Fragments of our Treasured Love [BL]

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[One shot] Lee Won Ho and Kang Jinha, fated lovers only to part one day due to an unexpected reason. Lee Won Ho, mob boss and Alpha of his pack, finally returns after four years in prison. During his time he never once forgot the love of his life. After that one phone call, it wasn't his love that answered it but the little boy who called him papa. The thought of having missed out on so much, breaks him down. Jinha, on the other hand, is furious and demands that Won Ho returns to his side so that the fragments that were tearing apart can be whole once again.

Fantasy / Romance
Vanessa Nicole
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Our Treasured Love

The gates of the prison cell open with two guards standing on each side of the wall. Looking at both of them, Lee Won Ho smiles slightly making them both nod. Cuffing his arms and legs they walk down the passage past all the prison cells that have the prisoners locked behind them looking out as Lee Won Ho makes his way down.

Exiting the ward, they come to a room where all his clothes are waiting for him.

Getting dressed Won Ho slowly puts on his slacks and socks. Stepping into his shoes, he shrugs on a black long sleeve button up and then shrugs his jacket on. Brushing his hair, he sighs… this day, he’s been waiting for it for the past four years.

Stepping out of the room I look at the guards before they lead me to the office of the warden. He looks at me sternly saying, “You’re lucky!”

I smile crookedly at him, not caring for his comment. Signing the release forms he hands me. Before leaving the room, I give him one last look and smirk. Closing the door behind me I walk through the front door and my eyes meet those of my brothers waiting for me.

I smile seeing the emotional faces of everyone. Walking up to the SUV’s in the parking lot. My youngest brother, Soon Young runs into me, “Hyung-nim!” he cries. Rubbing his back I kiss his head, “You’re this big and still a cry baby.”

He pouts while looking up at me, “You’ve been gone for so long, I missed you.”

“But you saw me yesterday,” I interrupt him.

He rolls his eyes and let’s go. We walk to the SUV and I hug everyone. After all the greetings, we get into an SUV and drive off.

Driving out of Seoul we reach the forest and drive through to the centre where my home is. It’s been four years since I was last here and I miss my family. My brothers, little sister and Master Kwon.

We reach home and I’m feeling drowsy but will have to pull through since its only eleven in the morning.

Climbing out of the SUV I’m greeted by many more of my brothers and in the centre of them all is my father, Master Kwon.

I smile and nod towards everyone and stalk my way over to my father. He has a proud look on his face. Stopping in front of him I smile then bow.

He reaches out to stop me and immediately pulls me in for a hug. I hug him back.

He whispers to me, “Welcome home son, you’re finally back.” He pulls away from me and hugs me to his side. Looking at everyone before us he clears his throat and says, “Let’s welcome the new head of the Yuan Hwang Group home.”

“WELCOME HOME MASTER LEE,” they all bow and greet in unison.

I look on with shock and turn to look at Master Kwon who is smiling at me with a proud glint in his eyes, “M-Master Kwon?” I ask confused.

He lets go of me and pats my shoulders, “Son, how many times have I told you to call me father. Raising you was one of my greatest accomplishments as the mob boss and I am so proud of you. Won Ho-ah I never wanted you to take the rep for me and you still did, you even disobeyed me and went to turn yourself in, in my place. Son, for that, I am really grateful but also it pained my heart when I saw you leave through those doors. You’ve been gone for four years and now you are finally back. Don’t think of this as a pity gift because it’s not. The greatest humiliation for a leader is to be put in jail and you haven’t let that break you one bit. Won Ho, I mean it when I say you are my greatest accomplishment and for that, I can only reward you with something befitting of you and I hope that you won’t disappoint this father of yours and will accept being the Lord of Yuan Hwang Group.”

I look at master Kwon in utter disbelief, this is unexpected. Taking in a deep breath I nod my head and smile. Facing forward I look at everyone and say, “Just because I’ve been away for four years doesn’t mean that I’m the same as before… I don’t expect any bullshit from anyone.”

Many of them smirk and nod while others stare at me unamused.

They held a banquet for me that lasted till late into the evening. Finally having enough of it all I excuse myself and head up to my room. It’s still the way I left it, plain and simple.

Walking over to my bed I take off my clothes and stop in front of the painting in my room. Taking the painting down the safe behind it shows.

Entering the passcode it opens with a click. Looking inside it I take a deep breath in. Pulling out the phone I used four years ago, I put it on charge and wait for it to switch on. Taking out a book I open it.

