A Unicorn's Tail

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A Unicorn’s tail Parte 7

The man hurried back to the village, to correct the troll’s sin fed acts,

To return the jewels to their rightful place, to set straight the facts.

His polite apologies the astonished ladies accepted with gracious curiosity,

As he returned all of their missing crystals, explaining the troll’s atrocity.


The man returned to every victim but one, that the troll had cheated,

He was missing the Princess, to have his obligated pilgrimage completed.

Leaving the grateful ladies of the court, he set off on his quest.

Finally finding the place where she had alighted to acquire some rest.


He watched in awe, the princess, as she was singing sweet,

A magical unicorn laying peacefully, docile at her feet.

She had carefully combed out the white mane, braided in her pearls,

Her hair now hung tantalizingly free, laid on her shoulder in swirls.


The long satin gown on the green grass around her was spread,

In her shiny lap lay sublimely, the sleeping unicorns white head.

She had been stroking its horn, her touch sensitively feeling,

What she read with enlightenment there, was strangely revealing.


It told her that a knightly hero she would soon meet,

Someone noble, who would come and sweep her off her feet.

But the same man who had taken her dazzling trinkets appeared in her trance,

She found herself once again in his grasp, but in an incredibly romantic dance.


Pondering the puzzle, she sensed a cautious approach from behind,

Turning her head, her eyes took in the familiar man now genuinely kind.

He was shyly holding out the radiant tiara, along with rings for her fingers and ears,

Recovering back something thought forever lost, She smiled through her tears.


The unicorn opened a knowing eye, saw something totally real,

At last, it felt, that the princess’s wounded heart would finally heal.

As his tender hand brushed the hair from the Princess ’s eyes,

Both she and the unicorn let escape, deeply soul filled sighs.


As the Princess looked up, she saw a fate sincere,

The face she now saw, had known would someday appear.

Someone to give back to her something that had been taken,

Something wonderful and bright that she had all but forsaken.


Taking the baubles, she smiled, her eyes taking on a calm grace,

Placed a hand to her throat, sweetly asking about her necks lace,

He explained about how the dragon had, troll and jewels ate,

The unicorn smiled, thinking of his adversaries stomach ache.


The princess asked him to track and slay the dragon, please,

But instead, the man took her hands, dropping sincerely to his knees,

He explained that there was a gift more precious than diamond or gold,

Then into her tingling hands he placed his total heart and soul to hold.


Like two hearts beating in rhythm, the sound not always clear,

He gave her all he had to offer, hoping his love could adhere,

No prettier rhapsody ever existed, now or forever,

Than the music that now played, bringing the two of them together.


She had accepted his proposal with little hesitation,

No princess is ever sure of love’s final destination.

But in the end, she had finally joyously confessed,

His devotion was more precious than any jewel possessed


In a world were two suns will always shine bright,

Where Unicorns play and Dragons roar with might,

A world always filled with colour, sparkle and life,

Where one’s dreams and hopes come with little strife.


In this world, as in ours, where a beautiful princess named Joan,

Finally found a love worthy enough to give up her unintended throne.

Her prince would come from an enchanted place, no fortune told could reveal,

A whimsically reality, where the heart of a princess is all that he would steal.


Now, this is the end of our story, for those who have read it through,

But not the end of the tale, for like a ring of gold it always starts anew.

Destinies of bad meeting evil, Pure finding good will always entail,

Sometimes all it takes is a clumsy Dragon, and a Unicorns sensitive taile.

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