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The Valkyrie Princess

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Ellisia never wanted to be anything more than a pretty girl, free to do anything she wanted. Freedom and independence was her ideal, and a humble, peaceful life was desired. She never once envied those of the Royal Kingdom, and frankly wanted nothing to do with their kind. However, when Elli met Amelia, that all changed. She decided that she'd become her Berserker and fight against the extraterrestrial threat that is the Kree. However, she will come to find that the Kree are not exactly monsters and the kingdom she's sworn to protect is not exactly as holy as they'd have her believe. Worst of all, she'll find herself struggling to resist her dark nature, as retaining her control will determine if she lives or dies. She never wished to be subjected to such a situation, but if it's for her Valkyrie Princess, she'll eliminate every last Kree; even the one that lies dormant within herself.

Fantasy / Romance
Tanique Adams
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The air is brisk and slightly chilly, the sun shining through the cracks in the trees. There is silence all around, no deer nor bird can be heard in the thickness of the forest. A stream flows gently through the foliage; clean and pristine as though it has been untouched by even a speck of dirt. The air is fresh and crisp, the breeze so refreshing, one could lay out in the tall green grass of the meadow in bliss. Yes, this is the world as we now know it, a green utopia.

500 years ago, the earth was facing the most destructive crisis of its history, the depletion of all its natural resources and a global warming that took a deadly toll on all walks of life. To make matters worse, just as it had reached the breaking point, the Kree invaded and decimated the world’s population. These humanoid aliens thrived on carbon, nitrogen, and iron; therefore they found earth’s newly catastrophic state irresistible, leading to their invasion in 2030. These elements are also found in humans, causing these invaders to attack the native peoples; all to satisfy their desires. The humans stood strong and faced the monsters, but their efforts were futile, as these foreign beings were not susceptible to damage from common weapons or force.

Military forces from across the globe came together to face this dangerous new foe, but their guns, swords nor missiles were no match for these beings. Even emergency nuclear measures were ineffective and only lead to thousands of humans falling into sickness and death. Millions were lost in the assault due to the costs of war, limited resources and the onslaught of Kree devouring their flesh. The world was thrown into chaos, and it became overwhelmed.

The Kree appeared as monsters, with their thick, scaly, reptilian skin; sharp, rigid teeth; frightening long claws and terrifying yellow eyes with orange speckles throughout. They were rabid and wild; having no sense or awareness and acting purely on instinct, just like animals. Just when all hope seemed lost, four brave warriors revolted against the Kree. These women commanded neural linked battle suits created by the world’s best scientists and engineers and pushed back the Kree. These warriors of ancient myth, known historically as Valkyries, fought to protect this new world against the Kree with their assigned Berserkers at their side; they acting as their most loyal shields. When the suit is worn, several neural sensors are activated, giving the wearer enhanced strength, agility, speed and resilience, much like the Kree.

The only way to kill the Kree is to remove or damage their brainstems, which are vital for their survival. Only Valkyries and their suits had the blade to puncture their skulls and when the Berserkers pierced their hearts, they become paralyzed; the pair required to be in perfect synchronization. After each warrior had been primed to their respective suits, their bloodline was bound such that only women who shared the bloodline could ever operate the suit. This led to the birth of a new age and new traditions. The world would forever be changed yet remain.

While the Valkyries turned the tide and kept the Kree at bay, they couldn’t destroy them all. Therefore, the leaders had to come up with a way to protect the humans that survived. They created massive citadels around the key cities that remained intact; having one on every large continent. The world was proportioned into four provinces known simply as The East, West, North and South and within them, the world was reformed into the clean, sustainable ecosystem it is today. Environmental protection is the highest concern and is strictly managed, such that not an ounce of pollution exists with the Serene, Pristine, Green Initiative. It is absolute law.

The Valkyries became Princesses of their respective citadels; the Berserkers Valkyrie Princes, and together they have passed on their duties to their eldest daughters and the next Berserker, the tenth generation just beginning to blossom and thrive. A new age has been born with the evolution of Kree and humanity and battle lines are forming. Thus our story begins….

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