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I never thought I would get a friend like Myra, normally all those people I called friends humiliated me for having a boyfriend, I remained around them only for the acceptance from my parents as they wanted me to be friends with people who were good in their eyes. Although they never felt ashamed for my condition, they didn’t even believe that the so-called ‘golden children’ would have hearts of stone.

I had met Vihaan, in high school, he had the reputation of a bad boy and I was a typical nerd, even after these differences, we came close, and he proposed me on the prom. We have been together and happy ever since.

Myra though accepted me the moment I told her, and this took our friendship to a very new level. I was happy that on my first day itself I got a friend like her.

I was in the café, waiting in the line for my chance to take food when I heard someone shouting in the café when I looked back, it was the same boy, who was glaring at us in the class, what is his problem though. I got my order and turned back to head towards our bench when I collided into something hard, the wait was I standing near a wall, I looked up to find chocolate brown eyes staring at me, fury evident in his eyes. My eyes widened when I saw him, but I quickly hid my expression, it took me a while to learn this art but considering the people around whom I grew I had to learn it.

“What kind of a stupid boyfriend are you” I was shocked when he said this, “ what are you talking about and watch your mouth when you talk to me, I may look weak, but I can turn your life upside down, and yeah I should be the one asking you, ‘ what the hell do you think you are doing’, don’t think I didn’t notice the stink eye you were giving me and my friend, and one more thing, if you ever try to hurt her, I guarantee you if you ever try to hurt her your life would be no less than hell, and I do not make empty threats, because if you hurt her, that means you hurt me and my boyfriend does not like me being hurt.”

His eyes widened when the realization of what I said entered his thick skull, “ Hey listen I don’t mean any disrespect, I don’t know what came over me and I did that, maybe seeing her with you did that, I don’t know why but I have a strange sense of possessiveness towards her and trust me I will never hurt her, I just want your help with knowing more about her, and I can't do that on my own because every time I go to say something to her, I say the wrong things, which I regret later.”.

“ How can I help you, I don’t know much about her myself.”

“ Mate that’s what I am telling you to do, find out more about her.” Okay, this was a bit shocking, and won't it be a betrayal on my part, to disclose about herself, her secrets, which she might tell me, for all I knew, she was very cryptic, even though I had been with her only for one day, I had already known this, call it good reading skills or a god-given gift, that I can understand people. But this time I was in great trouble because at both sides my friend was at stake, I told him about her, I wolololose herrreher trust, but if I told him about her, there are chances that she would be happy. It was a very hard decision but I had now made up my mind, I knew whose side I had to be on and I won't turn my back on the decision now, no matter what.

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