A Unicorn's Tail

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A Unicorn’s tail Parte 2

Over an old mossy bridge, leading down to pair of distant castle gates,

The pair scurried across, hesitantly chasing unchallenged fates.

As across the bridge, claws scrapped, hooves clattered,

Two figures hidden beneath, had their content rest shattered.


A troll and his captive male both looked up outside,

An unbelievable sight, greeted their drowsy eyes.

The troll grinned evilly to the man, I must go and see what comes of this,

Your soul is mine, now do my bid, he said to him with a wicked little hiss.


Entering its captive’s peaceful soul, his face turning grim,

The troll became like a gentleman, its body now slim.

Leaving the bridge, stealing away into the twin suns hot light,

It’s narrow mind’s desire, to profit from the Unicorn’s plight.


Flexing it’s now long fingers, nimble and quick,

Their touch now feather light, unfeeling and slick.

With a heartless grin, the troll pursued the wonderful sight,

Determined to find profit from the duo’s unwarranted flight.


Now, inside the gates, spread on the Castle lawn, a party progressed,

Lords and appealing ladies having a fancy tea, all very elegantly dressed.

Suddenly a Unicorn and Dragon broke through the gates running unchecked,

Not an invited occurrence, the nobles stared as their festivity was wrecked.


As the Unicorn and Dragon bolted along the common, transgressing,

Tempers swelled, far from a peaceful tea, the gentry were digressing.

Bright gowns swirled as the court ladies tried to manoeuvre with dread,

Their vivid jewels glistened like pinpricks of flames, as from the assault they fled.


Into this mix, a man darted without his normal conscience or emotion,

His reluctant soul obeying what it knew was the Troll’s evil notion.

With a roving eye, he carefully observed the interrupted morning soiree.

Making sure the crowd was preoccupied so no action could betray.

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