The book is like a secret box. Inside is a few pictures, a black box and a necklace. Heading over to my bed I sit down and place the book down beside me and look at the pictures. There’s only three of them.

The first one is of myself and another guy – my boyfriend or well my ex-lover.

I look at the pictures and rub the inside of my thumb over his face. My heart ached having to leave him and we parted on bad terms because of me… no more like I forced us to break up.

I never told him that I was a gangster but I’m sure he knew of it somehow but not how deep of a relation I have with the mob. I had to end us or how would I explain the fact that I was going to prison?

Sighing, I wipe away the tears threatening to come out and place the pictures back into the book and run my finger over the necklace. Half of the whole Ying Yang set that he bought for us – mine being the Ying.

Putting it around my neck I look at the black box in my hand and my eyes sting. I didn’t want to cry but my feelings for him run deep. He’s the one I’ve loved for many years and I still love him, I wanted to marry him but my loyalty to Master Kwon ran deeper and I have to say that I don’t regret it.

Opening the black box, the two white gold rings made my heart tremble. The one is a plain white gold ring with the second having three white diamonds inlaid in it. Picking up the one with the diamonds I run my fingers over them.

When we broke up, he threw it at me. The phone buzzes that I put on charge and flashes. Putting the ring back in its place I walk over to the phone and go through all the messages that were sent four years ago after I left.

Reading the messages he sent me begging to answer his calls and to come back is making it all hard for me to bear. Scrolling through the contacts I get his number and add it to my new phone that Mingyu gave me.

Dialling the number it rings and my heart tightens - it’s ringing… I thought that he’d change it.

“Hewwo?” answers a soft and sweet voice.

Clearing my throat, “Hello, who am I speaking to?”

“I Jeonghan spweaking,” he answers.

“Hello Jeonghan, can I please speak to Kang Jinha?” I ask hopefully.

“Owkay, hol on pwease,” he answers and I hear a thump.

I hear him yell “mamma” in the background and my heart tightens. I asked to speak to Jinha not his mamma… wait his mamma? Did Jinha marry? How old is this kid.

“Baby, don’t run!” says a stern but gentle voice in the background that I recognize.

“Mamma, someone phone you,” he says but why is he calling Jinha mamma?

“Who is it baby?” he asks.

“Jeonghan don’t know, hewwo, my mamma wan know who you,” he says making me bite my lips.

“Tell him, it’s Lee Won Ho,” I say and the boy goes silent. I suddenly hear sobbing and he asks “You my pappa?”

My heart instantly sinks. Jinha’s voice becomes louder, “Jeonghan what did you say?”

“Mamma, no you say my pappa name Won Ho, Won Ho on phone now,” he says and it goes silent once again.

What does all of this mean? It couldn’t be can it? Jinha having my son, it’s impossible – not unless he’s an omega – but he never…

“Who is this?” Jinha’s voice sounds next to my ear.

I keep quiet and don’t answer him. I wasn’t expecting to speak to him so soon and now I am. My heart beats fast as he asks me who I am again.

“Won Ho if this really is you, you better answer me!” he orders.

“Jinha,” I say softly into the phone. He goes quiet for a moment then sighs.

“After all these years, you finally have the balls to contact me?” he says and I can hear the irritation in his voice.

My eyes dart around the room, “Jinha, I’m sorry, I…”

“You what? You left me and after four years you finally contact me? I’m not stupid Won Ho, why didn’t you say anything, I thought you loved me, you said we’d marry but then suddenly leave me, how do you think I felt all these years?”

“Jinha I…”

“You went to prison and now you’re out!” He says making my eyes widen and the tears fall. My face falls into my hand and I break out into tears, “Jinha, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

He doesn’t say anything while I continue to cry. Some minutes later I hear Jeonghan’s voice again but can’t make out what he is saying.

I look at my phone and switch it off. Throwing it to the side I place my hands between my thighs and lower my head. Biting my bottom lip I cry without making a sound.


Resting my head against the pillow, I close my burning eyes and place the book under the other pillow.

My vision goes blank and my body buzzes.

“Remember, quick in and quick out, we can’t stay long in case the police come, got it?” I instruct the boys working under me. They nod and we put our guns away.

An hour later, we arrive at our latest target, the convenience store. It’s quite busy, we walk with our masks on and some woman starts screaming.

The doors are forced closed by one of my boys and we take out our guns. “Everyone on the floor and don’t let me hear any more screaming,” I say and watch as they kneel down then lay on their stomachs.

“Hands on your head,” says one of my boys.

“Open the cash registers and give me all your money!” says another.

