Beyond The Waves

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{Incomplete} 1912, Charles Forger is a 19 years-old boy who had to his father on a trading journey from Vancouver to Wellington, They board on a freight vessel and set sail in the morning. Tragedy occured when fog started to block their view causing them to hit a iceberg and cause a leak on the ship, sinking the ship. They were command to leave the ship but none of them made in time. Only Charles and a girl named Mabel Valentine survived on the same lifeboat. Their only goal is to get to Wellington safely but it is not an easy goal since it is 5,000 km from their location. While on their journey, they encountered many weird, bad and consquences. ~~NOTE~~ This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Fantasy / Adventure
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November 11th 1912,

Charles Forger is a captain of the local boy scouts because of his amazing skills in survival but he also has dreams in becoming a writer or a traveller. Charles just got back home feeling tired, went to his room, started reading some novels before going to sleep. While he was reading, his father knocked on door.

"Charlie, I have something to tell you, can I come in?"

"Yeah, come in."

His father entered the room and sat on his bed. Charles turned to him and raised his eyebrows.

"Well uhhh... do you want to come with me on a trading trip to Wellington?"

"Wait what, a trading trip to Wellington, New Zealand, are you serious? I'm not dreaming right?"

"Yes a trip to Wellington, New Zealand would you like to come?"

"Well yeah why not"

"Then you need to sleep now, we'll board the ship tomorrow morning"

The next day, 8:30 am

Charles woke up and head straight to the kitchen. His father was cooking omelette rice for breakfast. They had breakfast and his father told him

"Go and take a bath, we'll go to the port in 9:00. Don't take too long otherwise we miss the ship." Charles nodded

After that, that packed things up and walk to the port. 15 minutes later, they arrived was greeted with a cheerful ship crews.

"Mr Francis Forger our ship captain, nice to meet you, welcome board." they walk past the queue and entered the enormous 50 floor ship.

"I didn't know you were the captain" His father replied with just delightful smile. He told him to reside on the east side room, while he has the next room.

Charles entered his room, put his stuff down and look around the room. He took off his jacket and lie down while reading novels

12:30, the ship started to sail and the ship crew announces that ship will stop for a while at Victoria. Charles did not care about anything and kept reading. 2:50, the sea vessel arrived at Victoria, Charles was at the top and watch a lot of people entering the ship. He turned around and came across with his father.

"I thought you were gonna reading the whole trip."

"Nahh, I just don't want to finish the novels quickly."

"Want me show you around?" Charles nodded. His father show him around the ship. The storage, bar, sauna, swimming pool, theatre and even a fish aquarium!

"And pretty much all the other thing is room, remember this is a freight ship not a cruise ship."

For the whole week, Charles did nothing but Charles-things like reading, watching the vast ocean, sunrise, sunset and the stars.

2 weeks has passed, they are in middle of the South Pacific Ocean. They are closed to Antartica and the weather are foggy, the view was barely visible, outside was very cold. Charles and his father was at the bar chatting until everyone was screaming in panic and pointing to the window. They look to the window and saw a giant iceberg but the ship was late to turn causing them to hit it on the west side. Everyone was lose conscious and the ship crew announces to leave the ship by the lifeboat.

"We need to get out now son! Lets go!"

They made it with another ship crew with her daughter and put them in the same lifeboat. The woman ship crew kissed her daughter and leave her to save others.

"Charlie, I need to go and save the others, take care and I will come back. I love you."

Charles grabs his hand and told "I love you too, father. Be careful."

His father cut the rope and sending them away. Charles and the crew's daughter was worried.

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