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What the hell is her problem, it's not like I have told Arun to come up and talk to me, he is free to decide where he wants to go, still, she came up and held his hand

“come on hun” he visibly cringed at that, “ you don’t need to be strangled with stupid people, I can help you with some good time,” how dare she call me stupid, “look girl” she raised her hand.

“seriously stop, I don’t have enough time to hear your shit” okay, I was beyond furious, “okay so I will keep it short, FUCK OFF BITCH” her mouth fell open and other kids around the café started booing, she was still staring at me with her mouth open, “ See firstly it would honestly be very good if you just close your mouth, we don’t want any worms to fall on the café floor, you know it gets weird to eat when worms are around” she snapped her mouth close,

“yeah good, and for your information, he is not a puppet whom you can drag along wherever you go it’s his choice if he wants to go or not, so you better stop poking your snout where it isn’t needed, though it is not needed anywhere nor will it be needed, so anyway, because you are still standing here and you wanted me to keep it short so I say again, FUCK OFF, so will you go now or do you want a lecture on how you word of endearment the very infamous ‘hon’ is so very stupid and you while using it look even more stupid, so get your ass out of here now before I start insulting you. Her eyes were so wide that a little more expansion of them would make them pop out of her eye sockets.

She was totally red, and fuming with anger, “you bitch, I will make you pay for this,” and turned around with her stupid minions, and I yelled “good, unlike you I don’t live on free stuff, make sure it's not cheap as you,” she glared at me and started walking off towards the café’s entrance. I looked back to my food and noticed that one more slice had disappeared, I looked at Arun but he was staring at something with a frown on his face, I guess she has not left till now so even I turned to see what was going on, I froze, and whisper yelled, “w..whattt.. HELL”, Amey was kissing that slut in the middle of the café door, and by the looks of it I am sure Amey didn’t initiate it, rather he looked very uncomfortable and tensed, they ended it, and she looked back at me and smirked, I just gave a fake cheeky smile and raised my middle finger and turned to my cold left over pizza only to find an empty plate, “ what the hell Arun, go buy me another because you ate mine completely,” he stood there looking at me with are you serious look “ GO AND GET MY PIZZA NOW!” he hurried off, he didn’t think I would get so angry because of a pizza, but he didn’t know that I loved my food then be it anything.

I was going through my playlist and I felt as if someone was sitting beside me, that smell, expensive cologne, I could not forget that minty smell since the moment he leaned into me, almost kissing me my brain had registered that smell, I looked at him and he sat there with a victory smirk. I looked back at my playlist searching for my song, “ so we are now again starting the silent treatment huh.” I didn’t answer, I put my one of my earphone bud and started listening to the song, he put the second one in his ear, just as I expected, throughout the song he didn’t show any expression on his face, and when the song ended he quietly gave me the earphone back and burst out laughing, he was laughing so hard that there were tears in his eyes, and he looked so dammn cute like this, get a grip Myra, he just kissed a girl in front of you, how dare he kiss a girl and then come sit close to me.

I slapped him hard across his face, collected my bag and hurried towards the exit, it wasn’t that I was afraid what he would do or say to me rather I was worried about the tears that threatened to fall and I was angry at myself for having my emotions in a twist because of a jerk like him, he didn’t deserve my tears, I didn’t even wait to see his reaction, neither did I wait for the pizza Arun was going to bring for me and nor did I wait for Nakul who was running behind me telling me to stop.

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