Broken Blood

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River Riley Adams, was a much loved Kyren, barely into his teenage years. Cute. Then killed at 15. No reason, no clues, no evidence. Upon his death, 5 teenagers find themselves not only splitting between these two races, but risking all sanity to bring his killer to justice. They’ll endure pain, lies, desire and betrayal. As the mystery begins to unfold, it seems as though the truth is embedded in the cracks of their lives. But there’s a reason that the truth stayed hidden. Wreaked with survivor’s guilt, Prince Blaze Nightshade didn’t think he’d see the light after his best friend was murdered. That was until Chase Logan, a Phia-born Kyren, stumbles into his life bearing scars and a horrific past that could fix or destroy all he stands for. A mere kiss, played in a game, is never just a kiss. Not when gruesome visions of River are brought up, every touch is a clue, opening a scar that never truly healed. Earth-shattering secrets break and create bonds. But there’s one thing for definite. Whomever the killer is, they know things about them, things they can’t even begin to say. Things that raise suspicion and doubt regarding each other. There’s only one question that is wondered every day of their lives, how far will you go to find the truth you may not want to hear?

Fantasy / Mystery
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Blaze- 1 Year, Two months ago

The muffled screams woke me up, I grabbed my blade off of my bedside table and the motion detectors built into my night suit activated. I felt a liquid touch my foot upon swinging one foot off the bed and knew immediately it was blood.

“River?” I mumbled to my roommate.

There was no answer, I flicked the light switch on and could see blood everywhere. Expecting my best friend to jump out at any moment with his phone, recording my reaction to his yearly Xairas Prank. Nothing of that sort happened. I felt my wings flutter inside my back. The door was still shut but a light breeze tickled my face, the window. It was open, blood smeared on the glass.

A handful of guards poured in looking at me with fear.

“It’s River, he’s gone.” I said before jumping out.

My wings opened and as I landed to the ground, hands grabbed my body.

“Kris let go of me!” I shouted before realising it wasn’t Kris and I looked up into the face of a strong man with steel eyes.

I stabbed him in the arm and he groaned. As I ran, I caught a glimpse of a flashlight deep into the woods, I took to the sky, the air was cool around my white wings yet I knew I wasn’t an angel, I wasn’t a good person, but River was. I wasn’t letting him die because of this everlasting feud Phia had with us Kyren.

I dropped down where River was being dragged to. I could see slices along his back where his wings had been cut off and then I saw how many people were there. Backing down would’ve been my best move but my best friend was tied up, blood dripping down his face and body.

A portal was open, the green ring of electricity told me this was a Phia crime. Not thinking twice, I closed it making them all see me but it wasn’t important if they saw me or not.

“Blaze, run.” River mumbled.

“You’re not going to disappear.” I said swinging my Raxon at the kidnappers feeling it slide through their stomachs and chests.

As the last one fell to the ground, I snapped the ropes off River and we ran back to Kyren. Relief waving through us both.

“What the hell happened?” I shouted shaking River.

“I don’t know they just came in.” River coughed trying to wipe the blood off his face.

“Why, hello Your Majesty.” A man said slicing my wings off with a single movement.

I collapsed with the impact but not the pain that I had learnt to deal with. River punched the man in the jaw, blood caking his arm and as he stabbed the blade through him, the man fell backwards. Ice was licking his fingertips like he could create ice; I could move things with my mind.

“Blaze? Blaze, please get up.” River said desperation in his voice.

I stumbled up and blood flowed out of my back, yet through that, I was relieved that River was safe. Or so I thought.

“Shoot, I have my flight exams in two weeks Riv.” I sighed, annoyance creeping up a bit.

“Really? This is what you care about in a time like this?” River hissed.

“Found you little boys.” A man’s voice said.

He picked us up and we punched at him but he only laughed darkly. Yet though we were super-humans, there was always that one weak spot, I kicked trying to aim for in between his legs. But he seemed to have come prepared for that, I knew my 14-year-old self stood little chance and even though River was 15 tomorrow, the man seemed to have been specially trained in this.

I couldn’t move my wrists he had those pinned down next to my body pressed against his huge bulk. River looked at me as if understanding what we had to do. It was probably one of the most horrific things I had done. Simultaneously, we both bit at his exposed neck. He yelped and as my teeth pierced the skin and a salty metallic liquid seeped into my mouth, he dropped River and forced me against a tree.

Now I knew for sure he was Phia when his fangs slid out. I didn’t have fangs for I am Kyren, and could never drink blood willingly, yet he had little confliction about it. The man dug his own fangs into my neck, I’d felt my blood sucked once out before, but that was only in simulation, now it was for real. I knew that I’d been taught to stay still and kick then away hard after a few seconds when they’d lost control, but I kicked in panic. His fangs tore through my flesh ripping down.

River smashed the guy’s skull with his elbow, coming down hard from the air. He was saying something about this being his entire fault but I couldn’t hear him it was all just white noise.

“Shoot Blaze.” River mumbled pulling my top over my head. The cut had gone from my neck down in a jagged line to my stomach.

“We can talk about it later.” I breathed through the pain no school could prepare you for.

Just as we jumped the wall and glided through the air, down to the ground, guards from Kyren came rushing over. Mum ran out to River and I and as she felt the both of us in her embrace, the Queen’s grip tightened on her blade.

“Mum, it’s okay, they’re gone.” I said

“Blaze, River, I’m going to kill you both.” Mum said.

“They’re Phia, Your Majesty.” The guard said to Mum.

“Of course, they are, filthy Bloodsuckers, they can go fu-.” I started before Mum cut me off.

“Kill them.”

We stood in the biting cold whilst the guards searched the area, answering questions about what happened. But whilst everybody was so distracted trying to find the kidnappers, I felt handsshove me and see the green ring of a portal.

I heard the chop of a helicopter and would have fallenout the open door if it weren’t for the rope around my waist. I struggled and tried to wrench my body out furiously.

“Don’t bother Crown Prince.” One snapped.

“The Boss wants the River boy, but I’m keeping this one.” Another said cynically grabbing my face.

I just about heard the chink of metal brushing armour before it was replaced by a blade cutting rope.

“River, don’t.” I said but the older boy cut the rope and I fell back down.

I couldn’t remember much after that, only hitting the ground and falling in unconsciousness. Jack had found me only, I was told, a couple of hours after that.

As I looked up into the sky the next day whilst I was confined to my room for protection reasons, I wondered why they took him, River was the to be peacemaker but a bigger part of me wondered why they let the Crown Prince go but not him.

I thought whether he was scared or possibly dead, something about this seemed off, unnatural, it all worked so well, almost as if it was planned or something. Whatever it was I was going to find River’s kidnappers and kill them, slowly, enjoying their faces contorted in agony and the life leave their worthless body.

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