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Finally, the last lecture of the day and my today’s day was actually very good, except for the café incident, I am kind of confused about if I should hate him for kissing another girl which makes no sense because he is not mine so he can do anything he likes but the other part of me says that what I did was wrong because it was not his fault that the slut kissed him, whatever I am still angry about it even though I shouldn’t.

I got jealous when I saw both of them, my heart was beating rapidly and I had a rapid adrenaline surge so I had a hard time controlling myself from beating her to death. This is a very weird feeling for me because I mostly didn’t get jealous because I get jealous about only a few things that I want and Amey wasn’t the one I wanted. I actually didn’t want anyone, for a long period of time I made myself believe that because of that douche and cheater sex I didn’t want anyone closer to me, I didn’t want to trust anyone but only the deepest part of my heart knew the real reason, the reason which I have still not been able to comprehend, that feeling which no matter how hard I tried to shake off wouldn’t budge and it won't be long when I will accept that I will have to live with that, and because of that maybe.. just maybe, I will get to live my life alone because at this time of my life I want nothing else more than to be alone.

“Close your mouth princess we don’t want any bugs to go in, do we?” what the hell, what is he doing here, how did I know we had the same class, and why is he sitting beside me all these and million other questions were streaming through my head while my face only had a shocked expression while looking at him.

He chuckled at my reaction “I know you have thousand’s”

“not thousand’s ..millions. “I said, “ okay, I know you have millions of questions in that pretty little head of your’s trust me even I am thinking of a reason of why I am here, but I can't just find any.” He stopped for some time, “okay found one, so there aren’t many people who know me here so I saw you and then decided that something is better than nothing, so here I am.” He gauzed my reaction,

“ you know right that I won't believe the bullshit story you are telling me,” he smiled, god that dimple, his dimples are officially the most favourite of mine, “ yeah I know”

“ So you still said that” he smiled more, no now he was grinning, “ yeah I did, but it was fruitful you know, I got you at least talking to me and that too sweeter words than usual.” This time it was my turn to smile, he was right, the only words which I spoke to him were insults so this definitely was an improvement.

Before he could say anything the professor entered, everyone stood so I wasn’t able to see him so I just waited to see the face of the teacher.

NO WAY IN BLOODY HELL, the man who had entered the class was not even looking like a professor from any angle, he looked around 25, well built and I can be sure that he was pure muscle under that awesomely fit black shirt whose sleeves were neatly folded up, well damn, when the teacher is so good, even his lecture should be awesome right. This is going to be fun, Amey scowled at me, “ don’t fucking eye fuck him, in fact, don’t even look at him, I am much better than him”.

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