Split in Time

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Third World War has started and the first effects of the Time Fracture are echoing back through time causing havoc to John, Lois, Clara, Karla Amelia and Ethel. No one other is really noticing the fracturing as the events, world and even history change in ever reducing time spans. But in all fractures, the Third World War is present. The Jin, the Coyote, God of Luck and his pantheon of fellow gods thought that the War would end the time feature. Well, they were wrong. John, Lois, Karl Amelia, Clara and Ethel go back in time and start experimenting in which way they can heal the fractures or find a way to prevent the Third World War. Not only one universe depends on it.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Trying to stop the Cosmic Three, John causes cracks in time. Fragments of past, present and futures manifest without anyone appearing to notice when they walk through from one period to another. The distinctions between these fragments are clear and sharp but some are starting to wash into others. Martha clearly foresees when all time will be one and this means the end of time, the end of life.

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