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I was beyond pissed at the kind of reaction she was giving him, I did notice pure lust in many of the girl's eyes, but Myra had a look of awe in her eyes, “don’t fucking eye fuck him, in fact, don’t even look at him, I am much better than him.” Okay, I don’t have any idea why I said that but I was too angry, so didn’t even think what I was saying which earned me a questioning glance from her, the look she gave me was of ‘are you fucking serious right now, which ghost has possessed you now’ I know her meaning of the glance could be something else, but mine was probably better than what she was thinking.

I sighed at looked at my textbook, fucking Human Anatomy, I had thought this would be a fun lecture but with a professor like him, I don’t think anyone would appreciate my jokes. Finally, the lecture began…..

Five minutes later…..

Yeah literally only five minutes have gone till now but it’s like almost 5 days have gone, and I think I am the only one here who is super bored. I earlier never believed that even a minute could make any difference because a minute of extra sleep makes you more sleepy, but today most of the class got empty, some slept and others like me started playing something and all this happened in just a minute.

I don’t know how students managed to sneak out of the class, but I would say that they have the guts to bunk the lecture. Anyway, I am playing BINGO, not alone, with Myra, hard to believe right, but trust me she is a teddy bear from inside too and the way she smiles, it’s one of those which can make you fall on your knees and believe me when I say I am fucked, totally, this girl is either going to be my sunshine or my death. I had planned to embarrass her in the class today but I ended up in making her smile so much that she started complaining about her cheeks hurt. I am glad though this class ended up like this, at least we got past our misunderstanding. The lecture ended and we were still sitting on the desk, our legs touching each other, even the small contact with her sent a current through my body.

“hey Amey, can you talk to your dad about this teacher, we know this subject is important and if we have a teacher like him I highly doubt we will be able to perform well in the semis.” Her sweet yet authoritative voice snapped me out of my daze.

“yeah sure, I will” though I didn’t want to do that, I mean I enjoyed spending time with her, but I know that we are here to become future doctor, and if we don’t know about the human anatomy, how will we treat our patients, just imagine, the patient comes with the complaint with pain In his liver and me not knowing where it is, slice up his kidney, disastrous right. She was the first to get up,

“ so I will see you tomorrow, bye.” I bid my bye, and watched her going out of the room, I exhaled deeply, I hope these five years will be the best ones of my life.


The rest of the year went by in a flurry, after the first time I and Amey sat together, we kinda grew close, and even Arun became a good friend of mine, in the following days I learned a lot about them, Amey was a single child, whereas Arun had a little sister, the assumptions I had made were right they both were spoiled rich brats, but one thing that was good was that neither of them was a playboy, they respected a girl's feelings and never humiliated them, I guess that was the reason Amey didn’t do anything when that bitch kissed him.

About the bitch, she Is still a bitch to all of us, excluding Amey of course, because both of them are dating, honestly it kind of looks like she is dating him while he doesn't even want to be around her, but since he is a good guy he has not broken up with her.

Even Arun got a girlfriend, because of me, yeah… my roommate. We clicked instantly and she is the most understanding and caring girl and I am happy that both of them are together. Sometimes they talk soo sweetly that all of us gag at them, even though I never wanted a relationship, but I still was jealous about them.

As for me, I am still single, not that I had not got any proposals but every time I would get one Arun and Nakul would scare him off, and as for Amey they never told him about any proposals I got. Sometimes their concern would piss me off and then I used to ignore them for days which would eventually cause them to ask for my forgiveness, and because I am soo good, I used to forgive them. Suddenly the opening of the door brought me back to my senses and I took up the comb on my dresser, no one knows what kind of prank the hoteliers would play on others so precaution was always our cure.

“hey Anaya, can we talk for a second”

Arun said coming inside our dorm room. He had our keys and though I didn’t mind him having those still he should knock when he comes. I had told him this million times but still, he does not listen. I gave him a stink eye and he just shrugged, not even a sorry, idiot.

Usually, when he comes to meet her that means they would not only talk but also do some things which they should not be doing, so without saying anything I stood up and walked towards the corridor to give them privacy.

“ Myra, did you really think that comb would do anything to me.” I rolled my eyes, I was waiting for him to say something like this.

“ I was wondering when you would make a stupid comment like this, I think you are losing your sharpness with your age, eat almonds bro, and for the record yes I knew that comb would do no harm to anyone who came in here not just you, but that was the only thing that was near to my bed so I grabbed it. Have a good talk and don’t bump uglies.” I smirked, his mouth fell open. But he quickly regained his expression.

“uhh..umm.. yeah.. won't do.. can’t promise though, she has a great body and when she screams, …”

“ Sorry for saying that I don’t want to know about both of your’s little adventures, tell me when you will be finished, I will be near the fountain.”

I walked out of our room, this was the first time he came so late to talk to her, but the thing that was weirder was that he called her Amaya and not babe, I mean he since the day they both got in a relationship never called her by her name.




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