A Unicorn's Tail

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A Unicorn’s tail Parte 5

Sadly she climbed into the carriage feeling used and utterly betrayed,

Thoughtfully stroking the place where her necklace had so recently laid.

Had she seen a trace of regret deep within his eyes, possibly coming from his heart,

Maybe he would return all that had been stolen, and apologize for his thieving part.


Her eyes eagerly scanned the crowd, as she missed her pretty belongings,

But only two small figures in a tree stood out, as the princess felt her longings.

When her driver returned, she bade him drive away in a voice all forlorn,

As she vainly rechecked the areas where her jewels had been recently shorn.


Wanting to see a dragon, two young sisters had climbed an old elm to get a look,

The younger, watching a robin, caught her fine string of pearls on a branches crook.

Her view blocked, she complained to her older sister with a droning call,

While untangling her expensive necklace whined, why couldn’t we have climbed a wall.


The older sibling looked sullenly over, a sapphire pendent hanging down,

It’s much too high, and you are way too small, she scolded with a mean frown.

Spying a handsome man walking near bye, the 9-year-old called to help out,

Startled at the sight of two satin dolled youths, he smiled winningly into her facial pout.


I ’ll help you ladies out, he purred with a smile that would give no cause for alarms,

The man happily stepped underneath and quite willingly extended his eager arms,

The sisters scampered away, the motion of their remaining trinkets anything but calm,

Drooling, he lifted them up to the wall , swaying jewellery pleasingly tickled along his palm.


Meanwhile the unicorn was growing weary of this game,

Her hooves were becoming singed from the dragons licking flame.

She dove deep inside a brambly thicket, regretting the provoked attack,

Her golden mane was becoming entangled, as she warily looked back.


The dragon tried to follow, not wishing to find other routes,

But the prickling of sharp thorns, made him soon seek other pursuits.

Shaking his head with a final snort of anger, smoke furling,

Gave up the days chase, his performance and pride sterling.


As the dragon ambled back past the broken gates, he didn’t dwell,

For some reason a crowd was throwing stones at him with an angry yell.

As most of the nobles entered into the steam letting fray,

One man did not, he warily slipped most carefully away.


The troll went to the bridge, carrying his loot and scurrying fast,

A Princess’s ruby and diamond necklace held within it‘s hot grasp.

The evil troll regained his true form, scrambling into the lair,

Giving back to the man his soul, as the troll smugly sat on its chair.


As a wide grin spread across its evil face, through pockets it sifted,

The Troll laid on the table all the flickering trinkets it had lifted.

Eyeing the bracelets, rings and broaches that had been rudely acquired

The man ruefully watched, his soul burning at what had transpired.


While the troll drooled over a ring with decked pearls and sapphires galore,

The necklace fell unnoticed, into a glittering heap on the stone floor,

The man in a wilful move, decided to write the trolls final chapter,

Snatched the gems from the beneath the chair of his shocked captor,


The twinkling necklace the man disdainfully held aloft.

Dangling it in front of the troll’s face, into which he scoffed.

Scurrying from its seat, still holding the pretty ring,

Pure evil was the look that animating from this terrible being.


The troll licked its lips, its eye wide with hunger,

Held out a sharp claw trying to retrieve its plunder.

The man stood his ground, he now held the fee,

Release my soul he commanded, let my soul be free.

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