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I was soo disappointed at her, I made myself ruder than always, just to get an answer from her, but she just walked away without saying a word. Her eyes when she looked at me last time before leaving, told me that she was afraid of fighting, she didn’t care about who said what about her, it was almost like she didn’t have life in her anymore and that bothered me a lot. I was angry at myself for being soo rude at someone like her.

She was the symbol of purity, of affection, yet she lived like a lifeless soul. My inner conscience glared at me, ‘ idiot now you have made her life more miserable’. I started shouting at children who were standing there, listening to our nice, little, lovely chat.

“Get the fuck away from people, don’t you have work to do, classes to attend?”

I saw her stupid boyfriend standing in line waiting for his order, I am assuming he is her boyfriend because she didn’t deny that he wasn’t, though it did piss me off a little.

He turned with two plates in his hands, among which one might be for Myra, he crashed into me and looked up, his eyes widened, but in a fraction of second his expression changed, whoa he is cool as controlling expressions.

“What kind of stupid boyfriend are you?”

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