Nodding my head, they are doing pretty well. Another goes to the people on the floor and makes them empty their wallets and hands over their jewellery.

The doors suddenly swing open and my head whips in the direction of the door. My heart beats faster as my eyes lock onto that beautifully handsome boy. My mouth gapes open under my mask as I look at him.

Feeling the odd sensation in my heart grow I sigh knowingly. I’m instantly infuriated when Han Jun grabs him by the arm and drags him into the store, but my eyes light up with amusement hearing their conversation.

“What the fuck are all of you doing?” the handsome guy asks.

“Robbing the place,” answers Han Jun.

“What the fuck for and let me go, I don’t have time for this shit!” he says making Han Jun feel overwhelmed.

Tae Min walks over to them and points his gun at him, “Empty your pockets and give us everything you have.”

The handsome guy grumbles and glares at them. Our eyes meet for a split second when he looks my way but ignores me and empty his pocket. Pulling his hands out he has a pen, pencil and rubber in one hand and on the other a five thousand won and a lollipop.

Tae Min glares at him, “Is this all you got?”

“Why, do you have a problem?” he asks making me burst out into laughter.

I walk over to them and take him by his arm gently. Shooing the two away to hurry up, I take him with me. We stop at the corner of an aisle, “You can sit here,” I say and he glares at me.

He slowly goes down while looking at me, I look into the direction of my men and they nod that we’re ready to leave. I look down at the handsome guy beside me. He looks up at me and I slightly lift up my mask. Leaning down beside his ear I whisper, “See you soon sexy.”

His eyes widen making me smirk. I walk out with my guys following behind me and we get into a car and speed off.

We arrive at the hideout and my boys count the loot. After totalling everything up, they take it to the boss and we go our separate ways. I change into a light grey jean and put on my boots. A plain red shirt and a jacket and quickly jog back to the convenience store and stop around the corner when I see the police cars in front of it.

Standing by the corner I watch as everything unfolds and hope that he is still there. After about ten minutes past he exits the convenience store with a frown and looks around. He walks in the opposite direction of me making me sigh.

I start walking towards him from behind and look into the store while I pass it. Nodding at the policeman who looks at me with a raised brow I continue forward.

He has a nice walk and looks handsome from behind too. Quickening my steps I step in line with his steps and put my arm over his shoulders.

He turns his head to look at me and his eyes widen. I smile at him and as we pass a corner I drag him to the side and push him against the wall.

Cornering him with both my hands at each side of him against the wall. I look down at him. Only now I notice that his eyes are light green, they’re so beautiful.

“Hey sexy,” I greet and he stares at me stunned.

“Y-y-you what are you doing here?” he asks while looking around and behind me.

I smile while cupping his face with my right hand. Leaning in closer, my lips hover before his, “I told you I’d see you soon.”

Gulping, I look at his plump pink lips and close the distance, locking lips with him. I run my tongue over his bottom lip asking for access into his mouth while he struggles. Moving closer to him I force his body to stop and put my left leg in between his, rubbing against his member.

His jaw unlocks and I sweep my tongue across his teeth and into his mouth. Licking every inch of his mouth tasting the sweet natural taste of his mouth. He moans into the kiss making my body tingle and my cock fight against the fabric of my jean.

He moans louder with a whimper making my eyes open slightly. I pull back look into his beautiful glossy green eyes. I wipe the tears away that’s falling down the side of his eyes.

Kissing his nose gently, I then wipe the saliva away from his mouth and look at him. His face is flushed and his eyes are droopy.

Placing my forehead against his I close my eyes, whispering softly I say to him, “Would you believe me if I told you that I fell in love with you the moment you walked into the convenience store?” Holding my hand in his I lift it to my heart. “Can you feel how crazy it’s beating for you?” I ask and open my eyes.

He looks at me with tears in his eyes. I step back from him, walking back towards the wall opposite us and slide down to sit on the floor.

I look at him while he is staring at me. Smiling I ask, “What’s your name?”

He looks down at me and asks, “Why would I tell you that?”

Smirking I say, “I just professed my love for you and you don’t want to tell your husband what’s your name?”

“My husband?” he scoffs.

I stand up and walk towards him, wrapping my arms around his waist, kissing his lips, I say against them, “Mn, your husband. My name is Lee Won Ho… you don’t have to tell me your name but I will make you fall in love with me and when you do, there’s no way I’m letting you be with anyone else than me.”

