The Cat Whisperer [Shifters #1]

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Catherine Smith was an ordinary helper at a daycare. One day, she found an alley cat that was badly injured. With her motherly instinct, she went to help it and was shocked to discover that the cat was not what it seems. Wyatt Jones has been searching for someone that will only look at him like the cat he was. He was the heir to the throne but his task cannot be completed until he found his bride. And what another way to find the honest bride than being injured in an alley? A novelette of instant love for your personal enjoyment!

Fantasy / Romance
Nikki Larousse
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Chapter 1: The Daycare

Catherine Smith’s POV

I have been dying to come to the island of my ancestors. Not that I don’t know where I was from but my mama always told me that we were from the descendant of the Greeks. Ancient Greeks to be exact and that was Cyprus.

It was due time for me to pay homage to my ancestors’ land.

So, when I got the offer of being a helper at a daycare, I said yes immediately. The only requirement that they needed was that I can speak, listen, read, and write in Greek. Thanks to my degree in Greek Literature, I got the job.

I was happy when I got here. My mind was set to help the kids and maybe have fun with them. I was from the States so I know how the islanders felt about their tourists and outsiders. I have to be cautious but with my fluent in Greek, I think I will be alright.

I was waiting outside the daycare as the headmistress was about to go over the rules and regulations of the place. I can’t wait to start my shift tomorrow from 9-5. It was the only dream that I could ever wish for.

“So, are you good with kids?” The headmistress asked me as I was sitting in front of her desk, getting ready for the tour.

“Yes, I have some experience to get some kids under control. I have been working as Nanny since I was 15 years old and I think I can say that kids pretty much like me,” I said as I was smiling at her. She was reading my resume before she smiled at me.

“Well, we can’t wait to have you as a part of our team then,” she said as she was shaking my head. I was beaming at her as I can’t wait to meet the kids as well.

Later that day, I went to see my apartment that I will be using for one year. It will be enough for me to get my feet on the ground as I will be working tomorrow. I already paid ahead a couple of months, courtesy of my lawyer as I told him that I will be living abroad for a year.

“Well, what do you think?” The landlord asked as I was taking a tour of the one-bedroom apartment. It was closed to the daycare so it was enough for me.

“This is perfect, thank you,” I said as he gave me the keys to the apartment. He excused himself as I would be settling inside the new home.

“Well, it’s never getting better than this,” I said as I was sinking in the bathtub. I put some aromatic oils into the water as I loved the smell of jasmine on my skin. I sighed as I was scrubbing my face and body. I just landed 2 days ago but I still felt the jet lag. I think I might tuck in early today.

“Well, I think I have to get some ingredients for cooking. Even though I was raised by maids and nannies, I did not forget how to cook on my own, even the simplest scrambled eggs.

So, I just put together some sandwiches for the night before I turned in for bed. I sighed as I was lacking the duvet and pillow and mattress for that matter. Tomorrow will be a shopping spree for me.

“Now, I know what I need to do,” I said as I was dozing off. I can’t keep my eyes open as I saw the darkness has claimed me when I laid on the sofa.

Wyatt Jones’ POV

“Bloody hell!” The humans said as I was running around on the ground. I don’t think that they would be this cruel the last time I saw them. But I think time has changed. I was only a babe when the humans would worship us like we’re gods.

“Get it out of here!” The shopkeeper said as I was running in the direction that I was coming in. I don’t know who to turn to as they were being busy and I think I have some scar when I transformed later.

I hissed at them as they were ready to kick me again. I was surrendering to Fate as I know it will be dark soon.

“Stop!” A voice that was coming into my ears making it twitch. I looked up from the floor as I was seeing a swift of skirts and a hair that was so glossy I wanted to run my fingers through it.

“Have you know shame to kill such an animal?” She asked as she was picking up into her arms. I can sense her ample bosoms were grazing my legs and arms. I purred at that thought. I can get used to this.

“But miss—”

“Enough, if you are keen to kill it, I will take it home with me,” my savior said as she was speaking in formal Greek. I don’t know if she was around here but her scent was very nice.

The smell of Jasmine, my favorite.

The men grunted before my savior was going to the taxi that was waiting for her. The driver holds the door for her before she went inside and put me on her laps.

“It’s okay now. You’re safe with me,” she said as she was caressing my fur. I purred at the touch as I never wanted a touch from any human before. I preferred to keep it to myself as I was looking at her hands. No ring.

That was a good sign.

“Miss, we have arrived,” the driver said as we got out of the car with her carrying me in her arms again.

“See, Winky? This is your new home now,” she said as she was looking at my face. I know I was handsome but Winky? What kind of name was that?

“You have the most peculiar eyes for a cat,” she said as she was letting me inside the room. I was taking some time to sense all of the spaces that will be mine later on. It smelled of jasmine. Hers.

‘Ours,’ my cat purred as I was nodding at it. I heard some laughter from outside as I looked through the window before I saw red.

The driver was hitting on my woman and before I know it, I was running as I was clawing his feet.

“Bloody hell!”

“Sorry, my cat was not used to a stranger,”

“But you just pick it up just now,”

“Well, what can I say? I love cats and they adore me. Isn’t right, Winky?” My woman said as she was kissing my nose and mouth. My heart bloomed at that.

“Winky? What kind of name was that?” The driver said before I hissed at him.

“Now, now. Behave,” she said before she was ignoring the comment that he gave to my woman. He was picking up some of the stuff that my woman was shopping from before.

“Where should I put this?” The driver asked her as she put me down.

“You can put them on the side over there,” my woman said as she was instructing the driver to get more of the stuff as I was staring at him from the window bar. I can see that he was trying to impress my woman but she was not affected at all.

“Will that be all?” The driver asked her before my woman was looking at the driver with a question on her eyes.

“Oh right, sorry. How much?” She said as she was taking some notes. She did not have much and my heart ached at that sight.

“That will be 30 euros,” he said as she was giving the notes while she was smiling at him.

“Thank you,” she said as she was gripping the knob.

“My pleasure,” the driver said as he was nodding at her before she closed the door.

She sighed before she relaxed onto the sofa that was the only furniture in the apartment.

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