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I closed the door, and my dad was smiling wide at me, “ so baby girl, how was the first day.” I thought for a second and my dad’s smile was replaced by a frown,
“ It was good, eventful actually.”

“ so do you want to talk about it,”,

“ No, dad I am good, soo how was work,” I had reduced my conversations with everyone, after the incident, some starting a conversation with him surprised him a bit, but he smiled widely and started telling me about the new place where he was serving.”

“ So who was the guy, who was standing with you before I came,” okay that was unexpected, I didn’t think dad had seen him,

“ Nakul, he is my classmate, and before you ask, he is a gay, so no I won’t be dating him” and dad smiled at that, but then after some time he spoke, “ baby girl, I have to tell you something, let’s go to a diner nearby and then we will discuss.” My stomach dropped at this, what was he going to do now, what had they now planned.

We were sitting in the diner at the last booth and dad had ordered pasta for me, and coffee for him and was staring at something in his phone.

“ Umm dad,” he looked up at me at this “I don’t want to continue therapy if there are money problems” I knew some financial problems are going on in the house and moreover, my bother’s education was also there. “ I am fine now, I don’t need it anymore.” My dad clenched his teeth.

Loud booming laughter stopped him from saying anything, and I turned to look at the source of the voice, it was strangely familiar, but before I could see him, all the waitresses gathered around the two boys who had entered the diner, among who one I think was the one laughing. Just then a waiter brought our food, and I dug into my pasta, dad shook his head and started drinking his coffee, I didn’t order myself one because I knew he would leave some of it for me. While we were eating the two guys I think came and sat behind me, and again all the waitress collected around them.

I had almost finished my food, and dad decided to speak, I was thinking about what took him soo long.

“Myra, I know I have always been more protective of you, more than necessary because you were and will always be my baby girl. I regret doing that, prohibiting things that many girls of you age did, and see what my strictness has done to you, we lost our daughter because of it, I promise I will always support you in whatever you do, as long as you think it is right for you.” Totally fucking unexpected,

“ Dad I am still the same, yeah maybe the accident did tamper with some of my memories, but other than that I am still the old Myra, why would you think that I’ve changed”

“My old Myra laughed on the silliest of the things, and now you barely smile” I didn’t have anything to say on it, because it was true, I didn’t smile much now.

“And about the therapy, we do have sufficient money to carry out everything efficiently, so till the time all your memories won’t come back and you don’t get 100% perfect you will take the therapies, saying that he stood up to pay the bill, when I saw his eyes widen at someone behind me, it was just for a fraction of second, but I still saw it. He smiled at me “ let’s go, we have to see your hostel room.” I was stunned, with me, dorm, no way, but I knew dad won’t listen to me now, he didn’t t to me to travel because of the incident. So I quietly got up from the table to follow him, and I saw him, so he was the one all the girls were flocking around, yeah he did look that good, and this was a very foreign feeling for me, for a long time I hadn’t felt attraction towards someone, and jealousy at the same time, I think it’s time to shut myself from feelings again. And dammn he was straightly looking at me, I held his gaze for a second and exited the diner.

We were almost near the dorms when the realization dawned on me that, Amey was right behind me and he had heard the entire conversation, good more secrets unveiled, and now I understood why he was looking straight at me, he wanted to know what had happened to me and what therapy I was talking about, his gaze contained millions of questions.

But I won’t be answering any of them.

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