He suddenly smirks and cocks his head at me, wrapping his arms around my neck he looks into my eyes while wrapping his left leg around my waist. I look down at the position we’re in and swallow the growl in my mouth as he rubs against my cock.

I look at that smirk of his and it makes me fall deeper in love with him.

He raises a brow, “How possessive of you, you should know that I’m equally possessive, so if you’re going to be my man then you better be prepared to love me and only me!”

A smile tugs at my lips and I slam against his slips. Our tongues fight for dominance but he soon gives in making me smile. He begins sucking on my tongue making me wish it was my cock – fuck I can’t wait to be inside him.

A knock pulls me out from my dream and I open my eyes. I look over and say, “Come in.”

In walks Jin Young with a cup of coffee and a tray of breakfast, “Morning boss, the house is still dirty so breakfast will be served here in your room.”

I nod and tell him to leave while getting up slowly. I make my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and empty my full bladder. Looking in the mirror, I see the tattoo on my chest above my heart surrounded by many others. The one on my heart is Jinha’s name and the date of when we started dating.

Running my hand over it I think of the little boy who answered the phone. In this world run by alpha’s there’s only so many omega’s and if my speculations are true then Jinha was an omega this entire time. I need to find them soon – today!

I head to my bedroom and look at my phone that’s notification light is flashing. Double-tapping the screen I see that it’s about to die but there is a message along with a missed call on it.

Sitting by the desk and plugging the charger in I take a sip of my coffee and open the message, it’s from Jinha.

“Won Ho, if you still love me please come home, we haven’t seen each other in four years and there are so many things I need to tell you. You have some explaining to do as well! I love you handsome and I never stopped loving you. Our son can’t wait to meet you so please don’t disappoint us. I’m on my way to work now and Jeonghan is at school. We’ll be home by three this afternoon, here’s my address.”

I blink back my tears and put the phone down. Looking at the plate of breakfast I smile – I’m seeing my boys later.

Last night in Jinha’s home.

The phone switched off after I listened to Won Ho cry. He still loves me, I’m so glad.

I look down at my son whose looking at me with tears in his eyes, “Mamma, why are you cwying?” he asks me for the fifth time.

I kneel down in front of him and wipe his tears away. Swallowing the saliva I say, “Baby, your pappa is coming home.” I frown at the cracked sound but brush it away.

Jeonghan walks into my arms and starts crying. My poor baby has been looking for his pappa since he could speak and now finally he’ll meet him.

I pick my baby up and we sit in the den. I cross my legs and place him in the gap and rock him while cooing. I can feel the tears sliding down my cheeks and I honestly don’t know what to feel but all I know is that I want my man back!

Jeonghan soon falls asleep and I kiss his little forehead. I walk to my bedroom and lay my baby down. He moans slightly but settles down and sleeps comfortably while I cover him with the quilt.

Kissing his forehead I lay down beside him for a moment gazing at his beautiful appearance. He is Won Ho’s son. He looks just like his father but has my beautiful light green eyes and my lips. The mole under his eyes is exactly like his fathers.

He is the reason why I never gave up on my handsome man and I’m grateful for that.

I get up and look at my phone. Dialling the number that last phoned me there is no answer. I send him a message telling him to come see us and switch off all the lights in the house. Going to sleep I think of the possibility of seeing him again and it makes my heart beat fast.

Morning arrives and as usual, my alarm rings at 2 am. Switching it off I make sure my baby is still asleep and kiss his forehead. Getting up I walk to the bathroom and making my way to the bathroom.

Relieving my bladder I flush the toilet and get into the shower. Getting out I stop in front of the mirror and grab my toothbrush.

Done I walk back to my room and into the walk-in closet. Getting dressed into my emerald green suit with a black button-up and black tie. Pulling on my socks and steeping into my shoes I close the closet door behind me and walk over to the dresser.

Putting on my Rolex, I smile and look at my baby pulling on his bunny ears. His eyes are glossy looking at me. Leaning down kiss his nose, “Morning baby.”

“Mowning mamma,” he says while wrapping his small arms around my neck. Standing up and holding him properly and walk to the bathroom.

He takes off his onesie and urinates in his potty and yawns. After we finish in the bathroom I take him to his room and get out clothes for him.

His favourite blue jean, with a yellow and black checked shirt and hunters. He puts them on and shrugs a jacket on. Holding out my hand he grabs it and we walk over to the kitchen.

Putting him in his seat I hand him a bowl of sliced mango pieces, “What do you want for breakfast handsome?”

He looks up at me while holding a slice of mango in his hand, “Can Jeonghan have waffles with chocolate?”

