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I swear I remember that line, it wasn’t the first time I had heard someone say that, but hearing it from her mouth, stirred something inside me, for a moment there I felt something, it was like I had heard it an earlier from her mouth, but it was not possible since I had just met her, maybe it just was my mind playing tricks on me, yesterday that video game, and that might be the reason. I had sent Arun today to ask the police if their data has been leaked and told him to show them that video. Just then he beside me without noticing me, he also had a frown on his face.

I ran up to him “ Hey man, I was standing there, you didn’t notice me, what happened what are you so stressed up about?”

“You were right, someone was right there, when we had the accident, and the video which e have, was never with the officials, when I showed them the video, it was the first time they saw it, they were saying that the CCTV might have recorded the video.”

“ But if the video was recorded then even the official's soul have found it…..unless….”

“ Yeah, unless someone didn’t want them finding it out, they don’t have a clue who would have done it, how was that part of the recording wiped off,”

“Man, this is fucked up, who would have been so fast at erasing evidence, do you think our accident was preplanned, or rather was it supposed to be a mass murder, who the fuck did we piss off for someone to try to kill us, and why the hell no one came after us after that,”

Both of us started walking towards the café but something caught my eye. Nakul was standing behind a tree whispering something on his phone. He saw me, a weird expression on his face, he was afraid, but about what, and then he ended the call and ran from there. Even Arun saw him and turned to me with a shocked face, I just shrugged and we kept walking towards the café.

There she was sitting, ignoring the whole world around her when we got near her, I saw that only one of the earphone plug was in her ear, this reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t put anything together, most of my memories were blurred. I sat down beside her, and took the other earpiece and put it in my ear. She was listening to A Thousand Years by Christina Peri.

Its been a long time I had heard that song, the last time I heard that song was when we were returning from a camp trip on the day I and my friends got in a crash. I was shocked at how the hell I remembered now that this was the song we were listening to, I don’t think it would have been my favourite, but I did remember it, every line, well this was weird because maybe my memories were coming back slowly, was this because of the video I saw yesterday this was really weird because I had gone through many therapies just to get at least some of my memories back around the time I had the accident but now just a video is really messing up with my head.

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