A Unicorn's Tail

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A Unicorn’s tail Parte 6

Now, not far away, by a meadow of emerald green,

The magic broken only by a sparkling stream.

To this safe haven came a princess somewhat distressed,

Just needed some time alone to muse and find some rest.


The glittery gems which the princesses had been carefully adorned,

Had vanished together, leaving the pretty Lady bewildered and forlorn.

From the very bosom of her being, came a wistfully heartfelt moan,

A look crossed over her pretty face, wishing a certain person to turn into stone.


Leaving her carriage, she bade the driver to please take leave,

As he drove hesitantly away, tears welled in her eyes, she wanted to grieve

Upon a moss covered log she sat, to ponder with very a fetching frown,

The swishing gown falling about her, like fresh gold snow upon the ground.


Suddenly, there was a surprised snort coming from quite close by,

Startled, the princess looked up, meeting a unicorn’s wise green eye.

The poor thing was worn, sore from gold tail to white head,

As it approached the beckoning Princess, neither felt any dread.


Meanwhile, the dragon, now parched, hearing the tinkle of a brook,

Ambled over to a bridge, from where a long drink he took.

Aware that his stomach rumbled for food that was not,

His sharp eyes scanned the area, while pondering it’s lot.


The man saw the dragons shadow, knew what it could portend,

Smiling shrewdly to himself, finally it may all come to an end.

Looking down at the troll who displaying unyielding refusal,

Never to release the man’s soul, believing he had control as usual.


But the man knew what must be done, he suddenly flicked his wrist,

Sent the trinket flying, outside through the brooks ghostly mist.

With a cry of triumph, the troll scrambled out into suns bright rays,

Watching the necklace as it fell shimmering to the ground in the haze.


Snatching up the jewelled prize with its crooked claws,

A shadow over its head , froze the troll in pause.

The look crossing the trolls face was best described as dim,

As it looked up into the red eyes of destiny bearing down upon him.


The thing of beauty the troll held, unable to honestly appreciate,

Was forever lost, as the Dragon’s jaws, eagerly engulfed and ate.

The man watching in awe, feeling his freed soul filled with pleasure,

While the dragon then ambled off, stomach full of troll and treasure.

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