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This was the first time since the last couple of years, that I felt angry about something, or even hurt. The words Amey said, normally if someone else would have said, I would not have felt so bad, but this person I barely knew him, and on the first day itself, his words stung like hell. But one thing I am sure of is, I will ignore him for the time I will be around him because it will be the best thing to do.

Nakul, gave ten minutes later, with two plates I hand, gave one to me and sat next to me, he had a kind of mischievous smile, a very small, but it was still there, maybe Vihaan was the reason.

We sat eating in silence, after some time I spoke, “ do you want to know about what happened between the two of us.”

“ Nah, I already got to know,”

“ umm… who told you that,”

“that’s for me to know and you to guess. So what, rather who made you come here, when I wasn’t able to find you in café, I thought you left me alone” he smirked. I playfully smacked his arm, “ man even you have muscles, you work out a lot huh.”

“Yeah, two times in the morning and once every night, with Vihaan,”. I chocked on my juice, he laughed heartily at that, I glared at him but seeing him like that even I started laughing, in the end, both of us were wiping of our tears.

“ So tell me about your boyfriend,”

“What makes you think I have a boyfriend.”

“ Well for first you are really very beautiful, and for that smile of your’s anyone would be begging at their knees to have your attention. And secondly, you didn’t look, neither acknowledged any boy till now, except for Amey, but that was not your choice, so tell me, who’s the lucky guy.” He was saying all these things very seriously, I stared at him for a moment and then burst out laughing, god it felt so good to laugh after such a long time. He just smiled at that.

“Oh….my….god,” I said between my laughs “ seriously, I thought for a moment you were serious,” his eyebrows furrowed, “ of course I was serious, please don’t tell me you’ve never had a boyfriend because it is unbelievable,”

I was stunned at that, “, it. it's not,” I was stammering. “ I did have a boyfriend, but I caught him cheating with me one of my friends, so I dumped him.”

“SOOOOO just one relationship?”

“umm… yeah… I did have crushes but all of them rejected me, maybe I was never good enough for anyone,” I was so inattentive, that I didn’t realize when, Amey, came and sat down beside me, to say I was surprised to see him next to me would be an understatement, I was fucking terrified because he was literally leaning next to me, and I found that when I smelled his perfume, “ what in the ever-living fuck are you doing here, when did you even come,”

He didn’t reply to me for a few seconds, and then he said, “umm. I and Arun saw you and Nakul, sitting here, though why not join you, when we saw Nakul listening to you patiently, even we sat down to listen what you were telling him so seriously.” My mouth was hanging open, did he say Arun was also there, sitting just behind me when he looked at him, he just smiled at me, sympathetically, way to go with my secrets, LOL ow can I be so naïve, I mean I just met Nakul a few hours ago, and I was telling him everything about myself, but it was just strange that Nakul didn’t seem like a stranger to me, neither did Amey and Arun, I let that slide, but really was I so inattentive to my surroundings, that I didn’t notice two giants approaching me, as if Amey read my mind he said: “ Yes princess you were so engrossed in telling him that you didn’t notice us.”

“ Umm yeah I guess, I should have been more attentive, you never know, any kind of perv would eavesdrop on you,” I smirked.

“ So you think Arun and I are pervs,” even Arun was looking at me with narrowed eyes,

“ Umm, maybe Amey, you have to get your ears checked, I said perv, not pervs, you do know singular and plural right.”

Now this time his mouth was hanging, and all of us were laughing like hell, but one thing that I didn’t understand was after insulting me in front of everyone, how could he call me a princess, but before I could ask him he was on his feet and ran away from us, Arun looked at me apologetically, and followed his friend.


The rest of the day had passed on quickly, without any drama, and after a long time I was happy to go back home, it wasn’t that I hated going home, I wasn’t just fond of it nowadays. Call it my intuition or experience, my happiness was going to be shortlived. My dad had come to pick me up, and while getting in the car I noticed Amey and Arun get into a sleek black Porsche, rich spoiled kids I mentally said and rolled my eyes.

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