't say that, obviously. I laid down and brought the blankets on top of me, turning away from him before giving my answer.

"Do what you want." I tried to make it seem like I was still mad at him.

But really, I hoped that he would choose me and climb in the bed. Maybe even wrap his arms around me and pull me close, but I knew that he wouldn't because he hates me. He couldn't even smile at me.

I felt a heavyweight drop onto the bed and listened as he pulled his shoes off with his sock and changed into a pair of boxers. He pulled the blanket over him and I felt his warmth next to me as his breathing got softer and slower. Only then did I let my sigh of relief come out and I fell in a deep sleep, finally feeling like I belong.

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