The Armored Wolf

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Chapter Three

The next day, Mrs. Summer drove Ellie to the middle school. When they pulled up, Ellie looked outside the window. There were kids looking towards her as they walked into the school building. It was quite clear that news of the new girl had traveled around. All the cars there were normal looking for a small town.

A red Ferrari then pulled up. The back doors and the shotgun door opened and three kids came out. Two were boys and the other was a girl. They all had black hair. The girl’s hair was long. They looked like triplets. They took one look at Ellie before going in. The red Ferrari then drove away.

Ellie got out of the car. “Remember, go to the principal’s office to get your schedule” Her mom said.

Ellie nodded. “Yes Mom.” She said. She then walked into the school. Ellie tried not to look at the other kids who were all looking at her. She wished that she had arrived earlier so she could have avoided all of the looks she was getting. She sighed with relief when she saw the office door. A chance to escape the staring. She went into the office.

The office attendant smiled when she saw Ellie. “You’re Ellie Summer, right?” She asked.

Ellie smiled. She had a feeling that the office attendant already knew the answer and was just being polite. “Yes Ma’am.” She answered.

The office attendant took out a schedule and gave it to Ellie. “There’s a list of your classes, where you’ll have them and what time they’re at. Come to me if you have any questions.” She told Ellie. Ellie smiled and nodded before she left. She hoped that she wouldn’t need help. She didn’t want to go from being the new girl to the lost girl. That would be embarrassing.

Later that day during lunch, Ellie was surrounded by several of her new friends. She looked at each one. There was Lisa, Jessie, April, Kayla, Jason, Leo and Logan. They were all very nice and very talkative. They had all welcomed her in each of her classes that she had had so far. Ellie looked around as her friends talked. She then saw three triplets come in and go to a table.

“Who are they?” Ellie asked. There was something about them that made her wonder about them. The entire table looked at her and stopped talking. Ellie had a feeling that she asked a stupid question.

Kayla looked at the triplets before she looked back at Ellie. “They’re the youngest members of the Wolfe Family. The girl is Darine. She doesn’t exactly walk. She dances mostly.” She told Ellie.

Ellie looked at the two boys. One down, two to go. “What about them?” She asked.

Leo smiled. “They’re Dale and Doug. All three of them are triplets.” He answered.

April nodded in agreement. “They’re Mr. Wolfe and Officer Wolfe’s children. They have eight all together.” She added.

Jason shook his head. “No one hangs out with them because they’re weird.” He added to what April had said.

Ellie looked at him. “Weird?” She asked. “Good or bad weird?” She had to know in case she ended up being in the weird group with the Wolfe kids. Not that the three seemed to have anyone else in their group.

Leo then cut in. “Good weird. Their dad is a camp director and they all live at that camp year round.” He explained. “They keep to themselves at times but when they do talk to you, it’ll be weird. They’ll act like they’ve known and hung out with you for a long time.”

“Are any of them actually related?” Ellie asked. “I mean besides the triplets.” With eight kids in one family, there was no way they were all related by blood. There had to be a few who were adopted but the triplets were clearly related. They had to be. They looked exactly alike.

The group laughed. “Dale, Doug and Darine were adopted with Diane and Danielle.” Lisa answered. “The others were adopted from different groups and foster homes.”

Logan looked at the triplets. “Their older brother though is creepy.” He added to Lisa’s answer. “If anyone deserves to be in the bad weird, it’s him.”

Ellie looked at him. The way Logan had said it made her really curious about the older brother. “Who is he?” She asked. What made this brother so different from his siblings that he would be considered a bad weird?

The group looked at her. Ellie noticed it got quiet real quickly. “Their older brother is named Darian.” April explained. “He’s one of the older children. Or at least we think he is. No one really sees him except for at school which is rare. He’s very quiet and keeps to himself.”

Leo then elbowed April in the side. “Of course despite the creepiness or mysteriousness around him, he still has a few fan girls including April here.” He added. “Some girls just like the dark and mysterious boys like Darian.”

The way that April blushed made Ellie believe Leo. That and she had seen that type of stuff back at her old school. Certain boys who always seemed to keep to themselves getting attention from girls. “So why doesn’t anyone see Darian outside of school?” Ellie asked.

“Because the rest of the time, he’s at the camp.” Jessie answered. “Camp Wolfwoods where his family lives.”

Ellie shook her head.“Sounds like that family is obsessed with wolves.” She said. Their last name and the camp both had wolf in the name. Who knew what other wolf things they had. That made the rest of the table laugh.

Jessie smiled. “You’ll have a chance to see what we’re talking about next week.” She told Ellie.

Ellie looked at her. “I will?” She asked, surprised by that. Why would she get to be able to see what they were talking about? She must have missed something or the teachers forgot to tell her something that morning.

The others nodded. “The eighth graders are going to the camp for an entire week.” Kayla explained. “You’ll be able to see what Darian and his family are like during that week.”

Ellie looked back at the triplets eating by themselves. The girl glanced at her quickly before looking back at her brothers. One of the boys whispered to Darine. She smiled and the three laughed. Ellie wondered what he had whispered to her. Darine then stood up and went to the tray drop off station. Ellie watched her as she did that. Darine really did dance as she walked. She danced gracefully. It made Ellie a little bit jealous of her. Ellie had tried dancing at a younger age but she never really got to pursue it because of her step-dad. Darine dropped the tray off, smiled at the lunch lady who was stationed there and danced back to her table.

Ellie looked back at her table just in time to hear Logan talk about the week at camp. They sounded pretty excited about it.

Lisa then looked at Ellie. “You will be able to come, right?” She asked.

