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I know I shouldn’t have done that. He introduced himself to me and like a self-righteous bitch I ignored him. Hell, he was the most handsome boy I had seen in my entire life with two perfect dimples and a swoon-worthy smile. And I know I should have introduced myself but right now I needed anything but complications in my life. I wasn’t the same girl from 2 years back, I had changed a lot, I was made to change a lot.

I did not trust anyone and neither opened up to anyone anymore. I was way too scared that people would leave me once they know me so I decided to stay away from people.

And Amey now was going to be a major problem for me if I didn’t ignore him. So as much as it did hurt me to be a bitch I had to do it to save myself from another heartbreak.

Ya, I know at least I should have introduced myself but eventually, he would know it after dean told us to introduce ourselves.

Soon my turn for intro came…

“Good morning sir and batchmates, I am Myra.”

After my brief introduction,I sat down on my seat and began reading my textbook.

“I thought you were dumb,” Amey said and I looked at him with a questioning eyebrow. “yeah I thought you were dumb, you didn’t introduce yourself back when I did so I thought that either you don’t understand English or you cannot speak, thank you for clearing my doubt. But to my disappointment, you are neither dumb vocally nor intellectually.”

WTH this guy actually thought that I was dumb just because I wasn’t interested in answering his question.

The image I had of his of a gentleman was now completely ruined. But at least I am happy because ignoring him did hurt his ego. And me being still not interested to listen to him ignored is comment with a slight shake of the head.

But that didn’t stop his stupid comments.

“I know a dumb person cannot get a medical college but still exceptions are everywhere, maybe you could’ve bribed someone to get in or you might have had a seat from the management quota, or worse maybe you know what people do, desperate people.”

OKAY, now this is getting too rude just because I didn’t introduce myself he is accusing me of stupid things. I faced him and in a very calm voice, I said my piece that would shut him up, “ Did anyone say anything about you being the dean’s child might have gotten admission even without actually passing the exam, or do even anyone know you are dean’s child, maybe not that’s why you are bitching about me, but dear, not introducing by your full name doesn’t save you. One day this will come out I will impatiently wait for it to happen.” And gave him my sweetest smile and bless the timing the lecture ended and it gave me a chance to move away from his insanity. But the reaction on his face was soo awesome, he was fuming with rage ready to hit me. I was soo desperate to do a fist pump, so I rushed out of the class towards the powder room and first calmed myself down because his stupid accusations made me angry and then I smiled for the first time since morning. Gave a mental pat on my back and headed back to class.

This is a medical college and stuff like this is bound to happen, and I had officially made an enemy today, so YAY!

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