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Dad and I entered the dorm office, fill in the forms, and after submitting headed back home.

Mom was not happy about me going to the dorm, but she knew it was good for me since I was afraid of travelling. I was supposed to take my room by next Monday so I had plenty of time for packing, we had dinner and I went to my room for studying. It was around 2 am that I received a text message,

‘hey beautiful, how did you feel after meeting your boyfriend after a long time, I bet he thought you were dead since he did not hear from you for a long time.’

Wth, who was this, but I let it go thinking it was a message by mistake, because it had the mention of a boyfriend which I never had, and then I slept.

Oh god no, I overslept, I quickly showered and rushed down the stairs, dad was already waiting for me in the car, we chatted for a while on the way he seemed too small today, I got out of the car and waved him and then entered the gate.

I went to the seat where I sat yesterday and opened my notes and started reading, after some time someone came and sat next to me, I thought it was Nakul, but Amey was sitting next to me with a cute grin, wait what is happening to me, and then he spoke in his silky voice.

“ I won, so today I will sit with you” and I raised my eyebrow at him before he could say anything I saw Nakul walking towards us furiously, “ Fuck off Amey you tricked me, why didn’t you tell me that you can run like a cheetah, this wasn’t a fair race, and now I was totally confused

“ Okay, am I missing something here, when did the two of you became friends and where is Arun.” I looked at Amey for an explanation,

“ yeah you missed that we talked in the lunch break yesterday and we became friends since then and as for Arun, he will be coming a bit late, he had a bit of work to do” he looked at Nakul, “ see the man you should have asked, it wasn’t my fault but anyways I won so I will be sitting here today.” So they had a race just to sit with me. Weird much.

The professor entered and the students sat on their desks, Nakul sat behind us. For almost one minute everything was fine, then Amey took his cellphone out and started scrolling through the Ithe Instagramamameed, he read something and his eyes crinkled at the sides while his mouth formed a small grin, he was cute when he smiled, so I looked down at what he was smiling, his fingers were furiously typing something, I was not able to see who he was chatting with or what he was typing, but then an image popped up, of a girl, almost naked and sprawled on the bed, the fuck, he was sexting someone in the middle of the class. I thought he was a decent guy but no, every boy in my life had to be a jerk, fuck my miserable life,

I looked away from him, and stared at my textbook, after some time he nudged me with his elbow, “ Hey look at this” he said but I was not in the mood to see anything he was showing me, he again poked me, now I was pissed

“shut the fuck up, will you, stay away and do not touch me ever.” He was shocked to hear such harsh words from me but what can I say, I was pissed off. Just then the lecture ended, thankfully our next lecture was in the same class, so I got up from my seat and sat next to Nakul, both of them were looking me with open mouths.

I had never sworn in front of them I guess that’s why they were shocked. Amey stood up and walked out of class, Okay this was weird.

Nakul looked at me with a raised eyebrow “I don’t know what happened to him,”

But what Nakul said afterwards confused me, “ he might have remembered something, he will come back to you, he always does” and he had a smile on his face.

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