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Nakul and I went to the café after Amey stomped out of the class. We were sitting in the café, and then suddenly his phone started ringing, he excused himself and went to answer the call so I put in my earphones and tuned in to one of my favourite song, A Thousand Years, by Christine Perri, I don’t know why but I loved this song, it had a soothing effect on my broken heart, I lost my self in the song, I didn’t realize someone was sitting beside me, I turned to look who was sitting, and froze.

His eyes were closed as if he was concentrating on every word of the song, it was like he lost himself in its world and I was now staring at the most handsome boy I had ever met, also the most annoying one, but still, he looked peaceful, his lips, they were so sexy, totally kissable…..

WAIT for WHAT! What is happening to me, this is really weird, I had promised myself I will never fall for anyone after what Namit did to me, even his name brought back to anger, and hurt I was staring at him so much that I didn’t even notice him looking back at me with a smirk on his face…..God how badly I wanted to erase that smirk off his face, but only he could look so hot with a smirk…..oh god I am going to be ruined again….. his smirk grew….. he slowly leaned towards me, our noses were the only things that kept our lips apart, he tilted his face, OMG he is totally going to kiss me and a very strange part of me even wanted him to, I closed my eyes and waited for the magic to happen…. I waited and waited, but nothing ….. I opened my eyes only to find him gone, he was walking out of the café, he looked back at me and smirked.


I turned and sighed heavily and closed my eyes, when I opened my eyes as I smelled something heavenly, in front of me was a double cheese pizza, I turned and found Nakul sitting in place of Amey, I thought it was Amey, won’t say I wasn’t disappointed but who can stay like that when there is a delicious pizza in front and that too when you haven’t paid for it, I grinned at Nakul who was already grinning at me like a Cheshire cat, “ Thank you…thank you…thank you… so much… god, I love you for this.”

“ hey girl, calm down, no biggie, I saw you sad there, so I thought you may get a bit cheered up after eating this, and I love you too,”

“ so whom do you love more me or Vihaan” he choked on something that he was drinking, “ girl where did he come here from, and I love him more than you, obviously”

“Aww, meanie, you could have said, you love me, to just keep my heart, you hurt me” I faked hurt with a hand on my heart.

He looked at me with confusion on his face, “ girl, you and your drama, something’s never change” he said smiling, wait he just knew me for two days now, how can he say something like that as if he knows for years, he has been making comments like this since morning, but who cares he gave me a pizza, he is the best.

I offered him some, and by some I mean one of the six pieces, which he took smiling and we started to eat, I know I won't be eating all that, I will surely give him more, but it’s just fun to annoy him. Suddenly someone picked one of the pieces from my plate, I looked up to find Arun, moaning in delight eating my pizza, I just smiled. WAIT he is eating my pizza, “ Hey boy, when did you ask if you could eat it.” He looked down and smirked, “ why would I ask if I could eat anything from my friend’s plate.”

At that, my eyes widened “ Oh, so we are friends now.”

He frowned “ Why would you think otherwise, we introduced each other yesterday, you shared you heartbreak story with us, so why would we not be friends, do you not want to be a friend of mine, girl I am hurt” he fake sighed. I rolled my eyes, obviously, he would be a drama king like his best friend.

“I didn’t share anything with both of you, you people eavesdropped on what I was saying”, to which he rolled his eyes and said “Yeah, same difference” then I continued “ and it wasn’t a heartbreak story, more like why I stay away from guys story, and I don’t have a problem being your friend, but maybe your friend there doesn't like the idea,”

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