I smile and nod while getting the ingredients together. Pouring the batter into the waffle iron he watches me. I look up at him and see that he has a conflicted gaze.

“Baby is there something you want to ask mamma?” I ask and he nods.

After some hesitation, he asks, “Mamma, is Jeonghan pappa coming to see Jeonghan?”

Plating the waffles for him, I place it on the table near him and hand him the bowl of melted chocolate, “I don’t know baby. I did tell your pappa to come visit us but your pappa will come once he is ready to see us.”

He nods his head and slowly stuffs the waffles in his mouth. I take the bowl of mangos and put them in a small lunchbox and pour apple juice into a bottle for him. Buttering four slices of bread, I put ham and cheese on each slice and cover them with another slice of buttered bread.

Cutting the bread in half I place four slices each into the two lunchboxes and close the blue one which is Jeonghan’s and then do the same with the green one which is mine.

Putting them into lunch bags I sit down next to my baby and we have breakfast in comfortable silence.

It’s almost four am and I need to drop Jeonghan off at his grandmother’s place. I lock up the house and put him in his car seat. Clipping him in I tug at the belts to make sure that he is going nowhere. Kissing his forehead and nose, he giggles making me smile and lean in to kiss his nose again.

We arrive at my mother’s house and I knock on the door with my baby asleep in my arms. Laying him down beside my father who is lights out, I kiss my baby’s nose and lips then close him with the blanket.

Arriving at work, I sit down in my seat and switch on my PC. My wallpaper is a picture of Jeonghan a few days after he came out of me. My eyes fall to the picture frame on my desk of the picture of myself and Won Ho a year before he left me.

That day I was devastated and cried my heart out. A month after that I felt crazily sick and was admitted to the hospital all to find out that I’m pregnant. The fact that I am a recessive didn’t help much but I don’t regret having my baby – I know Won Ho will love him but will his life accept us?

The doorbell rings and my heart tightens. I look towards the door as Jeonghan runs up to the door babbling some toddler nonsense, “Who der?” he asks making me smile. Silently I hope that it’s the one we’re both waiting for so I get up and call out, “Baby you need to eat your food finished before bath time okay.”

“But mama I no want more, who der?” he asks making me roll my eyes.

“You’re a little busy body baby,” I say and he rolls his eyes at me and wraps himself around my left leg as I stop in front of the door.

I look down at him and I want to smile but I can’t, I think I’m afraid – please let it be him. The doorbell rings again and I open the door at the exact same time.

The words I want to say get stuck in my throat as I stare into his eyes. My most treasured person is standing before me and no longer stays in my heart. He’s before me again. I can see him and I know that he loves me still – the proof is in his eyes. The look he is giving me says it all, his feelings for me, his love, happiness and sadness.

“Mama, why you cry?” Jeonghan suddenly asks pulling me out of my train of thought. I look down at him then look back at Won Ho who is looking at Jeonghan. I raise my hand to touch my cheeks then quickly cover my mouth as the realization hits me.

I fumble with the keys in my hands trying to open the gate avoiding his eyes. The gate finally opens after who knows how long and Won Ho rips the gate open and wraps his arms around me. We both crash to the floor and cry in each other’s arms.

My breathing hitches and my chest and heart tighten. I don’t know how long it’s been since I started crying that it hurts like this. My mind blanks out and I fall into his arms.

Waking up I find myself in my bed and in Won Ho’s arms. The house is dark and I turn in his arms to look at him. I run my fingers over every inch of his face. A smile tugs at my lips and I can feel the tears ready to spill once again.

Sighing I get up and wipe my tears. I head to the bathroom to empty my bladder. I wash my hands then head to my baby’s room to check up on him. He’s fast asleep under the night lights I put up in his room. I kiss his forehead, nose and lips. Brushing his hair out of his face I close him properly with the blanket.

Kissing his nose one last time, I get up and turn around. My eyes meet those of Won Ho’s who is looking at me with a warming smile on his face with his arms crossed against his chest leaning against the door frame.

I walk over to him and he opens his arms. Hugging me to himself he closes the door behind me and walks us back to the bedroom without saying a word. He sits down on the bed resting his back against the headboard and pulls me in between his legs and wraps his arms around me.

We sit there for a while enjoying each other’s presence and finally I can say it, “Welcome home Won Ho.”

“I’m sorry I kept you waiting so long,” he says and kisses my lips.

I nuzzle into his neck and mumble, “It’s okay, we can finally be together now, me, you and Jeonghan.”

~Yes, we’ll be happy again.

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