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WHAT THE HELL happened just now, one moment I was laughing my ass off on the song she was listening and I swear I saw her smiling a little bit at that, but then in just a few seconds the whole scene changed I am still stunned about the fact that she slapped me believe me when I saw for a small girl like her, her hand Is unbelievably strong because my cheek is still stinging even after fifteen minutes, yeah that long I have been sitting here gazing at the door from where she left but I am not angry for what she did, rather I am happy that she cares about what I do, I know she got angry because of the kiss, I had seen her face, which showed hurt and disgust clearly, still the jerk that I am, I went and sat beside her listening to the song she was listening to, it was her comfort song I guess or you know something to calm her down, but still even I liked that song, it was Hakunamata…. Yeah and now I am imagining her singing that song, adorable… just then someone cleared their throat…. So I finally found him, and he was having a shit-eating grin on his face, all of his 32 teeth visible “ are you advertising for the Colgate ad or what?”….he smirked, I know he saw everything, I was glad only few students were there inside the café when the teddy bear decided to mark my face, but her hand was soft like a feather but still, it left an impact on my cheek like a baseball bat.

Anyway, I got up from the table because my next and the last class for today was a special one and I didn’t want to miss it, even though I liked the subject of today which was human anatomy.. well who doesn’t like that topic, but if I get lucky enough I will get to sit with her and irritate her because it is the only topic where girls are embarrassed about saying anything and so I will be taking full advantage of this to embarrass her because my teddy bear looks cuter when she blushes.

“ You do realize that if you keep grinning like that at nothing people will call you crazy and you will be forced to meet the counsellor, though you have met her already and done god knows what with her and also do you want your reputation as the dean’s child to be knocked off,” I gave him a bored glance and he sighed.

“You did deserve it though, why did you think that kissing that girl would rile Myra up, I mean isn’t it just two days you guys have met and you are so possessive about her, I swear your behaviour is now more like high schoolers rather than college students.” I thought for some time on the speech he gave me.

“Yeah I know I deserved it but I didn’t kiss her she kissed me and as for the thing about just knowing her for two days, it feels like I have known her for years, and for being possessive I think you know that she is the only girl was not charmed by my looks” He sighed and mumbled something under his breath like, ‘ hope he doesn’t hurt her too much this time’ “ what did you say?” he looked at me and just shook his head. Okay weird, why does he think I will hurt her and moreover why does he care, “ man, do you like her,” he looked at me and then raked his fingers through his hair, “ no I don’t, I know why you asked this, but trust me it is more complicated than you know, and when the time comes I will tell you until then refrain yourself from hurting her she has gone through a lot.”

“ what do you mean by that, are you hiding something from me,” I asked him, he was surely being weird since the last couple of days before I could ask him how he knows that she has gone through a lot, his phone started buzzing and he went away from me to answer the call, WEIRD MUCH.

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