A Unicorn's Tail

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A Unicorn’s tail Parte 4

Back through the trampled gates, the Dragon and Unicorn flew,

The crowd breathed a collective sigh of relief, as it followed to get a better view.

Meanwhile, the embarrassed the Princess straightened her thin tiara back in place,

Blushing, she looked up, while nervously sweeping a strand of hair from her face.


Then she jumped as without warning, a figure jostled against her hips,

The princess faced a man with a debonair smile who watched her questioning lips.

Taking her wrist, he kissed the back of her gloved hand with an extravagant finesse,

He massaged ringed fingers with generous care, while complementing her fine dress.


With shy embarrassment, she moved, proposing to break his grip,

Her garment catching on a foot, she stumbled onto the path with a trip.

She fell against him, feeling his steady hands upon her gown so smooth,

The princess looked away, never even feeling his finger’s nudging move.


As he bent down and started to tickle her ear with a deft whisper,

Her emotions rose, as she clutched her breast, trying not to shiver.

He stroked her hair attentively, making her face attractively flush,

As she surprisingly found enjoyment through his calmingly tender touch.


Along her silky figure, he expertly massaged quite nimbly,

The princess’s entire being trembled, beginning to feel tingly.

Losing her demur, she began to squirm and merrily wriggled,

His pretentious actions were rewarded as twisting, she quivered and giggled.


Expertly his fingers worked her over, without ever missing a beat,

When he was quite finished, gazed into her eyes, masking his deceit.

Watching dew like tears of laughter glistening on her cheeks reddening bright,

But for the pearls in her hair, nothing else shiny would come to his roving sight.


She felt lighter than air, her blurred feelings never revealing,

That more than her gentle heart this man had been stealing,

As she looked into his face, he answered with a mesmerizing jesters grin,

She smiled meekly back, not yet aware of the disguised troll’s cruel sin.


Ironically hoping that he was the one to lightened her of stress,

She regained her composure, trying to keep her emotions in suppress

Felling no guilt , the man asked for his leave with a stately request

Disappointed, the princess bade him farewell, still flush from his caress.


Before disappearing into the crowd watching at the gate, he blew her a kiss,

As she caught it in her gloved hands, noticed something terribly amiss.

Stripped fingers, she gasped, placed a hand upon her forehead to ponder,

The diamond tiara had also gone astray, her heart plummeted in wonder.


She realized that with him had gone all that shimmered, rubies and gold,

She now felt incomplete, bared totally by actions audaciously bold.

Not realizing how pointless were the feelings making her depressed,

For no sparkly baubles could ever match the real beauty she possessed.

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