A Unicorn's Tail

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A Fantasy Poem Enjoy

Fantasy / Adventure
Cadence Abbot
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A Unicorn’s tail Parte 1

In a world where twin red suns never fell,

Some wicked souls only did darkness now dwell.

Here, as a white unicorn took a drink from a murmuring brook,

Was still cause for a refined Lady to halt for a closer look.


She stood on an ancient crossing bridge, amazed with childlike delight,

While the sun’s rays played with her many expensive gems flashing bright.

Lost in trouble-free contemplation, she never heard his steps soft tread.

When a hand bumped along her arm, she gasped and the unicorn fled.


A handsome man begged the lady for forgiveness as he plucked her puffy sleeve,

His eyes locked in hers meekly, needless to say the lady was also a little naïve.

She unquestioningly gave him pardon, then listened to him with a trusting thrill,

As he serenely spoke, his eyes watched drolly, as hers widened with a chill.


She unquestioningly accepted his offer to accompany her with a sense of relief,

Since he had also pointed out that her finery may well invite a roguish thief.

Traveling down the path, he let her depart within sight of the castle common gateway,

Taking leave, He watched smugly, her finely frocked figure moved with a flattering sway.


Follow our story now to a dragon, who went for a walk this fine morn,

Although a bane wing had it feeling sad and self pityingly forlorn.

Being unable to fly made him unusually feeling totally out of retorts,

He had to actually scrounge on the ground for food, he had no other resorts.


Suddenly his mood was quite drastically changed,

Its eyes grew painfully wide, his nostrils flamed.

A piercing sting made him wince and tear,

Something’s sharp horn been had into stabbed his rear.


He whipped his scaly head to see who would have dared,

Be so flagrantly bold as to nail him back there.

Stood a recently napping unicorn, on whose silken tail he had tranced,

Wide eyes steaming fury, she shot at him a piercing glance.


A seconds thought, she may have been hasty,

It’s not hard to make a fire breathing dragon nasty.

She flew out onto an old stone path in a mocking retreat,

The Dragons breath hot upon her silvery hoofed feet.


Through the country side the two antagonists did race,

Both of them thoroughly enjoying the venting chase.

Quite a whirlwind along their course the pair did make,

Autumn trees, leaves, and small creatures all churning in their wake.

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