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I was hell angry because I let my inner wild beast to take control over me I was mere centimetres away from kissing the hell out of her, but I stopped, thank god I came to my senses, I didn’t want to complicate life for her, even though I knew she would not have had any problem if I had kissed her, but I knew after the messy breakup she had, there was no way she could get into anything serious right now and as for me, even I didn’t wasn’t anything serious, because I am in college now and this is the only time I can mess around, so even though my inner beast wanted to claim her badly, I will have to start taming it a bit which would be very hard since every time she is around me, some weird kind of force pushes me near her.

I checked the time, where the hell is Arun, last he said that he is going to the café to grab something to eat why is he taking so long, I think I should text him even my stomach is growling so if he is still in the café, he would treat me with something.

AMEY; Hey buddy where the fuck are you, I have been waiting here for ages, are you eating the whole café or what, who did you do so badly that now your appetite is needing a refill.

He replied instantly,

ARUN; ( eye roll) you very well know what I was doing, and I am still in the café and I suggest you come here, you would like to see what’s happening here.

What is he talking about now, I better run before I miss the show, just when I entered the café I saw Myra and Tanya standing across each other and Tanya was glaring at her, while Myra was just looking at her with a bored expression

Sorry guys for keeping this chapter small, I will continue from here as soon as I get time to write more, till then you can start reading my two new stories THE WINDOW and THE CURSED COIN.
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