A Unicorn's Tail

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A Unicorn’s tail Parte 3

A pony tailed, spoiled young lass from a nearby grandly rich estate,

Had retreated up a wall as the pair of miscreants crashed the castle gate.

A pleasant looking man offered her a hand, as he saw her in passing,

With her nose in the air, she granted his request, without even thanking for asking.


Two steady hands gripped her squirming, slippery silk clad waist,

He helped her down, apologizing that he had messed up her attire all laced.

He gallantly held up her long tress, as she grippingly bowed, straightening her dress,

Whilst her long fiery earrings momentarily touched against his thumping chest.


A lady clad in a fancy white ruffled gown with a glossy black sheen,

Had possessions knocked to the ground, as the mob rushed from the scene.

A kind appearing man, came from behind, as picking up her purse she leaned.

Generously offered to retrieve it for you miss, grinned this cleverly disguised fiend.


Valiantly he helped her straighten, watching her diamonds dangle and blaze

With a quick flourish he retrieved the strayed belongings, receiving her praise

Your much to pretty, to get yourself dirty, he said enchantingly, watching her turn flush,

While never guessing that her sparkly dripping broach had been stroked by his touch.


Following the same patterns, the Troll worked the crowd, looking debonair,

The chosen Maiden’s eyes would usually widen, as he apologized with a contrite stare

The noble Ladies smiled sweetly, showing him forgiveness towards his intrude,

Basking in the Man‘s kind gaze as their hands were kissed, hoping not to appear rude.


His plan worked to perfection, in minutes a half dozen were soon relieved,

With every venture, shiny baubles fell into his pocket from down his sleeve.

None missed their appealing trinkets being snatched away with stylish flair,

Since most of the crowd’s focus was still on the intruding, pursuing pair.


A maid dressed in long satin wearing a costly ring all sapphire’d and pearling,

Was next on Trolls list, moving closer, it’s long fingers uncurling.

Something came rattling through the gate, his victim turned, swirling,

Cornered, he watched with her, a golden carriage with banners twirling.


A princess from a neighbouring kingdom appeared upon the scene,

Looking like a beautiful angel in an fantastic fairy tales dream.

Wonderfully fey eyes, golden hair framing a beguiling face,

To the party she had travelled, arriving in style and modest grace.


From a window she looked out, like royalty from a throne,

Her silky hair entwined with pearls down her back had flown,

This exposed her fine throat, around which was all was aglow,

Rubies and diamonds rippled like prisms, a thick shimmering rainbow.


Amazed, the princess watched the dragon in hot pursuit,

Fearing for the Unicorn, she disembarked, frozen quite mute.

A long satin gown softly fell into a rustling pool about her feet,

Producing a sight assured to increase a normal man’s heart beat.


She sent the carriage driver, Devon of Costner’s Mill, to aid the party all in disarray,

Watching him depart, the princess innocently, thought, I wonder if I should stay.

Then the roaring Dragon and the panting Unicorn came bearing quickly down,

As from behind the Castle the clashing adversaries came back running round.


As the pair trampled close, the princess turned and whirled,

Jewels shot out in glitter, as about her the slinky gown curled.

From forehead, to ears and fingers, danced colourful rays of light,

As princess’s go, she was really, quite a most hypnotizing sight.

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