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This is not good, I had never seen him like this he is angry, sad, remorseful, proud and most shockingly crying all at the same time. I never thought he had most of these emotions, jokes apart, whatever happened between them was very big and bad I tried to talk to him but all he said was that I would never understand his situation.

I knew he loved Anaya but she must have done something which made him break up with her, though I still can’t believe he broke up with her just two days ago he was telling me how after his graduation he will propose her and marry her and all of a sudden this happens.

I did notice that since morning he had been a little off and I also tried to talk to him about it but he shrugged it off saying it was nothing big. Now I understood because he took such a huge step that the problem was fucki’n huge but he doesn’t want to tell me anything and for now, I respect his privacy, but soon I will get it out of him because I can’t see him miserable like this. I made a cup of coffee for him and myself since we were not allowed to drink in college campus though it would have helped him a bit.

After almost 2 hours I got a text message from Myra,

hey, Arun has hurt his hand there might be some glass shards please if you can wash his hand up and take care of him.’

I didn’t bother to reply to her message knowing very well she won't be expecting an answer. I got up and retrieved a small first aid box my mom had kept in my bag and after bringing little water in a glass sat in front of Arun. Even after drinking coffee he was sleeping and even snoring lightly the day really got best of him.

I gently took his hand and there really was a small piece of glass stuck in his palm. I tried to gently take it out trying not to hurt him, he stirred a bit then again fell asleep. I quickly applied some ointment and bandaged his hand, draped a blanket on him and slept beside him on the floor.

I woke to a heavenly smell of coffee, blinking my eyes I sat up and noticed a letter written in his handwriting under the mug. I didn’t think he would ever do such a thing. The letter said:

Hey, brother thank you for handling me at my worst I really expected the things would have turned out a little different. It really means a lot to me that you took care of me the whole night and I will always owe you that. I will tell you everything when the time is right till then try to keep Myra safe.

Sorry, I didn’t say all this to you personally but you know how bad I am at expressing myself so excuse me for this. I have some things to take care of I will see you in class.

Okayyyy……. I think now I have to confront him directly about what is going on. I drank the now cold coffee, and honestly, it is the worst coffee I’ve ever had, he knows nothing about making a good cup of coffee but at least he tried. I quickly went to the communal washroom, showered and raced to my first class quickly.

My mind drifted back to yesterday night, I and Myra were very close I never would have guessed that even she liked me because she hides her emotions very nicely whereas I carry my emotions on my sleeve.

I saw the desire in her eyes yesterday her eyes said soo many things. Her sweet smell has evaded my mind and it is only her who now resides In me and I am going to tell her about the feelings I had had for her since the first time I saw her. I did behave like an asshole that day, I still do sometimes but after what happened yesterday I am sure I can’t stay away from her.

Suddenly my phone pinged, I swiped my lock to find a text message from Arun:

Hey, I won’t be able to come today, stuck in work but I have badnforforr you, the case which we filed is getting closed because of less evidence and because of that I will be staying out and try to find something with the help of cops that would help us to fight for our justice and also for them who died, but meanwhile, you need to stay safe…. Ohh BTW the court has called us on 15 of November so that would give us some days for more digging around, I will be back in a few days.

I sent him an okay and a stay safe text though I didn’t have to worry about his safety because his dad is a cop and so he is working with them to find out what happened that night. All of us knew that it was not an accident but due to lack of evidence we could not win the case. Whoever had done this was pretty clever.

I got another text, maybe it is Arun but no it was from the same unknown number which sent me and Arun the video of that night

Would it make you feel you better that you already know me and we would very soon meet again but you won't be able to know who I am you are too naïve to figure out what is happening around you and as for the matter tell your friend to stop digging the dirt around for something which he will never find?

WTF, how does this person know about that, someone heard my convo with him or is someone tapping my phone calls, it means all of us are in danger which reminded me about the thing which Arun said, why do I need to protect her could she be anyway related to this mess, is even she getting messages like me and Arun.

I think she might still be in the café because earlier when I was going to the washroom I saw her sitting there with Anaya and they were talking something very seriously so I didn’t go to disturb them whatever they were talking about seemed pretty intense because I had never seen Myra explain something so animatedly.

She was still there drinking coffee while Anaya was talking to some guy, really….she moved on soo quickly….hell she doesn't even look sad about the breakup, she gives me a very weird kind of vibe I don’t know why Myra trusts her but I just hope she doesn't fall in any kind of problem because of that bitch.

“Hey hon,” suddenly someone grabbed my hand and turned me around, Tanya looked up to me with a weird kind of emotion, one thing I liked about her was that she never let her emotions falter her words, she faked up this arrangement better than me. She took me towards her friends and then stood on her toes cupped my face and kissed me, I was frozen on my spot and unfortunately because of the hoots her friends were giving her eyes locked with me, her eyes widened and hurt flash over her entire face.

It was like even she was frozen on her spot, while my lips were on autopilot imitating Tanya’s action, my eyes were on Myra the whole time and not even once she looked away her eyes showing the pure disgust and hate towards me. I messed up pretty bad this time.

Thankfully Tanya broke the kiss and looked down to the floor this had to be the longest kiss we had ever had just then her friend said something about breaking someone’s record. I was beyond furious

“What the fuck, you did this just because of a stupid record,” Tanya’s eyes snapped at me, confusion etched in her eyes, her eyes followed my vision and widened at what rather who I was looking at she knew about my feelings towards Myra and yet she did this kind of thing. Her eyes immediately filled with guilt, and she started going towards Myra and even I made my way to her table, but before both of us could reach her she fled off with Anaya.

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