The Armored Wolf

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Chapter One

Ellie was standing outside her home looking at it. In front of it was a for sale sign. She then looked towards the road. There was a moving truck. Her family was going to be moving away to a new place. Ellie was a thirteen year old girl. Her hair was chocolate brown and went down to her waist. Her eyes were the same color. She was petite and thin. She lived with her mom and step-dad. Her skin was tan. She rarely talked and was loved by everyone who met her despite her being so quiet. Or at least nearly everyone.

Her step-dad was the only one who didn’t love her. Then again, her step-dad didn’t really love anyone and it was because of him that she didn’t really talk. Ellie’s step-dad was a big jerk. He was large and fat. He had no hair on top of his head. He smelled terrible and could hardly keep a job. He would use the money he got from work for beer. If he had no money, he forced either Ellie or Ellie’s mother to give it to him. Most of the time, he forced Ellie to give him the money.

Her mom was a nice woman. She had black hair and green eyes. She was a bit taller than Ellie. She always had a worn out look in her eyes. Probably from dealing with Ellie’s step-dad. He was very hard to deal with.

Ellie’s mother, Mrs. Summer, went up to her. “Are you ready to go?” Mrs. Summer asked her daughter.

Ellie looked at her. She was ready even though she didn’t want to move. Her whole life had been here. “Do we have to move?” She asked. She wasn’t happy about it. They were only moving because her step-dad decided it was time to move. He didn’t have a real reason but Ellie had a feeling she knew why. No doubt he had been fired from the last place that had been willing to hire him.

Mrs. Summer smiled at her daughter. Ellie could tell though that it was a little forced for her sake. “Don’t worry. Things will get better.” Mrs. Summer answered her daughter.

Mr. Summer then came out. His face was usually bright red. It was usually like that when he drank or when he was exhausted from working. Not that he ever did that much. Most of the time, he forced Ellie or her mother to do it. “Are we ready now? I want to get going before the day is over.” Mr. Summer said. It was quite clear that he was annoyed.

Ellie rolled her eyes. Mr. Summer always sounded like that. Not to mention, it was eight in the morning. Not that Mr. Summer ever paid attention to what time it was. That was probably why he could hardly keep a job.

Mrs. Summer looked at her step husband and nodded. “I believe so.” She answered.

“I believe so.” Mr. Summer said mockingly. “Then let’s go!” He shouted the last bit.

Mrs. Summer sighed and went towards the car. Ellie couldn’t believe that her mom had married a creep like Jared Summer.

Ellie’s real dad had left when she was born. Ellie had never met her dad before. Her mom said that he was the most amazing guy she had ever met. She said that he had a calm but powerful voice. Everyone who heard it could listen to him forever. But he had left a few days before Ellie had been born. No explanation as to why though. He had just packed up and left. Ellie’s mother had no picture of him. No matter how hard Ellie had searched, there wasn’t a single picture or sign that she had a father. Only her mom’s memories of him showed that she did have a dad before Jared had showed up. That and the fact that she was there.

Ellie had learned the hard way not to ask Jared if he had ever known her dad. Jared had gotten so angry at her for asking that and he actually had beaten her as a punishment. He had broken her leg and her left arm. He then threatened that if she ever told anyone who did it, he would hurt her even worst. So Ellie had to lie and lay the blame on a street gang. Jared had seemed pretty smug about that. Her mother had to pay the medical bill because Jared had refused to pay one cent of it.

Ellie wished above all else that her real dad would come to them, kick Jared out, marry her mother and that they would live together forever as a happy family.

A sudden slap across her face sent Ellie sprawling to the ground. She looked up to see Jared standing over her. “Didn’t you hear me you little brat? It’s time to go!” He shouted. He then went to the driver’s seat of the moving truck and he drove off without saying anything.

Ellie got into the shotgun seat of her mom’s car. Mrs. Summer reached up and touched the slap mark that was on Ellie’s cheek. “Don’t worry. Things will work out for the better soon.” She whispered.

Ellie looked at her mom. “When?” She whispered softly, trying not to cry. Jared had been like that for as long as she could remember and despite her mother always telling her that things would work out for the better, they never did.

Mrs. Summer smiled a little. “Soon. I don’t know when but soon.” She answered. They then drove away.

Ellie looked out her car window as they drove. She really hoped that things would work out better once they got to their new home.

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