Ellie shrugged. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to get a permission form this late.Her last school always wanted permission forms turned in at least a few weeks in advance. “I might be able to.” She answered. Ellie then thought about how her step-dad would never let her go. He would want her to do his dirty work a lot. He might even beat her if she dared asked him or her mom. Even if she paid the price that was needed to go to the office before the eighth graders left, Jared would never let her go. She didn’t say though. She didn’t want her new friends to know about her jerk of a stepfather just yet.

Towards the end of the school day, Ellie went back to the office. The office attendant smiled at her as Ellie came in. “So did you have a nice day Dear?” The office attendant asked. Ellie smiled and nodded as she went to the front desk. “Is there something I can help you with?” The office attendant asked.

Ellie nodded. Even though she knew that her step-dad wouldn’t let her go, she had to try. “Where do I get a permission form to go on the eighth grade camp trip that’s next week?” She asked.

The office attendant frowned. Ellie’s heart sank. She could tell that the office attendant just realized that no one had told her family about the camp trip. “I’m sorry Dear, but those forms were turned in a while ago. They were sent to the camp so that the camp director there could have his staff set things up for the school kids.” The office attendant told her. Ellie was disappointed but she tried not to show it. “I’m sorry Dear.” The office attendant said.

Ellie forced a smile for the sake of the office attendant. “It’s okay.” She said in a soft voice. She was determined not to cry in front of the office attendant even though it probably looked like she was about to cry. She turned to leave, wiping her eyes to make sure there weren’t any tears. The door then opened and two people came in.

Both of them were men. One was tall and had black straight hair. He had a necklace on around his neck. Attached to it was a wolf. His eyes were amber. He was in a shirt that said Camp Wolfwoods and black pants. He had a briefcase in his hand. The other one was a teenager. He had black hair as well. His eyes were brown. He was tall and had a serious look. He had the same necklace. He had a t-shirt that had a wolf on it. He wore blue jeans.

Ellie looked at them and wondered if they were more members of the Wolfe family. She had a feeling that they were. They gave her the same feeling that the other members had given her.

The office attendant looked at the older one. “Mr. Wolfe. How are you?” She asked.

Mr. Wolfe smiled. “I’m quite well, thank you.” He said. So they were members of the Wolfe Family. “I’m here to pick up Darine, Doug and Dale.” Mr. Wolfe continued.

The office attendant looked at the clock. “They should be coming soon.” She said.

Ellie looked at the two men. The younger one moved just a tiny bit. No one but Ellie saw it. Ellie was sure of it. The younger one then cleared his throat. “Dad.” He said.

Mr. Wolfe looked at him. “Yes Darian?” He asked. Ellie was surprised by that. This boy was Darian? Mr. Mysterious that had a fan club? Her friends had told her that he was rarely seen outside of school unless they were at the camp.

“I’ll go see if the three are ready.” Darian told Mr. Wolfe.

Mr. Wolfe’s eyes flickered a tiny bit but it was enough for Ellie to see that he had looked at her. “Okay.” He said.

Darian turned and headed towards the door. As he was doing that, Ellie took a step back and watched him leave. He was very quiet as he walked. No sounds came from his feet as they touched the ground. He looked at her for just a minute before he was gone.

Mr. Wolfe turned back to the office attendant. “Are there any eighth graders who would like to still come but haven’t turned in a permission form?” He asked.

Ellie’s eyes widened as she turned back to the door. Was he talking about her? If he was, how did he know that she hadn’t turned in a form yet? Her hand was already on the door knob but she looked over her shoulder at them.

The office attendant was surprised by his question as well. Did Mr. Wolfe hear the young student ask about the forms? “Why yes.” She answered. She pointed towards Ellie. “Our new student just came today. She wasn’t here for when the permission forms came in or were to be turned back in. Why?”

Mr. Wolfe smiled. “We still have a few cabins left that have room.” He explained. “We’re rearranging campers and we can fit her in.”

The office attendant looked at Ellie. “Are you still interested in the outdoor education week Dear?” She asked.

Ellie nodded and smiled. “Yes.” She answered. Her heart was beating quickly. She really hoped that she would be able to go. She didn’t care how Mr. Wolfe knew of what she wanted. She really wanted to go on the trip.

Mr. Wolfe went up to her and took out a permission form from his briefcase. He handed it to her. Ellie noticed it was warm. Like it had been just printed recently. She had a feeling that it had just been printed before Mr. Wolfe had arrived there. She wasn’t sure why she thought that but she knew that there was no way he just had an extra form lying around. “Then you’ll need to fill that in and bring it back here tomorrow.” Mr. Wolfe told her.

Ellie held the form close to her chest. “Thank you.” She said softly to Mr. Wolfe.

Mr. Wolfe smiled. Ellie didn’t know why but she felt like she could trust Mr. Wolfe. He almost seemed like he was a father figure to others who weren’t his kids. “You’re welcome.” Mr. Wolfe said before he left.

Ellie then left the office. She needed to get this form signed and the money paid so she could go on the trip by tomorrow. As she was hurrying down the hallway to the front door, she slowed down. She saw the five Wolfes standing by the front door. They were talking. “How did you know about that kid Darian?” Mr. Wolfe was asking.

“I could sense it.” Darian answered. “You know that I have that ability.” Darian then stopped. He turned around to see Ellie walking in their direction.

Ellie looked down as she went past them and pretended she didn’t hear them. She wasn’t sure what ability Darian had but she knew that they had to do with her getting the permission form. He also seemed to notice that she had been walking towards them even with his back to her. But how did he know that? Who was Darian?

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