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I looked up at him, prepared to face his wrath, but there was no ounce of anger on his face. Had he masked it perfectly, or was he really calm? Before he could start saying anything or humiliate me for my actions, I decided to give him my piece of mind.

“ Listen, Amey, I know why you are here, and I seriously have no clue as to why I behaved like a bitch to you, I just thought you were messing with me because no one, at least not until they want something from me, talks to me. Moreover, I wanted to stay away from boys forever now, that’s why I thought ignoring you would be the best thing to do I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or your ego, and about Arun, I introduced myself just because I bumped into him and I owed him an apology, unnamed apologies are not good don’t you think.”

He stared at me with a blank look, “ where is your stupid boyfriend, did he leave you already, did he get to know how pathetic you are, did someone tell him that you are a whore, who talks to random guys”

I was shocked to hear such harsh words coming from the most beautiful guy I have ever seen, I was too dumbstruck to retaliate, to fight in my defence, to at least say one thing that could shut him up, maybe I should wait for the right time, but then, he could be right also, I mean yeah only talking to some random guys does not make me a whore, but I could have avoided this by not talking at all right. Maybe it was all my fault.

I looked once more at him, anger again simmering behind his eyes. He looked disappointed in me like he wanted me to retaliate, to stand up for myself. But I was too weak to do that, the only thing I did when someone or something hurt me was ignoring it, I didn’t want to fight with life. I had accepted it how it was, and even though I was not completely ready to take whatever it threw at me, I knew I could not avoid it, so even unwillingly I had to accept it.

He kept looking at me,

I stood up and proceeded towards the exit without saying a word, I didn’t want to lengthen a fight which meant nothing, he can suck up his victory because I didn’t care about winning anymore.

I didn’t even wait for Nakul to come, I knew he would be worried so I sat in the garden outside the café because he can see me from there. Normally the insults Amey made, would leave anyone crying, it would have made even me cry if I had been the same girl from 2 years ago. Two years ago things happened that took the only part of mine I treasured, MYSELF, I lost myself in midst of something which I pray would never happen to anyone else. I lost the will to live because my end was near. I sat there waiting for Nakul.

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