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Being the Dean’s child was not as easy as the maximum of the people considered it to be. It will always be thought that I had entered college because of my father’s position. I knew I was good looking but some people thought that I had charmed my way in.

Only some near friends and my family knew the number of efforts I had put in to get the college.

Today was my first day and I was going to prove my calibre to everyone who thought that I was a spoilt brat. It was pretty easy for me to communicate with people so I had already made some friends, now I just waited for the introduction to start.

While I was roaming around the campus I saw a figure from the corner of my eye. Though she was a normal girl looking serious and all something about her gave me an uneasy feeling. She was walking alone with her head bowed and drooped shoulders as if she was carrying something heavy on them. She didn’t seem to notice me in fact she had completely tuned out the surroundings. She looked down to a paper slip …. I guess the timetable and sighed…and walked the class.

I don’t know why but it gave me relief that she was not only of my batch but also we shared the same class. I entered the class with my friends and slipped into the seat next to her while my friends occupied the ones ahead of us

And then the dean started the introduction process.

I thought she would introduce herself but she didn’t even acknowledge me. So I decided to start the conversation and extended my hand and introduced my self.

“Hi, I am Amey..”

Finally, she looked at me ..her eyes…god…they were like a maze, one in which anybody can get lost forever. Just those eyes could tell that she has a story and I would do anything to know about it.

And then she gave a serious blow to my ego instead of introducing herself she glanced at me and then turned her attention towards the board.

Okay that was something I wasn’t expecting

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