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Did she really think I was a perv, I know she was joking, but still, the way we approached her, it is obvious she would think like that, but the thing which annoyed me more was that she thought she was not good enough to become anybody’s girlfriend. Yeah I know, she is chubby but being like does not mean that she was not beautiful, when I first saw her, I had stopped breathing, she was naturally stunning, and those chubby cheeks of her added more of cuteness to her. She was wrong about her not being attractive, and I will definitely tell her that. After listening that her ex cheated on her, I wanted to find him and strangle him with bare hands, but at the same time, I was happy that he cheated otherwise I would not have had the chance to meet her, yeah though I was not happy to know that she was hurt with it, hell I can’t even decide now if I am happy or not, god, this is really fucked up now.

My rest of the day passed away miserably slow, as I had all the remaining classes with different professors, the only one lecture we got common after the lunch break, passed away like a jet plane, maybe because I was staring at her rather than the board. How could some girl be annoying as hell at one time and be the cutest teddy bear at the same time?

I thought of talking to her after college gets over, but when I reached the gate she was already getting in a car, who knows whom she is going with, so even me and my best friend got into the car but I did notice that Myra looked at us. I certainly do have an effect on her or was I delusional, but hey I do have a right to imagine things right, so I am at peace because of it.

Arun was about to switch on the radio when I slapped his hand, and he looked at me with a questioning look.

“ What the hell man, can I now not even touch your radio, am I so unimportant to you now, a girl comes into your life and you forget me, dammn low man,”. He was fucking pouting, I had never seen him like this, fuck, I burst out laughing, he again looked at me with the same look.

“Aww my poor baby is feeling neglected, I love you dammn too much baby to forget you, and my dear love, she is not just any girl, and even you know that.” He glared at me, but then smirked, “ I know love, she is not just any girl, and I also know that you wouldn’t dare to ignore me, because I will castrate you if you do”. We sat in silence for sometime after that we couldn’t control ourselves and burst out laughing, hell we had a tear in our eyes.

“ Mate, as much as I know you have the ability to castrate me, but it is still weird to even imagine you know…..” I trailed off, but I know he would understand. He sat quietly absorbing what I just said, and after some time, turned to me wide-eyed, “ WTF man, control your imagination, eww, gross, how did I end up with a person like you, creepy man,” and with that, we again started laughing, now my stomach was also paining, and I was hungry too. “ Hey, what do you think about grabbing something to eat on our way home,”.

“ Sure, why not, I would love to come on a date with you HUN….”

“ Hell, bro doesn’t remind me of her, she ruined my first part of the day.”

“ Then who did the honour of ruining your second part of the day, let me guess, MISS TEDDY BEAR….riiiiiiight” he drawled off like a jealous boy, I facepalmed,

“Look, bro, if you think I will be ignoring you because of her, then you are hell wrong, you are my bro, and then she will be always after you, I have my priorities, just don’t get jealous, I would hate to lose you,”

“whatever man”

“You know what, I hate you, I love you, I hate that I love you” and that threw us into another episode of laughing.

We finally stopped laughing and I started my car, yeah yeah, I hadn’t even started driving, because I knew driving with him while joking, is injurious to health and of course wealth, I would not get another Porsche if I mess it, so I was always careful with my baby.

We hit the road and soon reached our favourite restaurant, because it had awesome food as well as sexy waitresses, though we never hooked up with anyone, It gets weird you know because these girls get clingy, so we just flirt and then flee from there.

“ Hey man, can you do me a favour?”

“ Whatever man,” it is his usual reply when he s pissed at me “Aww my baby is still pissed”

“One more time and I will seriously castrate you.” I scrunched my nose “ I know babe, but it will be honestly very weird to have you, umm, fondling my goods” and I smirked. He turned to me with wide eyes, “ hell man, you are sick, I will not fondle you, stupid, idiot, dumbass I won’t even touch you ever, fucking stupid, last time telling you man stop your ever-wandering imagination.” And I started laughing loudly, and we had just entered the diner, and everyone was looking at me, cool way to more attention for the day. Normally my eyes would catch sight of a hot waitress but today someone else took my attention.

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