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I exited the class, I wanted answers, I could’ve waited but when Arun told me what happened, I was not able to control myself. I was searching for the café when a girl popped up in between,

“hey,, hon, what are you searching for maybe I could help you,” her voice was sugar-coated and dripped with innuendo.

“ Hey, yeah could you please tell me where the café is I want to meet someone.”

“ Sure sugar, follow me…. Oh by the way my name is Tanya, I was sitting next to you in the class. I tried to talk to you, but maybe you were lost somewhere”.

“ Ohh I didn’t notice you, I am Amey,”

“ no problem, hon, see this is the café”, my eyes instantly found her and I went near her. She looked up, smiling, and when she saw me it quickly disappeared, she might’ve thought I was that stupid boy, she was staring at me, suddenly her phone dinged and she looked at it, after that she didn’t raise her head.

I was ashamed that she was scared of me now, I saw fear in her eyes, I lifted to rub my neck and she flinched, god did she think I am a monster, that I would hit her. I sat down beside her.

“look at me, Myra.” It sounded like a request.

She was still looking at the blank screen of her cell phone, and it angered me more, earlier she didn’t tell me her name and now she wasn’t even looking at me.

“LOOK AT ME MYRA,” I said this time with an authoritative voice. And she looked at me, worry and fear clearly etched on her face. Even like this, she looked like an angel, my angel. But then I remembered why I had come here, I wanted answers.

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