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The girl with golden eyes. The one all Alphas desire for powers she possess, powers she knows nothing of. Her name says it all, the white she wolf. A LILLITH. Traditionally, LILLITH means"the night " and is related to attributes connected with the spiritual aspects of sensuality and freedom but also TERROR . She's a strong willed, independent she wolf with fur as white as snow. A very rare species of her kind... The unknown in her wants to be more than her Alpha, but that's not suppose to happen,right? In finding her Alpha mate ,she wants nothing more than to be his Luna. His mate. What happens when the voice in her head wants more. When the lillith in her wants to be in charge. NO, WHEN THE LILLITH CAME FOR SOMETHING ELSE.

Fantasy / Romance
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The dream

Baby,let me out...",a voice in my head says. Light surrounds me in an empty place I do not know.

I can't see the speaker. My head is aching. It's like something inside me is pushing to be set free, to let her take absolute control over me.

I can't take it anymore, the pressure, the pain. Everything.

"Who are you?!! Stop playing with me. Stop messing with my head" I howl.

I can't take it anymore. The pain causes me to fall on my knees. A shiver runs down my spine. I'm scared.

I cover my ears, trying to force the pool of tears that have form in my eyes not to fall.

I fucking can't take the pain anymore. I feel like someone is stabbing my head with knives. I want the voice to go away, to stop whatever the hell it's doing to me.

The more I scream, the louder and closer the voice gets. Raising my head, I can't believe the view before me.

My wolf, Esmee, on all her four paws, fur as white as snow and golden eyes which scares the life out of me, stands in glory. Beside her is another me but that me has an evil glint in her eyes.

She looks at me with no pity in her eyes and smile that makes my skin cold before replying my earlier question

"I'm you,Accalia"


"Shit, that stupid dream again" I sit on the bed and yawn feeling less rested from that haunting dream. I don't notice that I'm sweating and panting till my eyes lands on my now moist nightie. I look at my alarm clock. I have thirty minutes more or I'm gonna be late for the damn interview.

I jump drowsily from my comfy bed and zombie walk straight to my bathroom.

Our house is by no means a mansion but a beautiful two storey building with a small garden outside. The little garden that always reminds me of my dad. I shake my head trying to push away all memories of him from my mind. A tear manages to escape from my eyes. Today's interview on is very important for me and I don't wanna ruin my face from crying. He's no more here with us, the fact I'm still tryna get use to.

My medium size room is on the first floor.

I repainted it last week with sea blue paint as a background and my name largely designed like Vines and flowers here and there with white paint.

At the right corner near the window, my story books are scattered on my table with my laptop closed. I'm a book freak. That's how I managed to top up in school and get good grades in this human territory. Cancel that, the best grade. In my school days, I was a nerd and I'm still not ashamed of it currently. I'm now in my early twenties, hoping to get employed today.

I brush my teeth quickly before getting in the shower.

First shampooing my long blonde hair which is really annoying, I move on to washing my body with a rose scented body wash. I get out after eight minutes.

Standing in front of my dressing mirror, I take a look at my golden eyes as fear runs all over my body. It sounds crazy but my own eyes freaks me out. Anytime I stare deep in the mirrow, the air around me stiffens and my skin becomes ice cold. As if I'm a whole different person.

It's unbelievable but it's true. My mom, Chloe White, told me that I got my eye color from my great great great grandma. Weird right. Deep down, I know that's just an excuse. She's sure good at hiding stuffs.

I've gotten used to it since it matches my heart shaped red lips. Another freaky thing about me.

I dry my hair quickly and did a little make up which includes Masscara, eye liner and a lip gloss. Don't need a red lip gloss since my lips are already blood red in colour.

I let my long blonde hair with a little curls fall on my back and put on a long sleeved black top that reveals a bit of my shoulders and a white pencil skirt.

Paring it with the black pencil heel mom got for me last week, I take my phone and Ash bag before leaving my bedroom.

"Mom, I'm leaving for the interview...sorry but I can't eat breakfast today, I'm almost ya".I exclaimed while descending the stairs.

She looks shocked with cookies in her hands. Before she can say anything, I peg her and leaves the my mind keeps drifting to the dream I had.

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