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Someone burst out laughing behind me, I turned and found a boy clutching his stomach laughing and I screamed you know the kind of scream when the actress in a horror movie sees a ghost like really, I think I might’ve woke up the entire hostel campus. Before I could process anything else a hand came on my mouth and I panicked and started kicking.

Oh my god, I am going to get kidnapped today. I mean tonight… ugh…whatever.

“shut the heck up woman, trying to wake every one or what,?” asked the voice, I relaxed hearing the voice, AMEY. Thank god it was him only and some old perverted guy. I stopped moving but his hand was still on my mouth. I sniffed his hand, oh god he and his heavenly smell, definitely it might be a costly perfume. He froze, slowly when I came to my senses I realized what I had done. OH FUCK!!.

“umm.yra..uh..uh…did you just .. I mean.. smell my hand?” I started denying it but that came out in the form of incoherent noises, yeah his hand was still on my mouth and all this time it was sending tingles in my body. Am I fucked? I asked myself……yes I am totally and utterly fucked….though not literally…WHAAAAAT am I even thinking. He cleared his throat jolting me out of my dreams…..and something felt missing…yeah his hand over my mouth…whoaaaa girl stop right there.

“soo, I asked you a question.” I quickly came up with an excuse… “ no I didn’t, I screamed very loudly because of which my lungs had no residual volume of air left in them so I had to suck a large amount of air and your hand happened to be near my nose so you felt like I smelled your hand” whoa I could lie perfectly. He looked at me like he was not believing me…please believe it… please ..please… I silently begged while keeping a stoic expression on my face.

The next thing I knew was that he was laughing soo hard that tears had come out of his eyes, I still remember what happened last time when he laughed so much, but what he is exactly laughing at right now….my eyes widened at the realization…..

“ I….I…I thought no one was listening” I said, completely embarrassed all blood might’ve left my body and collected in my cheeks cuz they were become hotter by every passing second. He looked up at me his mesmerizing eyes now full of amusement.

“ You never cease to amaze me, I was really shocked at your choice of communication…. So did it say anything to you.” My cheeks were now on fire, dammn he listened to it all….. Mmmmm the lizard.

“ This is the first time I have seen anyone talking to a lizard, I mean, talking to cats and dogs is normal but a lizard seriously….a lizard, and why the hell are you afraid of her, just look at how innocent she looks how could you be afraid of a small, peace-loving creature like her. In fact, the way you screamed she should be the one afraid of you.”

Yeah well, though he was right about the screaming part. “ I don’t know why you are assuming her to be female, but still what part of her is looking cute to you. I mean look at those creepy beady eyes of her, and those weird legs, and have you ever seen how she stares at you, it’s weirder than anything. How can your eyes be soo faulty.”

He just stared at me for sometime before bursting in another fit of laugh….. “why. hahaha ….why..hahhha..why the hell..hahha..have you been …hahha her..” he said between laughs. Okay, a good question but honestly even I didn’t know the answer to it and I was way too much angry at him because he was making fun of me way too much. I turned back and started walking towards my room, when suddenly he grabbed my waist from behind and spun me around, well dammn my height…. I was staring straight at his chest right now…. he slowly tipped my chin upwards, his eyes were a darker shade than his normal ones, and his pupils were huge. His breath ragged, he looked down at me, straight into my eyes…

“ I am sorry I should not have made fun of you. I know you love lizards soo much and I am sorry I disturbed your conversation with her.” And then he chuckled. I smacked his chest and struggled to move away from him, instead of letting me go he pulled me closer, his eyes trained on my parted lips, he dipped his head down while tilting mine up from the back of my neck. He leaned closer, his lips almost touching mine…

“get the fuck out of here you don’t know anything don’t think I will tell you anything I will be doing my job and you stay out of my way” Amaya screamed. Our trance was broken at the sudden interruption, I looked at my room and found Arun with his head hanging down, from the corner of my eye I saw Amey raking a hand through his silky hair, when he saw him he ran towards Arun, and even I did.

“y ma happened are you okay.? Arun shook his head and whispered if it had not been complete silence here I would not have been able to hear him.

“ Myra, I am truly sorry. I tried but I can’t save you,” he whispered, not even looking up at me and sprinted towards the boy's hostel. I stood there frozen on my spot. What did he mean by that, I turned towards Amey whose eyes had widened as if he had realized something, what the heck was going on and why did I need safety, am I not safe here.

Before I could ask him what was going on, he ran off behind Arun so I decided to return to my room, at least Amaya would tell me something.

What the heck happened here, blood was spilt on the floor while a broken glass vase was lying there and Amaya was sitting there with her head tucked in her knees, I instantly rushed towards her to see if she was injured, I pulled her hands out and started examining her. She shook her head and in a trembling voice said.. “ it’s not mine it’s his” and then broke into sobs.

I held for almost two hours, she only kept crying without even saying anything, I tried asking but all she said was that I would not understand it. After she slept I pulled out my phone and texted Arun if he Is fine and even texted Amey to take care of him, I guess they had a pretty bad breakup.

It was almost 2 am and I received a notification, I swiped my lock to find a text message from the same number. I had got a new message every week that would say something about meeting my ex, treating him good and other stupid shit. I told my dad about it but since it was ann unregistered number it could not be traced, I tried blocking it but every time I tried doing it, my phone prevented me from doing that.

Today however was a different kind of message.

‘Bitch how does it feel like to being almost kissed, I will make sure next time you are blown to pieces along with that stupid piece of shit.’

What the hell, someone was watching us, I need to find who this is and I am sure it is someone from our college only. I should tell Amey about this tomorrow. I went back to my bed though I won't be able to sleep early because of the kiss and also the text message.

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