The Armored Wolf

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Chapter Two

That evening, the Summers pulled up to their new home. It was a cozy looking house in the town of Dalton Ohio. It was a two story house. It was blue on the outside. It had a garage right next to it. The house was on the outskirts of the town.

Mrs. Summer and Ellie got out of the car and looked at it. “Doesn’t it look nice?” Mrs. Summer asked her daughter.

Ellie looked at the house. It did seem nice. “Until Jared comes here. Then it’ll look horrible.” She answered. She wasn’t just referring to the way the house looked. She also meant how Jared would make it a place that she would be scared to go home to.

Mrs. Summer shook her head. She knew that it was hard for Ellie and what all Ellie had meant when she had said that. “Don’t worry.” She said. “He won’t ruin it entirely.” They then went into the house. “You can choose any of the rooms upstairs as your own.” Mrs. Summer told Ellie. “Jared will be here later today with all of our stuff. Until then, you can get your room ready.” She added.

Ellie went upstairs. She looked in the first room on the left. It was a strange room. It was probably why she looked at that room first. The walls were blue. On them were wolves. They were strange wolves at that. They each had a human on them. Ellie looked closer at them. The wolves seemed to be in armor. Ellie looked at the humans. They were from every time period in history. They were dressed as knights, soldiers, wealthy and poor people. There were people from the Great Depression and myths. She wondered why they were like that and why the wolves were in armor.

She went to the window and looked outside. The neighborhood seemed nice. She saw four other kids out on their bikes riding by. Three really little kids were playing hopscotch. No doubt before the end of the week Jared would make it so that none of the kids would want to play outside on the street.

Ellie then saw her mom at the car. Her mom was looking around. Ellie looked towards the north. There was a large forest. She thought it would be nice to go see it one day. It would be an interesting exploration. She saw something running into the forest. Or at least she thought she did. It was hard to tell. It had moved so fast.

Ellie saw something from the corner of her eyes. She spun around. There was no one. She looked at the wolves on the wall. There seemed to be one missing. The human was there but the wolf was gone. Ellie shook her head. She didn’t believe in superstitions. She decided that whoever had made the designs forgot to add the wolf. There were over thousands of wolves in the room. It was an easy mistake to make. Whoever lived here first obviously loved wolves. She wondered who it was.

That evening, Jared pulled up. He got out and looked at the house. “Martha! Ellie! Get out here now!” He shouted. Ellie and Mrs. Summer came out to the truck. “I drove this junk here. You can unload it.” He told them. He then went into the house, slamming the door behind him in the process.

Ellie and Mrs. Summer opened the back of the truck. Ellie sighed when she saw all of the stuff. “Let’s get to work.” Mrs. Summer told Ellie. Before they could do anything though, they heard a car pulling up. They turned to see a silver jeep.

Two teenage boys and two teenage girls came out. One of the boys was really tall. He had black hair and very tan skin. His eyes were amber. The other boy was a bit shorter. He had wavy brown hair and green eyes. He was also tan. One of the girls had blond hair and blue eyes. The other girl had black hair and golden eyes. Both of them were tanned like the boys. They went up to Mrs. Summer. “Do you need help?” The tall boy asked.

Mrs. Summer looked at the four teenagers. “Who are you?” She asked. Ellie was wondering the same thing. Who would just go up to random strangers and offer to help them with their stuff?

The blond stepped forward. “Excuse my brother ma’am.” She said. Ellie was surprised by that. They were siblings? The four didn’t look anything alike. “This is Derek. My name is Danielle. The other boy is David and the girl is Diane.” The girl continued. Ellie wondered if their parents had used names that started with the letter “D” on purpose or not.

Mrs. Summer smiled. “I’m Martha. This is my daughter Ellie.” She said, gesturing to her daughter for the last bit. Ellie nodded to the four. Mrs. Summer looked at her daughter for a bit and, realizing that Ellie wasn’t probably going to say anything to the four, turned back to them. “If you want to help, feel free to.” She answered. The four teenagers smiled and joined them in moving the boxes into the house.

Ellie looked at the four teenagers as they helped her mother and her. They seemed nice. She wondered if this was normal for the four teenagers or not. They had just gone up to her and her mother and the one boy had offered to help without knowing who they were.

Ellie looked in the direction of her step-dad. Mr. Summer didn’t seem to be paying attention to the four teenagers in the house. Either he was drunk, asleep or just didn’t care.

Later that night, Ellie was at her bedroom window looking out towards the forest. The four teens that had helped her and her mother had left a few hours before. Ellie wished that she had gone with them but she knew that Jared would have forbidden it. He never allowed her to go out with friends anywhere.

There was a knock at her door. Ellie turned to see her mother there. “Are you ready for your new school?” Mrs. Summer asked Ellie.

Ellie wasn’t sure if she was or not. She wouldn’t be able to bring any new friends she made home to hang out with. She wouldn’t be able to participate in school activities. Jared wouldn’t allow her to because after school activities cost money and Jared would refuse to let Ellie or Mrs. Summer pay for it. But she knew her mother was asking just to try to make the place seem more like home.

“I’m not sure but I’m going to give it a try.” Ellie told her mother. She had to give the school a chance at least. For her mother’s sake.

Mrs. Summer smiled. “Good night Sweetie.” She told Ellie before she left Ellie’s room.

Ellie seriously doubted that she would have a good night. Not with Jared downstairs being loud and yelling about everything. She went to her bed and laid down, pulling the blanket over her. She closed her eyes and even though it took her a little while, she managed to fall asleep.

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