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This had been a hell of a year, I thought with having a good understanding between me and Myra we could get closer not that we aren’t right now, we are very good friends but I wanted her to become my girlfriend but sometimes we need to sacrifice our needs for others safety and relationship with Tanya was a compromise, a need of mine to keep Myra safe.

Yeah, her life was in danger and apart from her all of us knew, even Anaya, her roommate did. Speaking of her, she is good because at least she makes that asshole best friend of mine smile, though something about her is very off, I can’t point it because firstly she looks hella cute and innocent and secondly she has a weird attitude of changing the topic when something too personal is asked from her but since she is good with Arun I haven’t said anything to him, though I am not the only one who has a weird feeling about her, even Nakul doesn't approve of her but since Myra trusts her with her life even we accepted her, a little bit.

Tanya was a totally different case when she was with me, it was like she hated me when we were alone, in front of others, including Myra and my other friends, she played the role of a jealous and bitchy girlfriend but some of the good moments during which she would open up a little bit to me I got to see the real her. Inside the bitch attitude she was a really soft and warm-hearted person, sometimes I wonder what is her reason or whom she is forced by to be with me. People saw us as an ideal couple because we never fought but as we all know for fighting we need to talk, but here with us, we barely talk, so we don’t have a reason to fight and more surprisingly she isn’t even clingy like the other girls I have met in my life so I just hope she finds a guy worthy enough of her. My whole group hates her because they have not seen through her like me, there is something in her eyes that makes me sad, its as if she has lost someone very important in her life but I could never bring myself to ask her about it.

This year passed agonizingly slow, though I never did any assignments, not that I didn’t know how to do them but since Myra liked writing she would complete my assignment also without me asking her to do so. Sometimes I didn’t even use to know about any assignment but still, when the professors asked us to submit it, even I would be submitting it all because of Myra. I sometimes wonder if even she has feelings for me, I could have easily dumped Tanya for her but I didn’t want to hurt Tanya because even after having a tough exterior she was fragile.

A familiar squeal from the fountain brought me out of my thoughts as I was walking around the campus. I forgot to mention right, even I shifted into a hostel when Myra did and along with even Arun and Nakul did, and all of our room were close to each other. When Myra got to know about this she went ballistically crazy and as the cherry on top of her cake, even Tanya shifted in a hostel and that too in the room next to her. It took a lot of our efforts to calm her down.

I reached the fountain and saw her standing there, talking to someone in a hushed voice. I moved closer to her what and to whom she was speaking with at night, fuck now I remember Arun went to talk to Amaya about something important, whatever it was, was pretty important I guess because he didn’t even tell me about it.

“Why the fuck are you present here, I mean I know you are everywhere even though you are not needed, even though its not your fault that you look soo creepy, and almost all of the world’s population fears you, yet why are you the one who hides away, I am more frightened of you than you are of me.” Who the fuck is she talking about, I tiptoed close to her to see who it was, and my eyes widened in disbelief when I saw what was happening there.

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