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She wasn’t able to see us when we entered because all the girls gathered around us, they flirted with us for a while and then I sat on the table behind her, and I know that eavesdropping is not good but she and her father were talking very seriously so I had to listen to them. I was shocked when her father said that he had already lost his old daughter and now didn’t want to lose her, what did he mean by that, he also said something about she not smiling anymore, and moreover her father that she will be staying in the hostel, she was stunned at that, but then she quietly stood up to follow her dad but when her dad saw me, his eyes widened a bit, though it was just for a fraction of seconds and I saw it, maybe he knew I was listening to them, and he went towards the exit, on her way to out, she saw me, held my gaze for a few seconds, and left, I had so many questions, and I know she saw them in my eyes.

After she left I kept thinking about why was she getting therapy and of what kind, what had happened to her, was her dad talking about losing her because of it. I also took a few therapies, but they were too boring, so I stopped taking them, I had been in a car accident and I don’t remember much about it, so because of the crash I had lost some of my memories and so I was recommended some therapies, to try to get some memories back but I didn’t want, I mean what person want’s to remember what happened and how many friends died, as far as I am being told, there were six of us in the car, among which two died, and both of them were girls, though I don’t remember their names neither their faces, so I think I will never know, who basically died, but among the injured one was Arun and the other three I don’t remember their names as well and I knew Arun’s because he had sustained minor injuries and was beside me when I woke up in the hospital , and he was sad, like devastated, I asked him the reason and he told me that two girls had died, and the other friends who were injured had been taken away to hospitals near their homes, so we were not able to meet any one of them.

I still feel responsible for the death of the girls, and I remember Arun saying that one of them was very special to me, but I was not able to remember her, so I thought she might not have been soo special otherwise I would have remembered her. Well leave it, I cannot change what happened but only feel sorry for it, maybe that was the reason I decided to become a doctor so I could save some life’s in place of those whom I had killed.

We ordered a double cheeseburger and were eating in silence because whenever we made a comment while eating we would only keep laughing and forget eating, but after some time, Arun spoke “ so you heard what they were saying,”

“ How’s the hostel?”… the confusion was clearly etched on his face, “ Why do you ask, you want to go there?”

“ Maybe, I am going to ask dad tonight,”

“ Okay, then even I am coming, we will be able to bang girls from campus, it will be fun.” I raised my eyebrow at him “ yeah yeah I know we are future doctor’s that does not mean we can’t have some fun.”

We finished our food and sat in the car, “ Mate can you drop me home?’ asked Arun and I nodded my head, and I started driving, none of us spoke,

“Man, what’s on your mind, are you okay,”

“Yeah bro, was just thinking what Myra’s dad said,”

“What were they talking about,” I filled him with the information and he asked, “ so what do we do, ask her about it, I don’t think she will tell us.”

“ Yeah I know, and even Nakul refused to tell me about her, so we will just wait for all of us to become good friends so maybe she will tell us about herself.”

“ Yeah let’s hope for the best” we reached his home and he got out “ see you tomorrow hun” and smirked and I groaned, that girl whose name I don’t even remember now was really very persisting.

I reached home and found my mom and dad at the table, okay, again a family lecture, it had been just twelve hours we had a lecture like this and now again, my dad had already given me a weird lecture in his office in the college. Now what did they want to say, my mom saw me and smiled tenderly, I loved her very much, her smile could light up the whole town, and my dad was the perfect example of a good husband, these two were still in love, I just hope I would find someone whom I could be happy with, though I had the image of the player, even we people do have hearts waiting to be claimed. Surprisingly she just said that go get fresh and come for dinner.

After ten minutes I was at the table and my father had asked me questions about college, we started eating, I suddenly remembered about the hostel, “dad what is the procedure for getting into the hostel,” my mom choked on water, and dad started comforting her, “ why son, you want to go there?”

“ yeah was thinking about dad, it will save me the time to study” he was stunned at this and even my mom was shocked. “ she cleared her throat, “ okay, I will come with you tomorrow to get you into the dorm, now eat your food,” we all finished our meals and headed towards the bedroom.

It was 1:30 when I heard my phone ping with a notification, the number was unknown so I opened the message, it was a video, I played it.

What the hell, who was this person, how did he have this video, was he there when this happened or he got from the police records, but it is not easy so he might be present there, but hell, how did he know that I was in it and how did he get my number, the video was of the same day and even the time was the same, and a message popped again.

you remember this right, more are on your way, make sure you watch each one, they will definitely help you with finding your girlfriend, and for your kind information, the girls who you thought died, one of them survived and next videos will definitely help you find her, BEST OF LUCK AMEY’

This psycho even knew my name, I was hyperventilating just then Arun’s name flashed on the screen’

“ I have got a message, it is saying that..” I cut him off, and completed the sentence “ wtf even you got it”

“ Yeah, but more than being scared I am angry if this person was there, why didn’t he try to avoid the accident”

And it dawned on me the same time Arun said “ unless he was the one responsible for it”

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